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Up and Over Lollover (in the rain)
By Roland
Friday 6th July was the first day of the Summer Long Dance. This is the one day in the year when I step out from my organiser role and do something which is a bit more hands on. I lead the procession from the EarthSpirit Centre on one side of Lollover Hill to Bartlett’s Farm on the other side of the hill where the Long Dance ceremony takes place in a large marquee. more>
Oh What a Summer!
By Susannah
Oh what a summer, culminating in the glorious Olympic and Paralympic festivals and our own Darling Khan festival of relationship as we went off in a borrowed motor home to Northern Spain and Portugal for 2 weeks of gloriously intense immersion in being with each other. Sometimes I felt we’d unwittingly signed up for our own “understudy pressure cooker workshop!” More of that in the other article: “Love Stories.” more>
Love, Loss and Redemption in the Holy Days of Summer
by Ya'Acov
It’s been quite a summer for us on our personal journeys. We spent two weeks in a pressure cooker (otherwise known as a motor home) travelling in Northern Span and Portugal following the coastal roads, seeking out the sun and landing in some quite stunning locations. We had to admit that we have finally entered the fascinating new world of middle age when ‘wild camping’ has come to mean parking in some remote spot not on a campsite and enjoying the view from a gloriously comfortable double bed! more>
Love Stories
by Susannah
In August, after we celebrated our son’s 21st birthday, we left for Northern Spain in a friend’s motor home. We caught the boat from near where we live to Santander. I can’t believe we’ve lived here so long without realising that Spain is “on our doorstep”. Well, we’ve fallen in love with each other even more, and fallen in love with the motor home thing! We’ve admitted we’re not teenagers anymore; the moment we bought a table as well as chairs so we could eat outside and put our food on a table, I knew we’d accepted something about our age! more>
Totnes Peace Day
by Ben Yeger
On 21st of September 2012 it was ‘Peace One Day’ ( An opportunity for people across the world to mark, in whatever way they feel called, the potential for Peace in our times. As part of this global effort the Totnes Peace Festival organized by an amazing group of people have pulled together a wonderful array of creative events which will include dance, talks, live music and more. Profits from the Festival will be donated to Peace one day and to support the work I will be doing in Israel/Palestine in the next 12 months. more>
Fred's Dream
by Kathrin Siegrist
Dear beloved Movement Medicine dancers, We are just spending a very touching and nourishing week at Waldhaus in Switzerland doing the 2nd module of Journey of Empowerment. All this tender energy between everyone in the group is such a precious gift! Thank you all! My own process is very strongly connected to that of my son’s. By sharing our story with the Movement Medicine community, it may facilitate a way for our journey to go further... another piece to our puzzle in the realization of Fred’s dream. more>
The Space Between two Worlds
by Maria Edit Antal

Yesterday I cut my right ring finger really badly on a big mirror, without a frame, after having cut my hair. I could see the beautiful white ligament in my finger so the wound was deep but fortunately not too deep. The ligament is fine. Thank you guardians and protectors! more>
Dreaming our Life into Existence
by Kathrin Keller

Christmas 2007, I was sitting in the Australian desert watching in awe papa sun go down after a beautiful sunny day and – at the same time grandmother moon appearing on the other side of the horizon. Growing up in the mountainious region of the Black Forest and then moving to the jungle of Berlin, I never knew what it meant when I heard or read: at full moon, the moon rises at the same time as the sun goes down! Well, some things you just have to see, feel, taste and take in yourself to truly understand and never forget again. more>
Caroline Life Story
by Caroline Carey

I’ve been dancing many many years within 5Rhythms groups, training as a 5Rteacher and also becoming a Movement Medicine teacher last year. I have given so much of my stories to the dance floor, cleansing and healing undoing trauma and receiving in the gifts of life. Transforming myself many times, I have faced the challenges of overcoming a history of abuse. more>
A Long Apprenticeship
by Rob Porteous

I want to explore some of my feelings about the long dance and being an apprentice, in the context of what I am learning about myself. Ya’acov once said to me, ‘I never forget a dance.’ more>
Expanding the Circle
by Simone Gantner

The idea of raising money is not an easy task for me because I never had a very positive relationship with money in my life in terms of having enough to do all that I want to. But once registered for the Long Dance, I decided to make it a positive experience for me and for those who would donate money. I wanted to use my creativity instead of just asking people for money which felt awkward to me. more>
by Kristin Glenewinkel

Coming home from the Apprenticeship gathering and Long Dance ceremony, I looked in my notebook. Almost no words in it - only drawings! more>
Dear Ya’Acov - I love to dance!
by Sinead Cullen

I wrote a ‘Dear Ya’Acov’ email earlier this year, after ‘For all our Relations’ in Dublin. We had a powerful weekend of dance and movement with a magical longdance on Saturday night and we finished up on the Sunday morning with a gentle gathering. more>
Movement Medicine Shop News!
You can shop in person!

Did you know that you can order stuff from the shop: on the phone as well as by email, or on line through the online shop? It all works! And Frazer is very good at helping you find what you want. If you are not so familiar with the digital world just pick up the phone!

Long Dance Stories
By Jane Skullman
Thank you for a great journey during the Long Dance. Very challanging but also a lot of magic in it and I feel truly blessed. During the community rounds with the animals and the forrest I got a really profound insight from the trees which I would like to share! I also have included a story from phoenix which is a sunshine story. more>
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