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Issue: February 2008
Where can I get the good mood?

by Susannah
I’m into ecstasy. I don’t mean the drug - I mean the experience. The unveiled sensual, spiritual, joyous and shared experience of life. I was in a whole food shop in Bern recently, and I was happy. So I was singing. (or does it go the other way around, I was singing, so I was happy?) And a lovely old man came up to me and asked me “where can I get the good mood?” I did not understand his Swiss German and he became more and more animated as he tried to mime to me what he meant.

Eventually a friend came over and translated. “Oh!” I  didn’t know what to say, and gave him a big hug. He left the shop a bit dazed, I think, and then came back as he realised he had forgotten his vegetables. I realised afterwards what I wished I had said; “you’re already doing it, keep going!” Because as he tried to communicate what he meant, showing me with his body what he saw in me, his energy changed, he was choosing happiness, aliveness and connection. He certainly made my day!


I want to connect my body, my heart, my intelligence, my feet, my dance, my voice, my song, my life! And I am part of a bigger whole- I want to connect my dance, my prayer, my voice with the wider web, with my neighbours and fellow humans, be they people on the dance floor or in the whole-food shop.



Once upon a time

20 years ago I had a vision. It was what led me to Gabrielle in the first place, back in 1988. I saw a great snake of people singing and dancing their way through the rainforest. Dancing has been coming through since then, singing has taken me longer, with lots of inner work and practice and learning, to become ready musically and vocally. Now I feel ready enough!!!  And the forest is arriving in many ways, from the tree of life meditation which has become central to our work and to our own journeys in the rain forest and who knows where it will end!


The Joy

For now I have brought dance and song together in DanSing. This workshop is a synthesis of ecstatic song, dance, conscious movement and free voice. It brings joy, heart healing, and the experience of being both a free individual and part of collective co-creation. It has rhythm and silence, sweet song and wild sound, tenderness and courage, unison and autonomy.


There was a woman from South America at the DanSing who couldn’t stop crying on the last day. They were beautiful, healing, redemptive tears. At the end she told me what had touched her so deeply. She said that as a child her family had come from South America to Sweden. At home they were an expressive, warm family. But at school, and out in Swedish society, she had learnt that the only way to belong was to rein herself in, hold herself back, shut herself up. She had had to deny herself her natural expression in order to fit in. She said that in DanSing, for the first time, she had experienced both, being and expressing herself, and belonging, being connected. I was so touched to hear this. And it exactly fits my intentions with DanSing. That is what I want too, for me, for you, for all of us.


I hope you feel moved to come and join us soon on a dance floor somewhere, to sing and dance ourselves and each other home. Home to the place behind the masks, where the exquisite sensitivity and enduring strength of life can make itself known to us. This for me is where the vibe of party and prayer, the sensual and the spiritual, can come together.

And I do not forget, and I hope I never will, the vulnerability, shyness and wounding many of us have  around our voices, which makes this journey so important and also scary. As a man said recently to me after 3 days of DanSing; “I have died a thousand deaths in this workshop, but I have found my voice!!!”


The next DanSing in Koln is very special, as we have live music (as well as pre-recorded music) to accompany us, with 3 wonderful musicians who are not only great music makers, but are wonderful at receiving the vibration in the room and translating it into music for the dancers who then translate the music into dance and complete the circuit. Music made visible, emotion made audible, when this circuit of listening and offering clicks its is pure magic that is not commonly available! Come and be part of it!
7 - 9 March.  Köln, Germany Julia +49 2205-897126
2 - 4 May   Utrecht, The Netherlands Frank Beyleveld +31 104188252

So I wish you happy singing, dancing and sharing the beauty of life, wherever you are and whatever you are doing,



With my love,




PS Oh, new DanSing songs are up on the website if you want some inspiration!

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