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Issue: September 2012
Love Stories

by Susannah
In August, after we celebrated our son’s 21st birthday, we left for Northern Spain in a friend’s motor home. We caught the boat from near where we live to Santander. I can’t believe we’ve lived here so long without realising that Spain is “on our doorstep”. Well, we’ve fallen in love with each other even more, and fallen in love with the motor home thing! We’ve admitted we’re not teenagers anymore; the moment we bought a table as well as chairs so we could eat outside and put our food on a table, I knew we’d accepted something about our age!

We had great adventures, traversing the beautiful outer landscapes of north western Spain and north Eastern Portugal and the inner landscapes of our love and acknowledging the places in our psyches where we hadn’t yet been able to let love in. At times in the pressure cooker of the motor home, I felt as if we’d gone on a special “relationship intensive”. Between us, we found enough witness capacity to find our way through to a whole new stratum of love, truth and joy in and with each other. After 26 years together this love keeps on growing. It’s a wonderful and unexpected thing (which is interestingly not much talked about) -how long term love can go on and on deepening and opening.

One of the things that got really, really clear were some particular ways in which our unconscious stories around the dangers of intimacy have perfectly (!) interlocked and reinforced each other. Simply becoming conscious of these unconscious powerful fears and their accompanying survival strategies allowed a re-alignment, opening us to a new landscape of tenderness and magnetism with each other. Halleluiah! What unexpected new treasure!

And reflecting about this, isn’t this inter-locking of stories what tends to happen in general? Whether or not we humans are in long-term relationships, we seem to have some amazing capacity to attract and be attracted by others whose patterns interlock with our own. Our implicit and often unconscious expectations tend to be confirmed. And then we think it’s just the way it is. This works in light ways and it works in shadow ways, depending on what we carry from our pasts.

For me, this summer journey has given even more inspiration and importance to the new workshop, Love Stories, which will be held for the first time in Paris in November. Up till now, we have only offered work about relationship for couples. So, I am very pleased to be offering this workshop, as intimate love relationships are an issue for nearly everyone. Thank you to Pierre-Henri and the French MM team for proposing this theme!

So, this workshop is open to everyone who wants to bring the light of dancing awareness to their own love story. The focus will be on you as an individual getting in touch with, acknowledging, and re-aligning your patterning around intimate relationship. It’s open to couples too, or one member of a couple, or people who are single. After our summer of doing this work for ourselves, I’m even more aware of the importance & delicacy of this inner work.

Below is a message from Pierre-Henri, the MM Paris organiser.

Wishing you a heartful, loving autumn,



From Pierre-Henri

Bonjour dancers !

Last year, when I ask Susannah what workshop we should do this year in Paris, she said " Out of the list we have, what workshop would you want ? ". My answer was : "let me ask the french-speaking mouvement medicine community". Their answer was typically french : " why don't we create a new workshop ? " Then, when Susannah replied : " Ok, but about what ?", ze french being ZE french, they thought about a workshop around Love... So, Susannah and us, started to flirt with this idea and we decided to marry the "Love Stories" concept...   I love the School of Movement Medicine for that : nothing is imposed, everything is proposed and all creativity is possible: I have always dreamt of a school like that ! And what's great about creativity is that it's playful, joyful and sacred !

So, off, we went: we started to build all together this Love Stories workshop and pulled it off ! It was a great team work and we are somewhat proud to announce that this new-born workshop will see the light next November in Paris ! Of course you are all invited to celebrate this birth with us since the workshop will be in English ( translated in french ). That way, we will all be able to dance our different Love stories, in the city of romance, and embrace, individually and together, our new future story about l'Amour...

If 2 of you are living outside of France and are coming together to Paris do this workshop you'll get a 20% discount on the total of the amount of the Love Stories workshop in order to reduce your overall cost. As our website only takes one registration at a time, please send an extra separate email to to get this special reduction, specifying the name of your partner.

You can watch Susannah talking about the Love stories workshop on

 See you!


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