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Issue: February 2008
Gift of DanSing in Cologne

by Julia Knezevic
After dancing and singing in the streets of Cologne some weeks ago (carnival is always specially celebrated here) the spirit of the upcoming DanSing  - workshop takes this energy field to a different/higher level.
“the energies of celebration and prayer are coming together” Susannah says, and I feel the vibration of the middle age chorals of the Cologne Cathedral humming through the times into the now, an exciting moment!

The Cologne dance tribe had the chance to dance with wonderful 5Rhythms - teachers like Sangeet, Adam Barley or David Rose. We usually don´t need a residential venue, because we dance very close to the Cathedral and the main station and the doors of our Cologne and surrounding area participants are always open for participants from further away.

Since Sangeet left Cologne in January, we are blessed by a huge variety of teachers coming every week, and in the same way we welcome people open hearted to join this energy field, where the relation between rhythm, body and voice generates a taste of ecstasy. Especially with these experienced musicians who are going to turn us on (or, as Stefan said: be a creative channel and the connecting link between Susannah and the dancers; please choose or think of something third…..) . It is always a pleasure to dance to their music ……. and I know, it will be raised to higher power by Susannahs presence and guiDANCE.
Come and dance with us!
You are welcome!

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