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Issue: July 2012 Newsletter
The Grace of Timing

By Susannah

Last week I had at least 5 conversations about the ‘grace of timing’ and how easily many of us go into doubt when things don’t happen in the timescale we think they should!

This was sparked because I have finally learnt to use Logic. I don’t mean logic, as in “reason” (you may or may not think I have any of that!) I mean Logic the software music recording and mixing program. We’ve had it for 2 years, and I’ve been so scared of it. All the leads and mikes, and different places to connect everything, and, then finding the button to turn on that computer, and once you’ve turned it on, and found Logic, all the different ways to do the same thing… ahhhh!!!  You may (accurately!) diagnose a bit of techno phobia, just a bit!

Now I’ve had a few lessons with an expert (a contemporary of our son’s) I can navigate the basics and I’ve started recording our next album; ‘Medicine Songs.’ Yeah!! And, to be honest, it’s really not difficult. As our son says; “everything is easy once you know how!” So, I was giving myself a bit of a hard time about having had so much fear about it, and having been so slow to get over it. Ya’Acov said to me: “maybe you just weren’t ready” and when I reflected about this, I think he was right. I wasn’t ready because I didn’t need to be. I didn’t have a clear project I wanted to record. The songs which have been blossoming into the Movement Medicine space had not yet come through. I didn’t need to get over my fear, so I didn’t! And I’ve realised that all those years of sitting next to Volker or some other sound engineer have taught me so much about what is needed, and how to do it. All I needed was the finger-mouse instruction! I feel a bit like one of those Japanese sushi chefs who aren’t allowed to touch the sushi for 7 years (is that right?) and just have to watch the master sushi maker, but once they are let onto the rice, find their fingers already know what to do. So thank you to all my music recording masters! Volker Kaczinski, Soli Marshall, David Pearson. THANK YOU!

That made me reflect about the songs themselves, and how so many of them have come as I’ve realised the space that is there for them. It goes like this: I realise I want to sing a song about X, I realise I do not know a song about X, and that there is certainly a space for a song about X and that I would certainly love to have a song about X to sing! I sense this all makes a kind of  “landing pad” for the song. Then I make a request. You could say that is a request of spirit. You could say that is an instruction to my own sub-conscious. And the song shows up. In its own sweet time. Often in the middle of the night, or walking in the woods, or getting out of the car, or making my favourite “right on” cake (see recipes!).

A friend of mine who runs singing workshops remembers me, 14 years ago, in a workshop she ran in Totnes, singing for the dance studio I dreamt of, a home for our work. We’ve been through lots of eras with that prayer; we’ve looked at all sorts of ways of doing it. And now its here. Richard and Louise (the custodian’s of Rill) so love the vibe of Movement Medicine that they asked us what they could do so that we would bring more of our work to Rill. Through Roland’s good work negotiating out a win-win deal with them, the studio is now built, and it’s beautiful! Octagonal, with the vibe of a big Bedouin tent, with huge windows overlooking the hills. Wow!

Next weekend we meet with apprentices from Apprenticeship 1 and from Apprenticeship 2 for the Community Gathering at the Rill Centre. And it’s quite a moment for us.

So dreams can come, and they may take intention, prayer, desire, time and work, and letting go, and action, and surrender, and following the thread of the life as it evolves.

So my prayers, intention and desire are clearly set for a planet on which all beings have the opportunity to thrive, on which we humans have learnt to live with respect for each other, and for the plants and animals, and waters and winds and the earth herself.

I feel so many currents at play in these turning times, turbulent, troubled, and transformative as they are. I am keeping my compass as true as I can, and surrendering to the bigger picture which I do not pretend to understand, though I do feel, more and more, that there is an intelligence at work, of which I am part, and which is so much bigger than I can conceive, and that the ruling precept of that intelligence is simply, almost unutterably total- love.

I thank Chloe Goodchild for her phrase, “the Grace of Timing” which she gave me many years ago when Ya’Acov and I were going through a protracted dark night of the relationship soul, and I thank all the brothers and sisters with whom I am privileged to share moments big and small,

In love,






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