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A Bouquet
By Hanna
I love the colours we humans can bring into this world! Here in Konstanz (South Germany) we are witnessing the annual, still traditional Carnival, and some of these years-old unique and colourful processions are wonderful to watch. Besides, there are pink plush teddies with big ears cycling through town, a fierce looking, three year old pirate in a pram, or a butterfly-mom on her bike, pulling her fairy-daughter in a kiddies-trailer, whole ice bear families and Vikings passing, and of course the odd uniformed pizza deliverer on his e-bike in between. Love it! more>
Change is in the Air!
By Susannah
"Becoming without being is pointless. Being without becoming is boring." Ursula le Guin

I had a massage from a woman today who, in between helping my back unlock from what feels like generations of “self holding” told me about the planetary alignments of this time. She told me that the last 4 or 5 years have, astrologically speaking, been building to a crescendo of what she called “shaking and waking” which is going to peak in the next few months. more>
Change is in the Air
By Ya'Acov
I laughed the first time I heard the phrase: the only thing that’s constant in this life is change.” Funny as it was, it also felt like a prediction and I instinctively knew it was true. And that made me a little nervous! more>
Fly Free Susanne
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
As you may know, our dear friend of many years, Susanne Perks, died on Tuesday. She’d been living with the ever more debilitating effects of a massive brain aneurism for 20 years with an extra-ordinary commitment to life, joy and humour. more>
Movement Medicine and Ministry
By Catherine Wright
I am taking up Susannah and Ya’Acov’s invitation for facilitators to share about their work. In February of 2014, I graduated as a Movement Medicine Teacher. And at this year’s Winter Dream Dance I graduated as a Movement Medicine Facilitator. My “other modality” is my Interfaith Ministry. more>
By Hanna
For me, in my human experience here, it has been of such great help to grasp the importance of really arriving here, on this earth, in the physical realm and in my body! After years of searching in other dimensions, I finally can move into accepting my soul’s choice to be here now, in this physical body. more>
By Kat Forrester
Note from Re-Creation organiser

Dear Dancers,
This springtime Ya’Acov offers the Re-Creation workshop in Switzerland, from March 25th – 29th. The focus is to engage in transforming challenges from our past into fuel for the present and future, for ourselves and for all our relations. more>
By Tamara
First of all thanks to Susannah, for suggesting I share this text in the newsletter: maybe my experience could be interesting for the wider community. So, here I am. I was assisting at Initiation, last September, and during the sharing between assistants, Ya'Acov and Susannah, the line connecting past and present, became clearer to me. I had been looking for a school to became a dance teacher for many years, to align body mind heart and then I found the Movement Medicine and I felt in love with this practice. more>
The Daily Dance of the Divine
By Kate Lawrence
I have just returned from the Winter Dream Dance and one of the precious moments of the ceremony for me was an amazingly funky, fun dance I had with the Divine. Just before this I had been extremely tired and only able to move my feet from side to side, just to keep moving and rocking in the rhythm. more>
The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix
By Caroline Carey
Dear Movement Medicine friends! I am very happy to share with you the writings of my latest book, which has just been published. 'The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix' is a book of poetry prose and true life stories of dancing with and sharing Movement Medicine, both in the micro of my heart and the macro of many lands where I hold gatherings for this medicine. more>
My Mother
By Maria
I went for a walk in the forest, in the dark winter afternoon, near the hospital where my mother was, in Halmstad, Sweden. That day her doctor decided to stop with all her treatment keeping her alive. The wind broke a pine tree branch. I found it on the path I walked. I picked it up to put it in water for her. A round granite stone caught my eye to bring to her as well. I stopped at a pine tree and hugged it. It opened my heart wide into peaceful mourning tears. It swayed in the wind. more>
Divine Union
By Caroline Carey
It is the Winter Dream Dance, a place that is an opportunity for me to work with my own dance and my own life, a time not to be teaching what I am passionate about throughout the whole few days, but processing within it for my own journey. This is vitally important to me and due to my busy working life, there are fewer chances for this anymore, so I take this opportunity and dance deep. more>
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