School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: July 2012 Newsletter

Why Not?
By Roland

“Why don’t you write about that for the newsletter!” exclaimed Ya’Acov. I must confess to having a problem with questions posed by Ya’Acov which have a negative in them. Although the biggest humdinger of a Ya’Acov question and the one which can cause the biggest headache is the shortest version of this and is the simple “Why not?!!”

Over the years I have devised a 6 point strategic plan for dealing with the “Why not?!!” question. 

1.     Take a deep breath and count to 10.

2.     To be done concurrently with number 1. Remember not to immediately question directly.

3.     This to be done concurrent with No. 1 and just after No. 2  Find three good reasons why his idea is really excellent.

4.     To be done concurrent with No.1 and just after No. 2 and No. 3 find the one decisive reason why his idea is not so good.

5.     To be done concurrent with No.1 and just after No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 phrase what I have come up with strategy No. 4 into a question so that Ya’Acov will believe that he has answered his own question.

6.     Remember to exhale.

Well, it works some of the time and many, many years ago saved me from having to organise parachute jumps for the entire 40 members of an ongoing group.

So back to the “Why don’t you write about that for the newsletter!” question.  In fact Ya’Acov has asked me the same question on 3 different occasions over the last month but there is just one that sticks in my mind.

It was about 9.30 on a Tuesday morning.

“You sound a bit down.” Ya’Acov said.

“Yes.” I replied, “I had this dream.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, in my dream I was reading an article in a Bridge Magazine and it is was about me.  To be exact it wasn’t about me but about Major Suit the name I use to play bridge online.  The article was all about some brilliancy I had done and how I was now marked down as one of England’s up and coming Bridge players.  I was lying in bed reveling at what I just read in that state just between dreaming and waking when I began to question what was happening.  And then I realized that it wasn’t true.  It hadn’t happened and I’ve been feeling a bit down ever since.” 

And that is when Ya’Acov said “Why don’t you write about that for the newsletter!”

I started on my 6 points strategic plan by drawing breath and counting to 10, but before I could get started on point No. 2. Ya’Acov asked another question.

“Did you say you were reading in your dream?”

“Yes I was.”

“Oh, you are not supposed to be able to read in dreams!”

“Well, I can!” I replied, perhaps a little more forcefully than I intended.

And there we left the subject.  But it did make me wonder about the nature of wish fulfillment dreams.  For many years Susannah and Ya’Acov have talked about their dream of a large round studio near to their house where we could offer most of their major workshops.  For many years this idea remained a dream. However, at some point early last year after dealing with the frustrations of working with village hall committees or with organisations that were so engaged in the process of reinventing and reorganising themselves that one never met the same person twice and arrangements made one year were extremely unlikely to be honoured the next, it was clear that the time had come for to deal with the matter. And now a year later we are about to start working in a brand new purpose built studio on the Rill Estate.  It is so exciting that I have actually pinched myself to see if I am dreaming and it seems that I am not. 

In fact this morning I had a telephone conversation with a Brazilian woman who lived in London who was thinking about coming to the Long Dance.  She had some questions and then I asked her why she wanted to come: “I’ve just met several of the Movement Medicine Apprentices who have come from all sorts of places all over the world and I was so inspired by them and what they said about the Movement Medicine work and the Long Dance I realised that this is what I have been looking for.”  Me too and I am proud to be part of this.

While I was contemplating this I realised that I had scheduled to play an important online Bridge league match with my friend and long-term Bridge partner – Biggles.  We had last year unexpectedly won promotion to the top division and were now fighting to avoid relegation.  I had encountered the opposition before and I knew we had a tough match ahead of us.  Then I remembered my dream and the thought went through my head: ‘If I can make that studio dream come true then why not the Bridge one.”  Biggles and I wiped the floor with them and won 20 – 0.  And if a writer of a famous Bridge magazine had been watching he would no doubt have written the words I read in my dream.

There is still just time to join the wonderful band of international dancers at this year’s Summer Long Dance 5th – 9th July.  Contact me for an application form if you are interested. 00 44 1803 762255

After the Long Dance, Susannah and Ya’Acov will be taking a well earned break over the summer. At the end of August they will be leading a group on the Initiation journey through the Life Cycles. This 9 day popular workshop will take place at the Rill Estate in the new studio, 31st August – 9th September and is one of the key pre-requisites for the next Apprenticeship Programme starting in August 2014.  Contact me for an application form if you are interested. 00 44 1803 762255

The next Webinar is on Tuesday July 10th.  Please click on the link if you would like to take part in our webinars. The cost is just £35 for 10 webinars. Thanks to Jens in Hamburg, who will be at the Long Dance, the quality is now excellent.

And if you are interested in the nature of dreams and their connection with dance, ‘why not’ read about the Poetry of Presence workshop that Ya’Acov is running with Charlie Morley, a self taught lucid dreamer who works in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.  This will take place 19th – 23 October at Orval in Belgium.

Have a wonderful summer and hope to see you dancing in the new dream studio soon!


The Grace of Timing
By Susannah

Last week I had at least 5 conversations about the ‘grace of timing’ and how easily many of us go into doubt when things don’t happen in the timescale we think they should!

This was sparked because I have finally learnt to use Logic. I don’t mean logic, as in “reason” (you may or may not think I have any of that!) I mean Logic the software music recording and mixing program. We’ve had it for 2 years, and I’ve been so scared of it. All the leads and mikes, and different places to connect everything, and, then finding the button to turn on that computer, and once you’ve turned it on, and found Logic, all the different ways to do the same thing… ahhhh!!!  You may (accurately!) diagnose a bit of techno phobia, just a bit!

Now I’ve had a few lessons with an expert (a contemporary of our son’s) I can navigate the basics and I’ve started recording our next album; ‘Medicine Songs.’ Yeah!! And, to be honest, it’s really not difficult. As our son says; “everything is easy once you know how!” So, I was giving myself a bit of a hard time about having had so much fear about it, and having been so slow to get over it. Ya’Acov said to me: “maybe you just weren’t ready” and when I reflected about this, I think he was right. I wasn’t ready because I didn’t need to be. I didn’t have a clear project I wanted to record. The songs which have been blossoming into the Movement Medicine space had not yet come through. I didn’t need to get over my fear, so I didn’t! And I’ve realised that all those years of sitting next to Volker or some other sound engineer have taught me so much about what is needed, and how to do it. All I needed was the finger-mouse instruction! I feel a bit like one of those Japanese sushi chefs who aren’t allowed to touch the sushi for 7 years (is that right?) and just have to watch the master sushi maker, but once they are let onto the rice, find their fingers already know what to do. So thank you to all my music recording masters! Volker Kaczinski, Soli Marshall, David Pearson. THANK YOU!

That made me reflect about the songs themselves, and how so many of them have come as I’ve realised the space that is there for them. It goes like this: I realise I want to sing a song about X, I realise I do not know a song about X, and that there is certainly a space for a song about X and that I would certainly love to have a song about X to sing! I sense this all makes a kind of  “landing pad” for the song. Then I make a request. You could say that is a request of spirit. You could say that is an instruction to my own sub-conscious. And the song shows up. In its own sweet time. Often in the middle of the night, or walking in the woods, or getting out of the car, or making my favourite “right on” cake (see recipes!).

A friend of mine who runs singing workshops remembers me, 14 years ago, in a workshop she ran in Totnes, singing for the dance studio I dreamt of, a home for our work. We’ve been through lots of eras with that prayer; we’ve looked at all sorts of ways of doing it. And now its here. Richard and Louise (the custodian’s of Rill) so love the vibe of Movement Medicine that they asked us what they could do so that we would bring more of our work to Rill. Through Roland’s good work negotiating out a win-win deal with them, the studio is now built, and it’s beautiful! Octagonal, with the vibe of a big Bedouin tent, with huge windows overlooking the hills. Wow!

Next weekend we meet with apprentices from Apprenticeship 1 and from Apprenticeship 2 for the Community Gathering at the Rill Centre. And it’s quite a moment for us.

So dreams can come, and they may take intention, prayer, desire, time and work, and letting go, and action, and surrender, and following the thread of the life as it evolves.

So my prayers, intention and desire are clearly set for a planet on which all beings have the opportunity to thrive, on which we humans have learnt to live with respect for each other, and for the plants and animals, and waters and winds and the earth herself.

I feel so many currents at play in these turning times, turbulent, troubled, and transformative as they are. I am keeping my compass as true as I can, and surrendering to the bigger picture which I do not pretend to understand, though I do feel, more and more, that there is an intelligence at work, of which I am part, and which is so much bigger than I can conceive, and that the ruling precept of that intelligence is simply, almost unutterably total- love.

I thank Chloe Goodchild for her phrase, “the Grace of Timing” which she gave me many years ago when Ya’Acov and I were going through a protracted dark night of the relationship soul, and I thank all the brothers and sisters with whom I am privileged to share moments big and small,

In love,






Chasing Monks & Dancing Trees
By Ya'Acov

As we were running through the Dartington Hall gardens, chasing a group of fast walking Tibetan monks, I had to stop for a moment just to laugh at the surreal nature of life sometimes.

We were at the Dartington Home Festival for the day. We’d gone there to see a local band we’ve become very fond of called Matthew & Me. We had no idea what an adventure we were in for as we left the house under the usual grey skies of late. What an incredible feast, and right here, on our doorstep! We met some amazing musicians, including the legendary Patrick Duff who we have invited to come and sing some of his no-nonsense heart to heart ballads at this year’s Long Dance. We saw some good friends, took part in an Ethiopian dance class and got invited onto to the stage to dance with the teachers, watched an extraordinary African dance group called Ballet Nimba, and spent some time hanging out with the Tashi Lhunpo Monks from Tibet. They had created a beautiful Peace Mandala and we saw them finishing it off and then blessing it. Their chanting was so strong. I felt transported to the mountains. I felt and saw the Deities they were praying to – what a strong lineage and what a beautifully complex ritual. No sooner had they blessed the mandala than the head monk destroyed it with a brush, sweeping the coloured marble powder into the centre and then taking most of it to the river where they offered it to the water to the sound of horns, bells and chanting. The English presenter had warned us that they like to walk fast and hence, after the long queue of people had wound their way down the stairs and outside again, we found ourselves playing ‘chase the monk,’ through the gardens. I felt deeply reverent and moved by their exquisite attention to detail and the dedication of so many years of practice and generations of understanding. Some of the blessed mandala sand was offered to everyone there. Our friend Sarah Patterson picked some up for us to bring to the Long Dance. Incidentally, we are delighted to say that Sarah has decided to join us again in her role supporting us to hold the energetic space clear for the Long Dance ceremony. Her beautiful new CD, Songs from Nandita’s Dream, which is part of a much wider project, is available from the Movement Medicine shop and will also be available at the Long Dance.

As we ran after the monks, I saw the funny side of the whole human dance – how complex we humans are. How many stories we tell in order to remind ourselves who we are and weave ourselves into the fabric of creation. Not surprisingly, as we are now in our final week of preparation for the Community Gathering and Long Dance, I found myself reflecting on the Movement Medicine story. As you may or may not know, the 21 stations of the Movement Medicine are a Creation Story. They invite you, the dancer, to find your own way within it, approaching and learning from each gateway through movement, feeling and story. The more that Susannah and I work with it, the deeper and wider it seems to go. I wonder where it will all lead? And like any child growing up, and Movement Medicine is only 5 years old as a practice, it will doubtless meet many challenges and unforeseen experiences along the road. The more we work, and the more mature we become in our work, the more joy it brings us. Over the years, through experience and research, we have stumbled across the insight again and again that it is through finding the way to share who we are with the wider community that we find the deepest fulfilment as human beings. And this is why we put so much emphasis on this aspect of human being in all our work, especially the Apprenticeship Programme.

Before the Long Dance, we will host our first Community Gathering that will bring together the current apprenticeship circle with apprentices from the first apprenticeship journey. As well as the dance, and the bringing together of two groups of people into a coherent team for the Long Dance, there will also be time for community meetings.  The steering group, who have been working very hard since the end of the Training to bring together everything needed to set up the Movement Medicine Association, will be reporting back and making suggestions to the community about how the Association will work. The Association will be the Professional Body that oversees all Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators in their work, including us. Susannah has recently been part of the Steering Group and I am very grateful to her and to all the members of that circle who have given so much time to making sure that the practicalities of how things develop are in line with the spirit of Movement Medicine practice. One practical outcome of all their work will be a website on which you will be able to find the growing number of classes and events being offered by apprentices from the first training who are now stepping out into the world as Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators. We had a meeting with a group of Facilitators last week and we were so touched and happy to hear about the variety of ways that this young practice is going out into the world from working with young offenders to social work situations and community art projects. In the meeting, we reflected on the sense that the timing is good and things that may have been seen as too far out a short time ago, are being welcomed as part of a growing trend of looking for new ways of working and being in the world. In our solstice rituals last week, we felt the deep tremors of change that are rumbling just beneath the surface as we come to terms with old ways no longer working, systems stretching beyond their limit and the simple realisation that if we are to survive, we have to change.

Since I last wrote for this newsletter, I took a courageous circle of dancers up on to Dartmoor for the Vision Quest. We were extraordinarily lucky with the weather given the general weather pattern in the UK at the moment. We only had two major downpours and a few heavy showers in nearly three days out in nature. Whilst out there, I unexpectedly met a beautiful new teacher in the form of a beautiful rowan tree. It was facing the southwest, the direction from which a lot of our wilder weather comes from. It had been shaped by its dance with the weather, so much so that its trunk had been hollowed out and its branches opened up as if in a wide embrace with the wind and the rain. I sat with this tree, staff in hand, looking out across the landscape, singing to the wind and begging it to carry the fast moving clouds over us without dropping their cargo of water. At one point, I felt very deeply merged with the tree. I felt its nature, its own unique form and expression and I felt how it had been shaped by everything it had faced and that its current beauty was the result of this marriage of being itself and surrendering to what life has brought it. As I ran my hands over its magically twisting branches, I felt how long it had taken for this tree to become what it is now. And of course, I was then asked by my Wise Elder, ‘so dear Ya’Acov, could you say the same thing for yourself?’ I tried it. I spoke with the wind. ‘I have been shaped by everything I have faced and my current beauty is the result of the marriage of being myself and surrendering to what life has brought me. And yes, it has taken a long time.’  I wonder if the same is true for you. I wonder how different our lives would be if we were taught to listen to nature and our own true natures as children. I wonder how much suffering we would avoid if we recognised that things of great value take time to come into being.

As I move into my late 40’s, I notice how my relationship to time is changing. I remember how a day (or even 10 minutes when I was stuck in a Latin lesson as a teenager at school) could seem like an eternity. Now, a day, a week, even a year can flash by and yet underneath it all, is a place I might call ‘no time.’ A sense of eternity or the eternal dance is never far beneath the surface. I am so grateful for the time we have had to develop our work and that in its childhood, it is so alive and creative and full of the knowledge and experience of so many teachers and teachings that went into its creation.

The teachings of the 9 cycles of life and what they bring have been part of the Initiation workshop we have offered for nearly two decades. I have learnt so much from holding this journey with Susannah for all this time and the lessons learned are becoming more and more present in our day-to-day lives as well as our professional life. There is a saying from Papua New Guinea that a participant in Initiation offered us many years ago. It says: ‘Knowledge is just a rumour until it’s in the muscle.’ Yes! I couldn’t agree more. And for something to land in the muscles, it must be walked, danced, lived and moved over many a season. As well as being an integral part of preparation for the Apprenticeship Journey, Initiation is a deep journey in its own right and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I truly believe that it should be part of the human curriculum to know where we come from, to strengthen our parenting skills for the lost children inside and all around us, to remember the tenderness and wild edged beings that stumbled though our puberty and adolescence and of course, to meet death as the great teacher it is. I hope you can join us for the next Initiation journey that begins after our summer break, on August 31st.  

Movement Medicine is 5½ years old and dance-by-dance, step-by-step, it is growing up. Thank you for being on the journey with us, in whatever way you are. It is time for me to sign off for the summer. We will take our normal downtime over July and August in order to go and stare at the sea and watch the clouds drift by and refresh ourselves for the 2012 run-in. At around that time or just afterwards, if you are on our postal mailing list, you will be receiving our beautiful new brochure through your letterbox with our programme for 2012-2013. We are excited about producing a brochure that describes the Movement Medicine curriculum that we offer as a whole. In it, you will find details of the next Apprenticeship Programme that will start in August 2014 along with all the prerequisites you will need to apply. To give you a taste, here’s what one of our apprentices said about the apprenticeship journey:

One of the kindest, most respectful, challenging, healing and enriching ways I know of to grow...if you're looking for unconditional respect and support, a place to build trust in your own Power, The Apprenticeship program certainly offers a powerful container for getting closer to who you are, whilst engaging more deeply with the world.’ Yasia Leiserach.

If you are not on our mailing list and want to receive a copy, please be in touch with Roland and he will be happy to send you one with the mailing in early September.

So dear dancers, may the sun shine in and on you. Wishing you and all of us a fine season and all that we need to give what we’ve got.

Ya’Acov. July 2012.

Lucid Dreaming
By Charlie Morley

I first met Yaacov in a dream. I didn’t know that I was dreaming as I dreamt it, so it wasn’t a lucid dream, but it was clear and I saw him clearly. I had that dream the night before the first workshop that I ran for Yaacov and Susannah and I presumed that it was just a mild anxiety dream based on the fact that we had never met and yet were about to spend the night sleeping together, platonically of course!

The next day as the car pulled up outside the Totnes Tesco’s I felt a strange dreamlike quality wash over me as the short, shaven headed, ginger goateed  man from my dream opened the passenger door and said “Charlie! Jump in, I’m Yaacov!” I didn’t reply, I couldn’t reply, I just smiled and piled my bags into the boot of the car while feverishly “reality checking”, just in case I was still dreaming.

But I wasn’t dreaming, I was wide awake, riding shotgun next to a man who I had met 14 hours ago in my dreams.  Maybe I had seen a picture of Yaacov before? I must have Goggled him before I accepted the workshop surely? Nope. The internet at the Buddhist centre where I live had been down for weeks and so I had been reserving my time in the internet café for only the most urgent of Google searches. To my knowledge I had never seen Yaacov before I saw him in my dream.

Dreams like that one have become more and more prevalent in my life because the deeper I go into dream-work the deeper my connection with the shared dream of our human experience becomes. It’s that deeper connection that I hope to offer through my teachings on the Poetry of Presence retreat.

I specialise in lucid dreaming:  a mind training method which allows you to recognise when you are dreaming and interact with the dream at will. This practice allows you to be conscious within your unconscious; to move your intent through your deeper unseen presence. Lucid dreaming is not about controlling your dreams; it’s about becoming the choreographer of your dreams. It’s about working with the music of the unconscious mind and moving in oneness to a greater understanding of yourself and others. It’s a practice that spontaneously manifests kindness because as you learn how your own mind projects illusion, you can better empathise with the minds of others. As quantum physicist Prof Amit Goswami says “lucid dreaming is a creative sleep state in which we can get to a point where it’s like we are writing poetry with our dreams.”

What excites me about this workshop is the opportunity to combine the exploration of dream with the exploration of movement. Dreams are the movement of mind, the dance of the unconscious which occurs when the conscious mind has gone to sleep. With lucid dreaming however, the conscious mind is allowed knowledge of this dance and gets to move with the unconscious, to feel the dreaming mind through the contact of that movement.

Charlie Morley


Ya’Acov and Charlie Morley will be teaching the Poetry of Presence workshop 19th – 23 October at Orval in Belgium which will focus on bringing out dance and dreaming awareness to all areas of our lives.

After The Vision Quest
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Jérôme Jadot

Why so much fears? Why so much complaints?
Life is so generous.

After a last night (before other ones ?) in a B & B, time to leave Totnes, Devon, and finally England …
Vision Quest is behind me and … in front of me.
Integration in my day-to-day life, creating, daring, living !
Fears again … Will I be able to handle all of that ? How ? When ? … STOOOP !

Just go to Totnes’ Station, take your train, and enjoy !
Yes … but … maybe … I will be too late ? And miss my train ?
Oh, if you need, leave the B & B now and be sure to get your train.

Yes … three minutes to the station … and I sit down to wait.

An old woman is just near me. And she begins to speak me … Hum hum, in English, of course, and I need two seconds to remember that my English is now enough fluent to have a discussion with English speaking people. And therefore … we are chatting.

First, about the weather (of course !) … it seems that if we had a quite windy and rainy time in
Dartmoor (and more generally in Devon), it is because of the Jetstream. It is lower than before, and doesn’t block the “bad weather” as usual …
“My husband prefers to go in Portugal. He loves sun. I prefer to stay at home … we have a lovely view of the sea!”

After that … I don’t exactly remember how she comes to speak about that but …
“You know … before, I complained when my washing machine (!) didn’t work … now, if it works, it works, if it doesn’t … it doesn’t ! It doesn’t matter …”
I add … “It is what it is !” (© Ferdie – Thank you)
We laugh together … !

I tell her my experience in the Dartmoor … I mean, a little summary of my experience.
My experience about the cold and the hunger. My experience about “privation”.
She speaks about the wartime (she didn’t know it but our ancestors …).
“Sometimes days and days without shelter … very uncomfortable circumstances.”
And she also talks about her children.
“They spent so much money. And before they earn it ! You know … it is more comfortable if you have money behind you.”
Mmmhh … It sounds like a good reflection for me. Gratitude !
She tries to explain her point of view to her children but it seems not really effective.
I dare to tell her … “Probably, they do the best they can …”

Ooooh … our train is coming (we have the same train … she goes in Reading to see her sister while her husband is in Portugal) … She insists to show me my seat and be sure that I’m comfortable … We leave each other … Thank you, Dear Lady … Have a nice journey !
Just before Reading she will come again to say me goodbye … “Nice to meet you” ... “For me too … thank you !”

My whole life is a Vision Quest.

Waiting for a train. Chatting with an unknown woman. Listening to my heart.

In everything and all things and beings, I can see sign and support that I’m alive and following my
true path.
Don’t forget, Jérôme, you are NOT ALONE !
Life is a perpetual and renewable gift !
We have to take care.

Written …
… between Totnes and Tiverton Parkway, with trees, sea, birds and fields.
… without Google translation ;o).
… with all my acknowledgment for your beauty and your courage, my dear companions of Quest.

Thank you !

Jérôme Jadot
17th June 2012

Re-Forestation Reflections
By Jayne Bullen

On my return from the first module of the apprenticeship I was called so strongly to reconnect to mother that I have spent some weeks, literally, lying on her and being with her in the most horizontal way I have ever known. Re-finding my roots and re-moulding the relationship I have to her depth and wisdom on a body level. Feeling deeply connected to earth and the land here at home and the wisdom buried in my African soils, as well as my own story with them. Giving thanks.

Starting my company which is, coincidentally and from a long time before, called touchingground. I hadn't realized when I took this time off to start it up, that it meant that instead of getting busy 'doing' (business plans, banks all the stuff that is needed to 'get done', it would really mean my actual physical body being forced by exhaustion and illness to spend weeks on the ground, touching it). 

So, it was perfect timing to head off into the hills with my son, a dear old friend and a few spades over Mother's Day weekend in South Africa and join a group of committed earth lovers in planting two thousand trees.

Greenpop (a local NGO that plants trees, connects people and supports local musicians) pulls off a few similar festivals a year and what they have created is something truly extraordinary. Instead of just heading off to an outdoor party, we participated in a weekend of dreaming, ritual and reconnection. There were drums, there was forest yoga and meditation, good real food, an ongoing mix of awe-inspiring local music talent and many special souls. And to add to it, at some point of the fun, we got down and VERY dirty and re-planted an entire section of a forest that had been taken down over a century ago to be used for potato farming and that was now lying dormant full of alien plants. 

Tree gurus and huggers all around coupled with some amazing drum-magicians, ritualistically marched through the magnificent Platbos forest - the largest indigenous forest in the Southern Hemisphere apparently - to a breeding station where our 2000 trees had been waiting for us to arrive and dig them in. Another Long walk to the planting site up the hill allowed us to soak in the beauty of the forest parts un-pillaged by man and steeped in old soul trees and tangly nooks and crannies.  By this time I was carrying all six of our first batch of trees as well as the spades while my four year old was asking the inevitable 'are we there yet'. My unsuspecting friend Hevette who I had egged to come along as her birthday gift was gravitating between fits of giggles and exhaustive strikes with my son, sitting on branch benches along the way looking exhausted before the actual work begun.

Finally, we got going and digging and mulching away through the soft soil. Somewhere between a blink, a spider nest invasion, a small collapse, Leewin having a few tantrums eased by the great snacks, and my decision to abscond at one point to lie in the sun and work on my vitamin D deficiency rather than dig, the huge effort was done and we retreated to the fire and music to replenish. It felt good to have really got down and gritty along with enough other people there for the same reason - to do something tangible and collective to the planet. When I spoke to a grandmother who had planted over 14 constellations of trees that day I criticized our team's seemingly poor effort of only getting through two. 

That night Leewin fell asleep by the fire on my sheep skin and we danced the stiffness into the forest's soft floors. It felt safe being there alone with him and was the first time I have done it in a way where I have been able to let go and have him with me. I didn't have to leave him behind with mum or someone I had paid and go somewhere without him. 

In my dreams I was reminded of one of my favorites from the Four Agreements about doing the best you can and knowing that it is always different at different times. Mother asks of little or nothing from us other than our presence and ability to be who we are in our truth. I felt more conscious of what I could give and the different ways of giving back to her in new areas of my life, having come so deeply close to her wisdom and into a very real hands on action-connection with her. I remembered two days before this being in bed feeling like I was too ill to ever get up and wanting to sell my tickets. I glanced over at my exhausted sleeping four year old in the bed next to me who had now planted his first few trees in this old wise forest, and knew we had done more than enough. More than some ever do. Far less than some others have done and will do. A tiny start. 

I thought of constellation I had been part of planting that represented my Movement Medicine apprenticeship circle to me. Different species and journeys, yet connected by the actual nuts and bolts of our bodily experience - roots, trunks, branches. Committed to making this planet work better again and to better serving it and giving back. Planted close enough together to be of mutualisitc support, shelter and protection. Part of a much bigger collective of circles and other ecosystems all around. Adding to the diversity, mix and color of our extraordinary universe. I jotted down ideas of other ways to support this fabulous group of people called Greenpop, doing so much good for our earth in some bigsmall steps and making it their problem and job, whilst the rest of the world is still cutting down forests and churning through more elaborate packaging designs. 

I got home and took my own mother a beautiful bunch of fresh organic herbs for mothers day and held her in my arms in thanks. My son did a painting for me of the forest. It all made sense. I told Hevette its the sort of world I want him to live in into the future. She agreed, but felt that she might rather just give money the next time around and not be the one actually doing the planting. 

I thought of the Luke tree I had planted as a symbol of a new love and partnership - hoping to be able to visit it again in the future and sit under its shade one day with him and my son - all four of us older, strong, healthy. I vowed to go back next festival planting-ready and prepared to go for gold. If I can. Or at least to do my best I can then, whatever it is. 

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We are having a grand sale! Its of the well loved Be-Attitude CDs 'Party for God' 'Wild Prayer" and "Still Waves" which Susannah created in our 5 Rhythms era. They are beautiful and bring a deep, fine quality to 5 Rhythms practice. So we are ready to let them go to where they will be useful! If you dance 5 Rhythms, we are sure you will love dancing to them, and the different textures and emotional qualities they bring to each rhythm. They are reduced to £7.50 each or £15 for 3. Enjoy!

You can now buy albums as well as singles of MP3s to download of the beautiful music  from The Musical Mosaic. And on tuesday there will be a beautiful new guitar track from David Rose.  

3 things to share with you.... We are having a grand sale! Its of the well loved Be-Attitude CDs 'Party for God' 'Wild Prayer" and "Still Waves" which Susannah created in our 5 Rhythms era. They are beautiful and bring a deep, fine quality to 5 Rhythms practice. So we are ready to let them go to where they will be useful! If you dance 5 Rhythms, we are sure you will love dancing to them, and the different textures and emotional qualities they bring to each rhythm. They are reduced to £7.50 each or £15 for 3. Enjoy! 

You can now buy albums as well as singles of MP3s to download of the beautiful music  from The Musical Mosaic. And on tuesday there will be a beautiful new guitar track from David Rose. 

And about the book in German, also in stock:

"I love your MM book translated in German - very well done. For me it goes much deeper to read it a second time in my mother language. There are so much good informations and tools I have to do/dance by myself. ..... and I have to read it a third time because it is not only a workbook - it is full of life. Thank you for your great work and for sharing it. Hugs and love " Manuela Beck   00 44 (0) 1803 731003

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