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Fingal’s Supper
by Roland
10 years ago in September my father, Oliver, wrote a letter to my brother describing how on a walk with his dog, Fingal, he became overcome with tiredness and so he lay down in a wood under a tree.  He closed his eyes and was just drifting off into what he felt might be an everlasting sleep when Fingal started licking his face. My father felt concerned that his dog shouldn’t miss his supper and so he got to his feet and walked home and fed him.  The next day my father felt ill and phoned for an ambulance.  By the time the ambulance arrived he had lost consciousness.
New Year Letter
By Susannah and Ya'Acov
We wish you a very happy, peaceful, healthy, wealthy and wise New Year. Over the past few months, our curriculum has fallen into place. The Movement Medicine mandala feels so alive and our understanding of it is evolving through every workshop and every dance we witness and take part in. We take our hats off to the community of amazing and courageous humans that we are part of. We have witnessed many transformations over the past year, some simple and some quite miraculous. It is through you that we find the heart of our work and we want to thank each and every one of you.
Fire Balloons and Receiving Instuctions
By Ya'Acov 

Dear Dancing Friends,

Happy New Year and may blessings rain down on you and your family in 2009!

It’s been a bright and challenging start to the year for us. It’s been bright in the sense of our School of Movement Medicine’s 2nd birthday celebrations which happened throughout the night on 9th January. At 05.26 am, after perhaps the deepest and most peaceful ceremony I’ve ever been involved in (and I hope and pray that that is an omen for the year ahead for us all), we set off two beautiful paper lantern fire balloons into the early morning sky.

The Middle East in Us All
by Susannah
This New Year’s eve, we were partaking in a great party some friends had thrown. They were MC-ing, and we were contributing with some DJ-ing, and some serious dancing was happening.  Just before midnight the music came down, Big Ben came on via the radio, and the New Year struck. Amongst the kissing and the hugging, the radio announcer announced the first news of 2009. It was about Gaza. At that moment no-one wanted to hear more painful news.
AWAKENING 31 March – 4 April 2009
by Susanne Fehr
Susannah and Ya’Acov’s Spring Workshop ‘Awakening’ will again take place here in South Devon, on the beautiful Dartington Estate, not far from my home. When I embarked on this workshop last year it was the first time we had used this venue and I was a bit tense arriving, aware that if there were problems I needed to be available to deal with them - swapping the participant’s hat for the organiser’s hat without being attached to either.  But I needn’t have worried – the new venue was a real success – with its medieval architecture and beautiful gardens.
Vision Quest revisited
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
by Hans Nusink
Before I went to the fourth module of Fundamentals Movement Medicine I again visited Dartmoor, place of my heart.
Everything is a potential mirror
by Pål Christian Buntz

I am so lucky to be part of the ritual circle. It helps me to accept who I am, my strength, weaknesses and my potential. I want to share with you a story from our first module and the integration of that.

We were working with the Element of Earth at the first ritual module. What a blessing to feel my roots and connect deeply to Mother Earth. Listening, be still and then move with a direction.

by Susannah
Last Saturday I went to a football match at the Manchester City stadium, with my father, my husband, and my son. Ya’Acov had grown up going to matches with his Uncle, so this was an important moment for him, and for us all with him. And I was rather thrilled. The level of acrobatic, athletic movement, the speed and nerves of it, the crowd’s collective groans and cries of excitement, the footballer’s buttocks as they did their throw ins, (very nice!) and most of all for the happiness of my husband. And they won!
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