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Issue: June 2012
The Medicine that Moves

This month's winner of 100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher By Gianni Demozzi

The hours passed without being noticed, the music sometimes relaxed and some other time fast, was always the gentle friend holding me by hand, guiding me through colours, imaginary lights and opening my heart. Yes, that is the point, I thought when my heart was taking the place of the mind, I was in fact making this one step ahead to my intention and cleansing my deeper senses.

I joined last month in Warsaw the workshop "The Way of the Dancing Warrior" as a nouveaux, not having previously attended any Ya’Acov workshop or any other gatherings of the so called medicine movement.  I was rather going there asking myself ‘’is it some kind of a new organization moving medicines or some new medicine that moves ?’’

In my curious approach with the mind full of questions and answers I entered the door leading to the room appointed for the workshop, expecting to find a place as usually ready to comfortably receive the participants: a screen or a flip-chart where probably a bunch of diagrams or quotes would be exposed properly for the public and the unmissable classical chair where the guru would be sitting and talking throughout the whole weekend eventually sipping some water every now and then to get some applause or a ‘yeah-wow’ appreciation.

Yes, I sound skeptical maybe due to some previous experiences.

By to my surprise, I found  almost 100 people dancing, stretching gently or simply and softly waving their bodies at the sound of a chillout-lounge music which was coming from the end of the hall where instead of the guru stand there was something that more reminded me the David Guetta console.

Now this could look already something strange itself but considering that I was arriving earlier on the scheduled time of the workshop (You know, this way You normally choose the best place :- )) I naturally asked myself: and what now? Well, as all are doing 'this' I might as well do it and then, I thought, for sure at some point will start the long sermon of the guru to bring back all things in order.

Of course, at first I looked around trying to see how people move, in a way like we used to do when we go to the dancing clubs. But something look really different; it was fascinating to see people dancing in sport pants and whatever-you-have-home-stuff in which You can fit while moving, sweating, laying or sweeping your body on the floor.

It didn’t take me long to understand that the music here regenerates in completely new vibrations perhaps because it waves differently on people who, instead of finding the exclusive dress or the multiple layers of make-up, it simply find open souls without masks, without shields, nothing to re-bounce on but rather to go through.

I soon forgot about looking at others and gave myself to observe feelings at first with the help of my eyes closed but then learning that even with eyes open you see a world of images. I can not hide that often my mind was escaping to some planning for things to do next week, next month or next year, but when I was coming back to myself I was anyway moving one step forward to something which I would understand later.

Well, considering that all this happened before the workshop started I thought that I might be going in something really surprising. At a certain point Ya’Acov took the place sitting on the floor and we all gathered around him and that, I understood, would be the real beginning of the workshop.

That was the moment when the me-judging–all part came back saying “alright, here we go again, some thousand of words will wash my head, pity as I was starting to enjoy the dance”.          

Well, when he started, it didn’t take me long to catch right out that he is not a guru throwing to me words of wisdom for his pleasure or revealing higher secrets that comes from some remote ancient civilisation; he is simply one of us and like us feels and breaths, add to this music and here You get an organic ‘‘viva-la-vita-cocktail’’.

Yeah, I thought, this guy is cool, and when he disappeared again behind his multifunctional music console I found myself back dancing and reflecting on the way he introduced the workshop, a mix of love and 'You-better-wake-up before it’s too late'.

The message was simple, give yourself an intention for the result of the workshop and meantime forgive yourself. Now, in some other workshops I had teachers talking for hours and at the end often I would forget why I was there, sometimes go back home full of guiltiness feeling. Here I got the information from the very start and I still had the whole weekend to work on it.

I don’t know if I remember what the whole workshop was meant to be, maybe to go deeper into the two aspects of warrior and victim, maybe to meet the good and the bad, connect to mother earth and father sky or maybe many other things together, might not be so important, as I felt meeting especially with the dancer in me which I didn’t even suppose was there.

Ya’Acov is somebody between a poet-dj, a modern motley fool and an urban shaman; he takes You for a journey where everything is possible. His ceremony is a non-ending trip into stories, representations, an art that is coming out naturally from each soul and expressing  through the dance of each participant; an interminable whole night marathon of love until You surrender into the arms of the sunrise.

I was walking out of the same door which I entered at the beginning of the workshop as You walk into a new day of your life, still having many things to solve and think about but knowing that life, after all, is a big dancing space where all the characters are inside yourself.

Just one more reflection which came to me whilst I was dancing: In polish language “impreza” means a party or an event, in Italian (my mother tongue) “impresa” means “firm” (in polish language “firma”) - yes , I never thought about that, our job in reality should be a joyful event and our daily decisions a dancing step.

Today, after some days has passed after the workshop, I see in my mind slides rather than a film; this experience is made of infinite moments that I cannot put together, they are too rich individually to be joined in a whole, it’s as when You look at a goal, something far to reach that creates fear but then reduced into steps becomes affordable.

In the end, I think that a quote which comes to my mind in this moment can express properly my feeling “we all are sons of our God and our art is the nephew of the universe’’.

With gratitude,

Gianni Demozzi

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