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New Editor
By Roland
You might be surprised to hear that we have been running this newsletter since 2003. During this time we have published nearly 1000 articles in about 200 editions. Now, I am pleased to tell you that we have a new editor, Hanna Richter, to whom I am handing over the running of the Newsletter for a while. more>
Seasons and changes
By Hanna
As I am sitting writing this introduction article to the November newsletter, the limes in front of my window are shedding their beautifully colored leaves, the morning mist is lifting only very slowly, I am wearing my extra super thick woolen socks, my nose is running and I am sipping away on a herbal good-for-throat-tea. Yes, all signs for the changes of the seasons. more>
Samhain 2014
By Ya`Acov
We’re fully into Autumn in our neck of the woods. The gutters need cleaning every week as the leaves just keep on falling. We’ve been blessed with some good rainfall and our hydro electricity system is purring away transforming the movement of water into electricity at a greater rate than we need it. It’s hard to take in the beauty sometimes. more>
On being a woman shamanic practioner
By Susannah
Tamara Sertic, one of our new Apprentices, asked me to write about the journey of being a woman shamanic practioner. I found that a fascinating invitation, so below is my answer. Thank you Tamara for the suggestion! Before I go into that, I have a few other thank you’s. more>
A Dance Awake - My PachaMama Dream
By Claudija Rieger-Reinecke
I was a bit short on sleep already when arriving end of September at last JOE module, where I had the privilege and joy of assisting Susannah. Not having slept so well nor enough during the next three nights at beautiful Waldhaus-seminar house, I was really annoyed, when I heard a sharp “SssZzzzeee” right at my left ear. A hungry mosquito, preparing for her meal. OMG, that feast would be ME! more>
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