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The Red Fridge
By Roland

I have recently taken down from my book shelves a copy of a much treasured copy of a book written in 1986 called ‘Spilling the Beans – A Style Guide to the New Age’ by Martin Scott. more>
Coming Back Together
By Susannah

What an amazing time to be alive. After 400 years of separation, its time to re-connect the parts! I realise the meaning of that sentence may not be self-evident, so I’ll explain! more>
The Body
By Ya'Acov

I know it sounds obvious, and I know I've been teaching this stuff for the past quarter of a century and I really ought to know by now. But after a particularly splendid evening spent playing music with Susannah and some of the other members of Tripitaka (the band we did the Shamantics night with), my dreams were full of the simplest of instructions: “Ya’Acov,” the teacher in my dream said to me, “it's all about the body.” Yes, I know, it’s an amazing revelation! Perhaps I should go into a little more detail. more>
The Great Mother
By Ann Cleary

Once upon a time in the farthest galaxy the Great Mother sat surrounded by her dreams and creations. Stars and suns hovered in the background and the stuff of future beings and planets lay scattered at her feet. more>
By Susannah
Dear dancer, I’m writing to alert you to an extra-ordinary Movement Medicine event about to happen in Copenhagen- 18-20 May at the beautiful Gotvedskolen studio. The event is called “Dancing with the Heart of the World” and is our integration of the Pachamama “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium with Movement Medicine. more>
Shop News
Thanks to all of you who have been downloading the great music from the Musical Mosaic. There are now more new songs up, including clips; some great choral wonders from Helen Yeomans and her Glorious Chorus. Thank you Helen! Christian de Sousa says about Musical Mosaic: "Loving the music, it got me discovering Matthew and Volker's music, both of which been meaning to check out and are fantastic."
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