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Issue: February 2009

by Zvjezdana Kastrapelli
I have always felt deep intertwining connection between dancing and singing. DanSing opened another wonderful door for me. I went in and found that the space was full of people whose dancing bodies and singing souls became my homeland for the duration of the workshop. I enjoyed and bathed in that feeling of safety and protection. And that is no small thing.

Iíve been singing from early childhood both publicly and in the shower, even studied singing from a lovely teacher who taught me to love myself and my voice among many other things. Now, after some years of not singing actively, I realised that I tend to hide and stifle my voice because it could somehow make others feel Ďbadí. Susannahís devoted and patient plerk with us helped me break through that illusion and so delicately showed me that singing is just what you let it be. Nothing more, nothing less. And singing with others in an atmosphere of playfulness and acceptance is truly what we are put on this Earth to do. It is utterly healing, empowering and reenergising. It is such a gift to give myself and to others, I canít compare it with anything. I am deeply grateful to Susannah for offering this workshop so openheartedly and for welcoming us home to our singing voices because it is true that if you can speak, you can sing just as if you can walk, you can dance. I felt cradled in my body and cushioned in my voice and at the same time very much connected with everyone else. There is nothing better than that! I relished singing Thuma mina and felt supported by deep male voices and decided to go for the altos this time (although my natural range is higher) and found it so refreshing and nourishing! Singing the tabla rhythm proved to be a real challenge but also brought me immense joy in spite of (or thanks to?) my baffled mind. I kept telling my inner critic to just wait and see. When I finally got it right and my whole being shouted Hallelujah! Now I sing it whenever Iím in need of inspiration because activating that other part of my mind helps me see many aspects of my life, even my work in a different light.


At the end of the workshop I was surprised that I did not feel exhausted but rather light, as if I grew wings. Some burden had been lifted and I was deeply connected with something that is larger than me, larger than each one of us and only gains shape as we slowly let it do so in our bodies and singing souls. Pure joy!


Thank you Susannah, Kristina, Iris, Katriona, Benjamin and all participants for making me feel right at home in lovely Zurich.


The next DanSing workshops are:

2 Ė 3rd May Cork.  Contact: Caroline + 353 86 053 1672 for more information.

10 Ė 13th June  Isreal  Contact:  Aviya +972-9-7418203 for more information.
Voice work is also an essential part of Susannah's Ongoing Group The Journey of Empowerment


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