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Issue: July 2012 Newsletter
After The Vision Quest

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By Jérôme Jadot

Why so much fears? Why so much complaints?
Life is so generous.

After a last night (before other ones ?) in a B & B, time to leave Totnes, Devon, and finally England …
Vision Quest is behind me and … in front of me.
Integration in my day-to-day life, creating, daring, living !
Fears again … Will I be able to handle all of that ? How ? When ? … STOOOP !

Just go to Totnes’ Station, take your train, and enjoy !
Yes … but … maybe … I will be too late ? And miss my train ?
Oh, if you need, leave the B & B now and be sure to get your train.

Yes … three minutes to the station … and I sit down to wait.

An old woman is just near me. And she begins to speak me … Hum hum, in English, of course, and I need two seconds to remember that my English is now enough fluent to have a discussion with English speaking people. And therefore … we are chatting.

First, about the weather (of course !) … it seems that if we had a quite windy and rainy time in
Dartmoor (and more generally in Devon), it is because of the Jetstream. It is lower than before, and doesn’t block the “bad weather” as usual …
“My husband prefers to go in Portugal. He loves sun. I prefer to stay at home … we have a lovely view of the sea!”

After that … I don’t exactly remember how she comes to speak about that but …
“You know … before, I complained when my washing machine (!) didn’t work … now, if it works, it works, if it doesn’t … it doesn’t ! It doesn’t matter …”
I add … “It is what it is !” (© Ferdie – Thank you)
We laugh together … !

I tell her my experience in the Dartmoor … I mean, a little summary of my experience.
My experience about the cold and the hunger. My experience about “privation”.
She speaks about the wartime (she didn’t know it but our ancestors …).
“Sometimes days and days without shelter … very uncomfortable circumstances.”
And she also talks about her children.
“They spent so much money. And before they earn it ! You know … it is more comfortable if you have money behind you.”
Mmmhh … It sounds like a good reflection for me. Gratitude !
She tries to explain her point of view to her children but it seems not really effective.
I dare to tell her … “Probably, they do the best they can …”

Ooooh … our train is coming (we have the same train … she goes in Reading to see her sister while her husband is in Portugal) … She insists to show me my seat and be sure that I’m comfortable … We leave each other … Thank you, Dear Lady … Have a nice journey !
Just before Reading she will come again to say me goodbye … “Nice to meet you” ... “For me too … thank you !”

My whole life is a Vision Quest.

Waiting for a train. Chatting with an unknown woman. Listening to my heart.

In everything and all things and beings, I can see sign and support that I’m alive and following my
true path.
Don’t forget, Jérôme, you are NOT ALONE !
Life is a perpetual and renewable gift !
We have to take care.

Written …
… between Totnes and Tiverton Parkway, with trees, sea, birds and fields.
… without Google translation ;o).
… with all my acknowledgment for your beauty and your courage, my dear companions of Quest.

Thank you !

Jérôme Jadot
17th June 2012

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