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Issue: July 2012 Newsletter
Lucid Dreaming

By Charlie Morley

I first met Yaacov in a dream. I didnít know that I was dreaming as I dreamt it, so it wasnít a lucid dream, but it was clear and I saw him clearly. I had that dream the night before the first workshop that I ran for Yaacov and Susannah and I presumed that it was just a mild anxiety dream based on the fact that we had never met and yet were about to spend the night sleeping together, platonically of course!

The next day as the car pulled up outside the Totnes Tesco’s I felt a strange dreamlike quality wash over me as the short, shaven headed, ginger goateed  man from my dream opened the passenger door and said “Charlie! Jump in, I’m Yaacov!” I didn’t reply, I couldn’t reply, I just smiled and piled my bags into the boot of the car while feverishly “reality checking”, just in case I was still dreaming.

But I wasn’t dreaming, I was wide awake, riding shotgun next to a man who I had met 14 hours ago in my dreams.  Maybe I had seen a picture of Yaacov before? I must have Goggled him before I accepted the workshop surely? Nope. The internet at the Buddhist centre where I live had been down for weeks and so I had been reserving my time in the internet café for only the most urgent of Google searches. To my knowledge I had never seen Yaacov before I saw him in my dream.

Dreams like that one have become more and more prevalent in my life because the deeper I go into dream-work the deeper my connection with the shared dream of our human experience becomes. It’s that deeper connection that I hope to offer through my teachings on the Poetry of Presence retreat.

I specialise in lucid dreaming:  a mind training method which allows you to recognise when you are dreaming and interact with the dream at will. This practice allows you to be conscious within your unconscious; to move your intent through your deeper unseen presence. Lucid dreaming is not about controlling your dreams; it’s about becoming the choreographer of your dreams. It’s about working with the music of the unconscious mind and moving in oneness to a greater understanding of yourself and others. It’s a practice that spontaneously manifests kindness because as you learn how your own mind projects illusion, you can better empathise with the minds of others. As quantum physicist Prof Amit Goswami says “lucid dreaming is a creative sleep state in which we can get to a point where it’s like we are writing poetry with our dreams.”

What excites me about this workshop is the opportunity to combine the exploration of dream with the exploration of movement. Dreams are the movement of mind, the dance of the unconscious which occurs when the conscious mind has gone to sleep. With lucid dreaming however, the conscious mind is allowed knowledge of this dance and gets to move with the unconscious, to feel the dreaming mind through the contact of that movement.

Charlie Morley


Ya’Acov and Charlie Morley will be teaching the Poetry of Presence workshop 19th – 23 October at Orval in Belgium which will focus on bringing out dance and dreaming awareness to all areas of our lives.

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