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Issue: November 2007

by Sara Bindi
I wanna share the beautiful and precious gift I had during the workshops "DanSing" and "Live Wave" in Padova, Italy.

I loved the deep and soft work we did moving and jump from the micro, the medium and the macro vibration we have inside (it seem to me to really move in different dimensions and this dancin aware of this changing gave a new deeper felling to my movement) and was so special dance the chaos with a not loud music...without brutalize ourself with a music that sometimes doesn't help our soul to open but rather than close our cells...

I felt really healing the welcoming we gave each others with the voice, the whispers and the hugs, we totally welcomed ourself in the body, in the mind and in the heart. It was really really magic for me what I understood during a singing moment, I was in front and for sing was good but when we included also the dance I tired about the space and simply making a step back I found all the space I needed and it was like the right plug on my life this time I realize that for me now it is not so important like in the past (I was also my reason of life sometimes) to be see and that someone notice me, I'm not starving of love and I'm really grateful because and I understood this clearly in this workshops.

Working with Susannah gave me the opportunity to really found more deep my vibration, my juice, my life rhythm, my beat and I'm so happy about this discovery that sometimes during the dance I went so deep in me, in my center, in the unity with the Everything that it felt that is not important the position I have and the feedback I take from the other people, I'm doing my journey and I know that the Big Love who gave me this dance smiling looks after my steps, and this certainty is the only sign I wanna is so clear, this workshops still widened the work did two years ago with "Resonance", now I know that it not necessary always sing my personal song to everybody, sometimes I need to sing for me and sometimes also stay in silence and let the soul sing.

I liked also the light quality to be in a group but feeling freely to be myself, without push but always respect and feel, only letting go to my inside melody free to follow my inside dance and my inside dance free to follow my inside melody, singing and dancing my flowing unity.

I loved also feel my tail as gently Susannah explained to us, the tail for be connected and supported from the Heart, the past and all my history and memory know and unknown, I discovered a new strong and funny friend: my tail, my back cord for be balance in this life and in the future.

I felt also we did a workshop not only for us dancers but also called like witness all this kind of differnets vibrations I felt we also share our work with the Big Vibration who move everything, the connection was big and I felt and feel that the work did is still working in my body, in my brain, in my heart and in my soul.

Thank you Susannah for help us to open our wings and fly more than we thing to be able and thank your for all the gentle and strong passion you have for your life and for your journey in this world and for show and share it with us.
It is always a big pleasure dance with you.

Sara Bindi
The next DanSing workshop is in Copenhagen 16 - 18th November.  Contact Rikke
 +45 2620 8804

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