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Why Not?
By Roland

“Why don’t you write about that for the newsletter!” exclaimed Ya’Acov. I must confess to having a problem with questions posed by Ya’Acov which have a negative in them. Although the biggest humdinger of a Ya’Acov question and the one which can cause the biggest headache is the shortest version of this and is the simple “Why not?!!” more>
The Grace of Timing
By Susannah

Last week I had at least 5 conversations about the ‘grace of timing’ and how easily many of us go into doubt when things don’t happen in the timescale we think they should! more>
Chasing Monks & Dancing Trees
By Ya'Acov

As we were running through the Dartington Hall gardens, chasing a group of fast walking Tibetan monks, I had to stop for a moment just to laugh at the surreal nature of life sometimes. more>
Lucid Dreaming
By Charlie Morley

I first met Yaacov in a dream. I didn’t know that I was dreaming as I dreamt it, so it wasn’t a lucid dream, but it was clear and I saw him clearly. I had that dream the night before the first workshop that I ran for Yaacov and Susannah and I presumed that it was just a mild anxiety dream based on the fact that we had never met and yet were about to spend the night sleeping together, platonically of course! more>
After The Vision Quest
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Jérôme Jadot

Why so much fears? Why so much complaints?
Life is so generous.

After a last night (before other ones ?) in a B & B, time to leave Totnes, Devon, and finally England …
Vision Quest is behind me and … in front of me.
Integration in my day-to-day life, creating, daring, living !
Fears again … Will I be able to handle all of that ? How ? When ? … STOOOP ! more>
Re-Forestation Reflections
By Jayne Bullen

On my return from the first module of the apprenticeship I was called so strongly to reconnect to mother that I have spent some weeks, literally, lying on her and being with her in the most horizontal way I have ever known. Re-finding my roots and re-moulding the relationship I have to her depth and wisdom on a body level. Feeling deeply connected to earth and the land here at home and the wisdom buried in my African soils, as well as my own story with them. Giving thanks. more>
Shop News
We are having a grand sale! Its of the well loved Be-Attitude CDs 'Party for God' 'Wild Prayer" and "Still Waves" which Susannah created in our 5 Rhythms era. They are beautiful and bring a deep, fine quality to 5 Rhythms practice. So we are ready to let them go to where they will be useful! If you dance 5 Rhythms, we are sure you will love dancing to them, and the different textures and emotional qualities they bring to each rhythm. They are reduced to £7.50 each or £15 for 3. Enjoy!

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