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Issue: November 2012
Gremlin Heaven

By Roland
This very useful piece of advice arrived the other day from Yasia.

‘For gremlins you need to open a portal in the sky and then you can gently, but firmly, fling them towards it... Or just summon up a fine white light and have a cigar whilst you're waiting for them to dissolve.’

I had sent an email to the first apprenticeship group which I had checked and rechecked for all possible errors and then just at the moment that I pressed the send button, I gasped out loud in horror as I realised that there was a glaring mistake in the subject line.  This led to me sending a second email with an apology for the error in the first and a request for a humane solution to the resident gremlins who have taken up residence somewhere behind my computer and whose main recreational activity is to mischievously mess around with my emails. 

Other helpful solutions I received were:

‘Garlic, fried onions and plenty of mushrooms, dash of red wonders :))’

‘Here's a recipe: hug it until it dissolves into nothingness..’

‘Ginger beer is definitely the best remedy, but it’s hard to come by in this neck of the woods, so I have placated mine with a whole box of chocolate biscuits and a hot cup of tea.  Just about anything yin will do the trick.’

Ya’Acov wrote to me about finding a place for them in Gremlin Heaven.  This seemed very good advice until another famous gremlin expert (who co-incidentally lives with me) pointed out that the conditions which constitute Gremlin Heaven were one and the same as those that I had generously provided at the back of my desk. ‘Have you had a look back there?’ she asked.   I peered cautiously over the back of my computer screen at a spaghetti mess of cabling snaking in and out of lakes of dust festooned with cobwebs. ‘Ah! I see what you mean. I’ll deal with that when I have time.’ The gremlin expert then said something that I found a little sharp so I will not repeat it here. 

It does not feel that long ago since the Apprenticeship Programme was the mearest grain of an idea and we were having discussions at Susannah and Ya’Acovs’ kitchen table about what form it would take. 

Now we are receiving enquiries from potential participants for the third Apprenticeship Programme due to start in 2014 and many of  those on the second programme will shortly be applying for the Professional Training Programme.  Three of those who were on the first Programme are fully qualified teachers and more are preparing for their qualification process which will take place at the Winter Dream Dance at the of January.  Others have taken the route to become Movement Medicine facilitors and have incorporated the Movement Medicine into their own work.  Regular Movement Medicine classes are being held in many different venues across Europe and this will continue to grow over the coming years as more apprentices go through the Professional Training programme.  A Movement Medicine Association has been set up and its provisional website can be found at

As I myself have not been though the Apprenticeship Programme I have invited some of those who were on the first programme to write about their experience.


The dance of being around

Diving as deep as the AP is like embarking on a roller coaster steering into all aspects of life and should probably come with a warning: Be aware, you may jump into doing something you’d never thought you’d do! Fear and his allies are likely to join you, as will Trust and her companions. My bet however, is that you’ll never regret it – after all it’s just another dance.

I’d never thought I’d be a teacher. Then, for some reason, rented the cheapest lot I could find, a squatter down town, and set up weekly classes… I washed floors, picked up used needles, brought moss from the mountains to the altar and asked my self: Why on earth am I doing this?

Nine months later I no longer wonder why. When movement is offered, be it to the dancer inside, to other dancers, to a place or a space, it will appear in all shapes and forms. There is no perfect site for dancing - there is only dance.

Last week it was time to move. New studio, clean floors and showers. Every Wednesday we dance the basics of being around. If ever in Oslo, you’re welcome to join!

Guro Voss Gabrielsen teaches open classes every Wednesday at Rom for Dans, Oslo, Norway - all welcome!

For more information: 

or follow us on Facebook: Movement Medicine Oslo!/profile.php?id=184311321681826&__user=100003603526498



The Apprenticeship for me was a life changing journey, an invitation to come home. Yes, I had a good life, and still there was something missing. The AP helped me to remember my deepest dreams and it gave me the courage and strength to take the steps to manifest that. Under the warm and clear guidance of Y&S & staff, I journeyed through my darkest valleys, my silent rivers and the frightening familiar unknown. I learned that in order to truly come home I needed to release many layers of that which wasn’t serving me anymore. I learned to deepen my roots, to realign my connection with heaven and earth, to feel centered, supported, and most of all to inhabit this body of mine fully. From that I learned to take my stance of power and becoming what I truly came here to do in life. With radiant peace, I now joyfully offer to the world, with my deepest gratitude, love and light, for all that I’ve been given, my simple Be-ing. Still I am grateful every day for the remembrance the AP gave of how to contribute to a better world. And it’s a work in progress...

Basira Elvira Oosterling, The Hague, The Netherlands and FB Basira Yeshe Elvira/ Movement Medicine Nederland



The first Apprenticeship program was an amazing journey. Working as a heart-filled, edge-walking staff team with Susannah and Ya’acov, David, Sue and I offered regular 1:1 mentoring to the Apprentices, both during the training modules and via Skype between modules and we continue on the current Apprenticeship.

I feel deeply honored to witness and accompany Apprentices on their journey of heart-opening, deep diving, soul journeying, stumbling dark nights, challenging moments, wild dancing and beautiful blossoming; each Apprentice maturing through the love and support of the MM community to become more deeply grounded in their unique gifts and soul path. What a privilege!

My background as a mindfulness based, body psychotherapist offering 1:1 and group training work for 20 years, alongside 5 Rhythm’s and Heartbeat training, forms the backdrop of my Conscious Dance Space work. I regularly offer classes, workshops and rituals in Totnes, Devon, and when invited, further afield. My work is influenced by Movement Medicine, Joanna Macy, an Integral understanding, and the awakening of the feminine.

I offer depth transformational journeys informed by an understanding that personal, collective and community awakening are intimately connected and essential at this time of pivotal planetary change.

Next Workshop, Reclamation



I have always loved the idea of learning through apprenticeship. It seems to me like the only way to learn something that goes beyond information and deeper than skill. The gifts that I received from travelling alongside the living, breathing, dancing duo of Y&S and company is so profound and unnameable. Each day, that I awake, if I take time to notice... there is yet another gift that awaits me. Yes, the Apprenticeship is the gift that keeps on giving ;)

In retrospect it seems like each moment of the AP was perfectly tailored and choreographed for me. Purpose built to aid and carry me across the gateway into motherhood. So exquisitely equipping me for this big change that I was able to deeply engage with all the wild uncertainty of birth and the chaotic messiness of early motherhood... and let it break me wide open. In a good way.  

Now nearly 2 years on I feel utterly blessed - not only for the countless ways that the apprenticeship touches me but for the infinite and unknowable ways that is has and will continue to bless my daughter and our family.

AND relatively quietly, somewhat in the background, my heart's Calling was also birthed. Not a bad result :)

For the past 3 years I have been working alongside Alexandra Pope to develop the Woman's Quest. Our radical new approach to women’s health, psycho-spiritual growth and leadership is based on the inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey that we go on from menarche to menopause and beyond.

I am fiercely passionate about re-uniting woman with the wisdom of their bodies and the power of their menstrual cycle. At the heart of this work is the restoration of the power of the Feminine, in us as women and in the World.

On the 2nd of December I will be offering a new Women’s Quest workshop called Menstrual Movement which combines Movement Medicine and the Menstrual Cycle. This is a long held vision finally coming to be!

 Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer



Hello! My name is Eline. The Apprenticeship for me was a place for my joy to become conscious, and celebrated in all its fullness, and to realise that this is not separated from the challenges of being human. It was a place where I started to see and accept many polarities inside me, and understand life as a never ending circle that unites all these opposites, within myself, but also between people, cultures, cosmos… I am fascinated by the power of dance as a different way of knowing, which can reconnect us with all dimensions of life and creation. 

At the moment I’m still finishing my PhD on Movement Medicine. In 2013, I will start to offer workshops that are inspired by: dance, anthropology, nature, shamanism, stories, symbols, imagination and silence. Facilitation can be arranged for individuals, universities, care organisations, schools, businesses and intergenerational groups.  

Here are a few workshops titles to tease your appetite: The Red Shoes. Dancing through the Tarot. Silence as a Way of Knowing. Sea Movements. Meeting the Music. Lectures with a Twist. Dancing with Disabilities. Please keep an eye on my website for details regarding specific workshops:



'What I gained from AP is much more as I can put into words. I become more grounded, more present now and here, more happy and kind with myself, more aware of myself, others, life on Earth, about universe. Mine roots became stronger. The movement got even bigger value for me - it is therapy, relaxation, meditation, the way of telling stories,... MM became part of mine life. 
I can say that with AP program I did a few steps closer to mine essence, to the Essence of Life...'
In Feb. this year I had lecture for retired persons (55 - 80 years old) in our place. The topic was 'How to go safely in the mountains in spite of diseases?'  During preparation for the lecture I got an idea that I will use some methods of MM for introdusing the topic. I used Awakening a dancer, elements and spontaneously also Tree of life. At the beginning I said:'Because we are to much in our heads, lets go down to the feet, feel our roots and start with feet problems...' So we went through the all parts of the body and also  included mindes, soul, spirit. All the time the elements were present, very gently fire and fluidity of water, beauty of earth and respect to it... joy, playfulness of wind... People were very relax and asked many questions, which is not so typical. Often people are ashamed to ask. I was open, light, fluid too. For my lectures in the future I will use MM.


Room For The Dancer and Movement Medicine in Copenhagen

Espen has weekly drop-in classes on Wednesdays 7 pm - 9 pm in a lovely dance space close to the lakes of Copenhagen. He also has Introduction days, next ones: Nov. 18th and April 2013. He is planning to start an ongoing group from spring 2013.

Room For the Dancer is embracing the Movement Medicine classes. RFT is a concept and a space created from Espens engagement and drive to make space and place in the world, for himself and others, humans and entities.. It is a room so what lives in your self, what drives you, what embodies your soul and innermost source  ..can step into freedom, movement and rhythm with what is around you and in all your relations. It is a body spiritual practice based on awareness and care.

 - Let it be. Let it move -

Facebook group:  "Room For The Dancer"

Espen Andli; 42 yrs old. Lives and works in Copenhagen. Has private practice and is trained as body psychotherapist, MPF from Bodynamic Analysis, Physiotherapist, Somatic Experience Practisioner and Movement Medicine Apprentice teacher . Used dance as meditation and self practice for 10 years.


If you are drawn to the Apprenticeship Programme please go to this page for more information

Wishing you all gremlin free homes.









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