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Issue: November 2012
Apprenticeship I

By Annemeike van Bellen
More than 4 years ago I was sitting in front of my desk, with the application right before me: the first apprenticeship of the School of Movement Medicine is offered. And I want to be on it!

This brings up memories. A lot of them, and today I decided to dive into them. Where was I, what was it that pulled me at this next step, and who am I now? Somewhere down in 1994 and 1995 I encountered the 5 rhythms. Dancing was one of the things I really liked to do. It has always held this whisper of freedom, of bliss for me. Soon, I met Susannah, who was teaching once or twice every year in the Netherlands. At that time, I started to feel at home with my dancing friends. It didn’t really matter what we were dancing as long as I felt save and with good company.

I was a single mother, and I experienced some major scars from my childhood. On the other hand, I felt very blessed: I met beautiful people who showed me ways to heal. For my biggest challenge was to really inhabit my body, to dare to show up for what I wanted, or to say “no” to what was not welcome. Having felt unsave for the bigger half of my childhood I had cultivated some skills that served me well. I could sense or “see” things from afar, and I was and am a good dreamer. Now it was time to come home.

I can still remember clearly, right before a workshop with Susannah in Belgium, I saw this man in my dream: bold, with one long braid from the back of his skull. You guess: this was Ya’Acov! I had never met nor seen him, and I was totally surprised when he entered the venue on the last day of Susannah’s workshop. I recognised him, and I asked him to be my teacher. From 1997 I danced with Ya’Acov, and I had one wish: to be an apprentice of this work, as it nourished my soul, and was slowly taking away the pains I suffered. I had set foot on a healing path that helped me inhabit my body and live a life more consciously and colourful.

So this happened, and I filled in the applicationform just over 4 years ago, really questioning what it was that I desired. This is what I wrote:

The main reason (to do the apprenticeship) is that I simply Love this work. It helps me to become more Me: to Heal, Grow up, Take responsibility and Create my Sacred Dream.

It opens my Heart and allows me to Give more. It makes me feel Connected to All That Is, and enjoy more fully the Beauty of Everything.

And looking back I can verify. The apprenticeship helped me to create more Balance in my life, and to find inner Peace with who I am. I feel more grounded and able to hold more, to care for myself and others, and to set boundaries if needed. And I found my love for Music, even started to sing. And lots of other things, that I never had imagined. Above all, I found this deep belonging. I feel I have come home to a family, to a community that I love and that feels deeply nourishing to me.

It has been a very guided and safe and well modelled two years, with lots of support during and in between modules. I am grateful to Y & S for all the work that they have been doing to be able to offer this to us all. And also a deep bow to the staff, to the pathfinders and my companion-travellers on this road. This is more than I’d ever expected from a course, a study or even a life-path. It is my life!

I am now currently teaching Movement Medicine in the Netherlands, and also from this place I like to give a heartfelt Thank-You to Roland. I really like to organise for others, and his example is and has been very nourishing to me too. From this place I like to invite you all for a dance in Holland. Upcoming event in November is “Reflection – Insight Council of the Elders” with Mark Boylan, and in February “Magic of the Mandorla” with Caroline Carey. And of course: feel welcome to dance with me, or any of us Dutchies here around. For more information email or find me on Facebook: Annemeike van Bellen.


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