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Mistaken for a Mother-in-law
by Roland
It is not often that I am mistaken for a woman so I was very surprised when a man in Market Harborough opened his front door and said to me:


“Sorry, I thought you were my mother-in-law.”


I joked that I would be happy to play the role for a few minutes in exchange for a cup of tea.

The Greatest Challange
By Ya'Acov
Are you concerned by the challenges our world is facing? I certainly am. I feel an urgency to find creative responses to what some people are calling the Greatest Challenge in the History of Humanity? How about you? The workshop For All Our Relations in Switzerland in May could be your next step. Ya’Acov explains why.
Bursting the Comfy Bubble
by Susannah
Dear friends,

I’m sitting in the sun on this perfect Sunday morning. I’m grateful for the warmth on my face, the well being in my body, for life, the green of the garden, for my husband, our dog, our blossoming work, the book which we’ve written, the network of amazing people of which we are part. And at the same time I know that the world is in crisis; ecologically and economically. It’s so easy to sit in my comfy bubble and not REALLY get the urgency and yet I’ve known this was coming since I was a child.

Source - a Pilgrim's Tale
by Athena
The only expectations I had about the weekend was movement. With curiosity, I just took the train and I "landed" in this nice big room.

It was an illuminating journey through and within the body. Ya'Acov's way of teaching was soft and structured in a simple and edifying pattern using a light, funny, lovely and playful energy that gave me the responsibility to be my own "reason" to be alive. I liked the way of letting go/putting out, communicating with words, what we had inside us, and then translating and continuing all that in movement, and most of all without thinking, just moving.
Coming Home - Reclaiming the vulnerability of adolescence
By Caroline Carey
I attended the Phoenix Retreat last month. Moving on from the ‘seer’ process and the ‘recapitulation’ exercise that I spent a few years studying with Ya’Acov, in workshops and at home on my own. The Phoenix process added a few extra tools for me to become aware of. A different way of seeing and being seen. A stronger connection to the work of Soul retrieval.
Dare to dance, dare to dream, dare to jump?

Guess what? I just took a great leap into a promising dream-adventure and I am Wondering if you will be part of my dreams Happy Ending.

From this thrilling place of free fall I am inviting you to see if you like to take part in this dream-adventure too. First let me tell you how I got to this point of freestyle jumping anyway.

Stone of my Heart - Empowering through Movement Medicine
by Maria Edit Antal
The year 2007 - 2008 I was participating in Ritual ongoing group with Ya'Acov Darling Kahn. After having finished an ongoing group with Alain Allard six months earlier in Iceland, I jumped on the Ritual journey just 2 months before it started. My body, heart and mind was hungry to travel deeper into the treasures of life.
The Art of Healing in a performance way.
By Jenny Franke
We did another performance this Sunday, 22nd of February, “a study in red”. It was magic. Some of us for the first time on stage, some more used to it by being on stage for decades or years.
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