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Forthcoming Workshops
By Roland
£38,000 raised for a variety of charities around the world of which £23,000 is for the Pachamama Alliance. It was when I saw these figures written in front of me that I realised how worthwhile it was to do the work to make the Long Dance possible. more>
A Path Made by Knitting
By Kerri Cripps
“Can I come to the Long Dance?” “Don’t be silly knitting doesn’t belong in a ceremony, people might think it was disrespectful” “Oh I didn’t know that! Oh well … Can I come anyway?” “I suppose so, since you are already in the car, and there might be time to knit before the ceremony” more>
Dancing with Bones & Rainbows
By Jayne Bullen
A while back I went on my first bone-throwing session with a local Sangoma (a South African Shaman). Sangomas work with bones and actual parts of animals – they throw them as a divination tool. Whilst there are parts of Sangomaism that I love and have worked with for many years, for some reason I had avoided having the bones thrown for me. more>
Conversation with my Heart
By Rosie Jackson
Medial writing during the workshop POETRY OF PRESENCE, Munich, June 2014) What do you have to say to me, MY HEART? more>
Just some Realizations
By Katrin Kohlbecher
For once and all I am amazed by this one precious life. How comes you surprise us with your mystery again and again? I have been asking this question to myself recently in many different contexts: “What was the very first thing that happened?” more>
By Lindsey Spinks
This year’s Long Dance was blessed by the presence of Manari Ushigua Kaji, visionary leader of the Sapara nation in the Ecuadorean Amazon. He invoked the spirit of the Amazon and shared his traditions of healing through the spirit of the tobacco. more>
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