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Vision and Integrity
By Roland

“Its ‘Three Dogs’ on the phone – are you available to talk to her?” calls ‘Scarlet Fever’ from outside my bedroom door. Its 11.30 Monday morning and I’m in bed, completely under the duvet feeling sorry for myself as I have an eye infection.

“Listen to this ‘Administrator’,” hisses ‘Three Dogs’ in her speciality evil voice, “I’ve pulled two Angel cards this morning.”

“Angel Cards!” I exclaimed, “Surely this is a little too much in the light for you ‘Three Dogs’? What cards were they?”

“Vision and Integrity – so I think I am going to come on the Vision Quest.”

“Ah! Vision!” I sigh, “I could do with some of that right now. I can only see out of one eye.” more>
The Dancing Warrior & The Summer Long Dance
By Ya'Acov

Calling all Dancing Warriors. It’s Summer Long Dance time again. And what better place to shiver your timbers and dance your prayers and dream your dreams for this great adventure called life on earth. This year, more than most, I seem to be spending quite a lot of my time teaching the Dancing Warrior map in weekends and intensives as I travel my way through a busy calendar. And each time I work with it, I understand more why it is so central to Movement Medicine practice. more>
My Journey in Israel
By Susannah

I feel both touched and sad. I feel happy and at peace with the wonderful wolay (work and play) of the ‘Poetry of Presence’ this last weekend in Israel. At the same time I feel the pain of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse and the pain of the suffering and despair on both sides. As far as I have understood both Palestinians and Israelis experience themselves as vulnerable victims and the “other” as a fearful monster ready to strike. And of course there is at least some truth in that, from both sides. And round and round we go. more>
Are you Ready For Initiation?
By Susannah and Ya'Acov

The circle for this year’s Initiation Odyssey is taking shape and we wanted to invite you to join us if it’s your year. If you are thinking about applying for our next Apprenticeship Programme beginning in August 2014, it’s time to sit down and look at the minimum prerequisites and make your plan for making the most of the journey. more>
The Medicine that Moves
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher By Gianni Demozzi

The hours passed without being noticed, the music sometimes relaxed and some other time fast, was always the gentle friend holding me by hand, guiding me through colours, imaginary lights and opening my heart. Yes, that is the point, I thought when my heart was taking the place of the mind, I was in fact making this one step ahead to my intention and cleansing my deeper senses. more>
So what has Movement Medicine got to do with peace making?
By Susannah

When I was in Tul Karem last year, a big hearted, curious and open Palestinian guy who is a social worker and a policeman asked me this, and the answers have been developing ever since. Since my last visit to Israel, there’s been another ‘down load’. Here it is! more>
A Big Thank You!
We’d like to pass on Peter and Anuradha’s thanks to the Movement Medicine dancers who have been buying music from the Musical Mosaic from the . And we’d also like to give you the latest very exciting report about the Mosaic, so you know a bit more about what it is you are supporting! more>
Confessions of a hemp drinker
By Susannah

Recipes for people and planet.

I’m often asked for the recipes I’ve gathered over the years for delicious healthy food that is good for your health, vitality and well being, and the planet’s too. So here are some of Ya’Acov’s and my favourite recipe and lifestyle choices for the well being of the “earth of our bodies and the body of the earth.” Some of them may seem weird, but they work! more>
Movement Medicine Shop
You can now buy MP3 albums from the Musical Mosaic (as well as singles) with music from Jamie Catto (of Faithless), Morgan Doctor, (the last track from the last webinar is on Musical Mosaic Album 2) Matthew Barley, Volker Kaczinski and many more! More wonderful and unusual tracks coming soon. Enjoy! Also we are getting great feedback from people about the CD Deep Flight and about the German edition of Movement Medicine. more>
Earth Fire Water Air
By Andrew Marstrand


Earth's body against my body
Sees through my body
The Earth takes me
With its earth
Its trees
Its sunlight
This is the true coming
All the others foreshadowed
And at night
In the Earth's shadow
I breathe in all that ever happened
I breathe in the story of myself
I breathe in all the old stories
I breathe out
Never ending
Like the rotation of the Earth
Yes that ends says the astronomer
No says the frog in the pond
As he leaps into nothing more>
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