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Happy Birthday
By Hanna
A warm welcome of the whole Movement Medicine community and friends to the January 2015 newsletter and to a new year dawning. May there be light and truth within and amongst us, and may there be love, joy and compassion, witnessing, daring, holding and encouraging. And many happy birthday wishes to Movement Medicine, on this 10th of January. more>
Grace and Intent
By Susannah
“A standing ovation begins with one fool standing up!” Van Jones. I want to tell you a personal story of intention, grace, clumsiness, near disaster and a return to grace. In the last circle at the end of the December module of the current Apprenticeship the two elder women in that fine circle of people both said more or less the same thing: “The time is now, don’t wait, this is it”. It certainly feels like that to me, that what we do (or don’t do) this coming year may well have a particular potency. My own heart feels particularly connected with the Pachamama Alliance and the tribal people the Achuar and Sapara of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and with climate change in general. In both these arenas, I am reminded of Galadriel’s words in Lord of the Rings, “the quest rests on a knife edge”. more>
Prayer upon Prayer for your Health, Wellbeing and Deepest Contentment
By Ya'Acov
It’s one of those super surreal mornings. We’ve been up all night praying (again!). Honestly, some habits have a rather habitual way of repeating themselves. For the last few years, December 22 has been our end of workshop, end of year all night prayer binge and this year, no change. After all, why try to fix something that isn’t broken? So we didn’t sleep very much and we’re travelling through the frozen wintry landscape of Switzerland on our way home. And I thought, now’s the perfect time to write to you, dear hearts of the Movement Medicine community and share a few end of year wishes, prayers and gratitudes with you all. more>
You are invited
By Susannah
You are invited to become part of the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic pilot project. This will not cost anything except a moment of your time, and could do 5 great things: 1) Open up possibilities for you 2) Open up possibilities for international Movement Medicine community by giving a way for Movement Medicine dancers to network and connect with each other, globally 3) Create a beautiful rainbow image of the Movement Medicine mandala, each pixel of which is from one of us dancers more>
Pachamama Alliance
By Lynne Twist
This is our colleague and friend from the Pachamama Alliance with an important message. It seems time to face the music and do all that we can, so please do listen to her message and let it inspire you to take whatever action is congruent with your heart and soul. Thank you esteemed community! Love, Susannah and Ya'Acov more>
Like a Winter Leaf
By Hannah MacKay
Remember You know how to rest. Remember You know how to settle down Like a winter leaf. more>
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