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Mind Battles in the Snow
by Roland
I was struggling on the last day of a four day walk that had led me from north Oxfordshire across Northamptonshire and into Leicestershire.   I was focused on getting to Market Harborough and catching my train.  In order to avoid a path that led up over higher ground, which I knew would be covered with thick snow, I had taken a longer but, I hoped, quicker route along a small road which had been cleared of snow.  So it was that I found myself in front of an information board telling me that I was standing on part of the site of the Battle of Naseby, a key turning-point of the English civil war.
Living the Dream
by Ya'Acov
I am always astonished by the promise of spring. Even amongst the snow and the fierce cold, the early spring growth has the audacity to do its dance. I’m travelling again, this time to Padova to run a Source weekend workshop. As the train moves through the February mists, there’s an ever-changing backdrop to let the mind flow out into. I watch the landscape change from flooded fields to rows of bicycles on the station platform and back out into the countryside where there’s a giant white horse carved into the hillside. I travelled this same route the other way earlier in the week and the subtle signs are everywhere that the sun is returning and spring is on the way.
by Susannah
Someone asked me recently “What exactly is empowerment?” For me the essence is about becoming the subject, rather than the object of your life. This means realising that the crown of your own authourity in your life is yours to put on. Assuming this responsibility, author-ship and authority, is a deep and intimate inner choice which is yours and yours alone to make.  No one can give this to you or take it away.  And you could wait forever for someone to put your crown on your head, or to give you permission to put it on. They can’t. It is yours.
by Angela Lord

"As you pray in your darkness for wings to set you free, you are bound to your silent legacy." +


What is a fifty-seven year old woman, with her saggy belly and silvery hair, doing going off to Manchester to do a dance workshop on sexual energy?  You've done it before?  Didn't you get it the first time, then?

Becoming an Elder
By Julia Gilkes
As we have no rites of passage to step into another stage of our lives in the UK, I decided to create my own. I left full time work at the age of 60 years and wanted to find the hidden sacred arch that I must walk through to mark my journey to becoming a Hag, a Crone, an Elder.
by Zvjezdana Kastrapelli
I have always felt deep intertwining connection between dancing and singing. DanSing opened another wonderful door for me. I went in and found that the space was full of people whose dancing bodies and singing souls became my homeland for the duration of the workshop. I enjoyed and bathed in that feeling of safety and protection. And that is no small thing.
The Dreamscape of Fusion
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
By Hannah Mackay


February 2009.  

In December, I participated in the Fusion workshop led by Susannah in Sheffield. During the weekend we were invited to dance as our deep Dreams, and then, as our Dreams, to write about ourselves. Back on the dance-floor, we let our ‘arrows of intention’ go, to fly towards these dreams; whilst at the same time accepting we would not know the path these arrows would take, nor whether we would see these dreams come to fruition.

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Movement Medicine Shop
The Movement Medicine Shop is born, taking over the baton from Second Wave Productions. We have new stock, check it out! And I’ve put up more clips, so you can hear more of the music we have. As we move into a more distinctly Movement Medicine world of music, DVDs and books, our product range is changing. We have some beautiful stuff for you. And a sale also! more>
Live-in housekeeper neededed
from David at Earth Spirit Centre
A little request if you can help us. Our lovely Nikki is moving to pastures new and we’re looking for a new live-in housekeeper for the centre here at EarthSpirit. It’s a live-in position with lovely mobile home. In addition to housekeeping the role involves some kitchen work, vegetarian cooking and welcoming groups.


Life Moves!
by Petra Cegla

Once upon a time…I took a walk on the beach. I live on the  isle of Sylt and whenever we have storms coming from the west and changing to the east there are lots of amber on the shore. So when I recognized the wheather changing, I put on my beachboots, took a little bag and started my research-walk.

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