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Holding and Unfolding
By Hanna
In our northern parts of the earth, spring is weaving its light and its scents, its colours and sounds still softly yet visible into our life, living and experiencing. I AM aware that this is happening each and every year. Yet! every spring anew, I really am touched by all the miracles and wonder right there in front of me: little buds about to burst with life, small flowers protecting their individual secrets still to be revealed, the first greens and colours, or the joyful, chirpy birds - all suggestions of new beginnings, new courage, new daring, new awakenings, and joy of living … more>
The Super Ego and the Soul
By Susannah
This article may be a challenge to read. It’s deep stuff: the result of many years of study about the potency of our assumptions and the power of the negative way many of us talk to ourselves. We believe that these perspectives may be really useful to those with the patience to chew this over. Good luck! more>
In Memory of Susanne Perks 1940–2015
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
Susanne Perks winged her way into our lives very early on in our relationship, in the late 1980s. She and Roland came into our lives before we started working with Gabrielle Roth, before we got married and before we started living together. We were living in the East End of London, Ya’Acov in a community in Bow, and me in a women’s squat in Hackney. I was training and working as a Gestalt Psychotherapist. Ya’Acov was inventing photo-therapy, and we were both involved in non-violent direct action with the peace movement. more>
Compassion and Rumi in the Winter Dream Dance
By Catherine
I want to start with Rumi. Even if you don’t read anything else, you might like to remind yourself of Rumi's poem 'The Guest House'. This poem is so extraordinary in its offering to those of us whose feelings sometimes seem too big to be held. I will come back to its specific offering to me in this year’s Winter Dream Dance. more>
Kat's Teaching
By Kat
Hello, here’s Kat: I’m half way through my 4th year of teaching Movement Medicine, and just two years beyond the threshold of graduation at Winter Dream Dance 2013, with a bird on my head. more>
Winter Dream
By Kristin
travelling within
the sacred marriage of inner masculine and feminine
those words drumming in my head
deeper in the dance
where the confusion gets thicker and sweaty
so many faces
faces of love
all facets of my own dance
Together We Heal
By Hanna
As I open the email list of the 'Journey of Empowerment' I was part of last year, and as I see and read all the names on it when looking for someone’s email address, a warm wave of joy and love rushes over my heart region. Wonderful! I get all warmed up from inside, and a soft and happy smile forms on my face: such deep and honest connections and moments experienced together, and such nurturing gifts received, which I enjoy unwrapping and honouring time and again. more>
Moving Conflicts - Where the heart is in contact with itself
By Katrin Kohlbecher and Ben Yeger
A conversation between Katrin Kohlbecher (Movement Medicine Apprentice and Organizer) and Ben Yeger (Movement Medicine Facilitator and Teacher), reflecting on a series of events they co-created together with Sabine Michel, Nina Nisar, Karin Radtke and Eleonore Bueschges. more>
Playing for Time
By Ruth Ben-Tovim
There are those moments in life when things come together, when what has been at the fertile edges comes into focus and occupies the centre… As a socially and ecologically-engaged artist, as a creative Movement Medicine facilitator, as a human being looking for ways to act in the world at this moment in time, this coming together has just happened for me with the publication of a beautiful book by Lucy Neal called 'Playing for Time: Making art as if the world mattered'. It's been two years in the making and I am very proud to have been part of a small team, writing for the book and supporting it to come into being. more>
A Dance Practice that has Held Me
By Margaret Davies
I recently came across an article on Facebook, ‘The Mystery of Holding' by Matt Licata, an American psychotherapist and writer (I shared it on the Movement Medicine FB page). It sang to me and seemed to sum up so much of what I have experienced on my journey towards healing, over all my years of learning as a family social worker and dancing 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine. more>
Re-Creation and SEER
By Anusia Meier
Dear Movement Medicine Community, I am in complete AWE about the power of Re-Creation and the SEER process. I have just returned from assisting on Re-Creation in Switzerland at the beautiful and powerful Schweibenalp in Switzerland. It has been an amazingly deep journey for me, with deep embodied realisation and relaxation into who I am. more>
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