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Gremlin Heaven
By Roland
This very useful piece of advice arrived the other day from Yasia.

‘For gremlins you need to open a portal in the sky and then you can gently, but firmly, fling them towards it... Or just summon up a fine white light and have a cigar whilst you're waiting for them to dissolve.’ more>
Acting in Alignment
by Susannah
Last Friday I was driving down a crowded Euston road, in good time for setting up the PA and film projector for “Dancing with the Heart of the World”. Alex (our London organiser) called me, and and her lovely voice cheerfully told me that there had been a power failure at the venue, and we might not have a studio we could work in. The power might or might not be back on tonight, or even over the weekend. “Oh wow……. the next adventure…..!” more>
Empowerment, Responsibility & Living The Dream
By Ya'Acov
I love these words. They are so simple to say. They roll off the tongue with practiced ease, like a chant, an invocation, or an incantation. But what do they mean in the context of Movement Medicine, and the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme? more>
Gabrielle Roth - Obituary
As most of you will know, Gabrielle Roth died this last month. The spirit of what we learned with her continues to dance through Movement Medicine. All of us at the School of Movement Medicine send our best wishes to her husband, Robert, her son Jonathan, and all who grieve her passing.

Ya’Acov, Susannah and Roland. more>
Forthcoming Workshops
Here is the Movement Medicine programme for the rest of 2012.
By Elaine Swords
In the mid 90’s Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Wandering Wolf the Spiritual Elder of the Mayan People came to Britain for the first time. Having been passionate about Mayan astrology for many years, it was a great honour to cook for him, being with him, receiving healing and wisdom teachings. more>
Shame is a Beuatiful Woman
By Caroline Carey
This week I finalized the details in my new book, Reclaimed Innocence. It is a sequel to Ms'Guided Angel which is my auto-biography published in 2010. Reclaimed Innocence continues the journey of soul in a changing world of consciousness. more>
What does teaching Movement Medicine mean?
By Emma Pounch
As I sit here and look at this question all sorts of stories and memories come to mind and I’m smiling, thinking about the battles I’ve had with this question, with more to come I’m sure. For a time it only meant holding a space for dancers to move to music, a space for them to move their bodies, right? I’ve even dreamed once of Ya’Acov asking me to write an essay on what MM means in the corporate world! more>
Apprenticeship I
By Annemeike van Bellen
More than 4 years ago I was sitting in front of my desk, with the application right before me: the first apprenticeship of the School of Movement Medicine is offered. And I want to be on it! more>
Feelings in motion, heart in action, life in connection
By Petra Bongartz
“What is split off, not felt, remains the same. When it is felt, it changes... A few moment of feeling it in your body allows it to change. If there is in you something bad, or sick or unsound, let it inwardly be, and breathe. That’s the only way it can evolve and change into the form it needs.”(Eugene Gendlin) more>
Pachamama Symposium DVD and Training
We’re delighted that several Movement Medicine apprentices and apprenticeship graduates will be training this coming weekend at Earth Spirit near Glastonbury to run the Pachamama Symposium (Be the Change- Awakening the Dreamer).

The symposium has been a huge inspiration for us, and we’d encourage everyone to attend one somewhere. You can now get the DVD of the symposium from the Movement Medicine Shop. more>
If you go out, we shoot you!
By Véronique Champalou
If you go out, we shoot you! - not with an arrow or a gun but with a bazooka, so all my bodies will explode even my soul will not survive - that was the message I have been facing on during the last module of the Apprenticeship program. Those words, I realised I was repeated in loop consciously or unconsciously, were acted as a barricade each time I wanted to manifest my dreams. At the end, I did not have any desire, especially for a job. more>
From seed to tree: the long-term nature of cultivating dreams and making books
By Christian de Sousa
About 15 years ago I had the experience of a dream-seed planting itself inside my heart. I can remember the exact moment when it happened, although at the time I had no idea that I was unwittingly letting myself in for what would become one of the most challenging processes of my life. more>
Using Movement Medicine as a Facilitator, or how I ended up doing supervision in the sea.
By Margaret Davies
It is the end of a warm summer afternoon; the sun slants down to the beach from the red cliff tops, pink and golden. The sands are slowly emptying of families and early evening dog walkers. My supervisee, an experienced social worker, stands knee deep in the North Sea. She thanks the abundant waters, floats carefully chosen flowers in honour of the sea and asks for blessings for her next career move. more>
To Life - A Poem
By Irena Šimnovec

You push me out of my cave

And I resist you

Less and less.

She is a Soul Free of Shame
By Annemeike van Bellen
One of the amazing SHE-workshops by Caroline Carey, and I am the lucky one to organise these in the Netherlands. This time we had found a beautiful old chapel to dance in, once a nunnery, in an enclosed garden in the centre of Den Haag. 15 women dancing, forming a strong circle together to travel deep into our personal history, to reclaim and heal and restore the free-flow of our creative nature. more>
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