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Why I am afraid of girls

By Roland

I should be more specific. The particular girls I am referring to are invariably aged between 8 and 10 years old and they are usually in pairs. One of them hisses at me as if I am a pantomime villain and the other follows up with a loud ‘tut tut’ of disapproval.

What does YOUR creativity have to do with the future of our species?
By Susannah

Everything! The creative impulse inherent in the universe is developed in our species to a powerful degree. It’s free expression and development was squashed in many of us by the kind of education which was designed to create participants of the industrial age.
Spring time and the Call of the Land
By Ya'Acov

“It’s so strong to be in nature and to feel part of it. Everything seems clearer from here away from the distractions of the modern world. My place in the landscape feels the same as that of a tree, the rocks, the birds hunting overhead, the wild horses and the river. Here, I don’t have to be anyone. I can truly just BE myself.”

From Vision Quest notes.

A Shamantic Experience
by Jens (The wonder whose genius makes the webinars happen)

It is Saturday night. Dancing together with 10 others. The music is the recording from the Shamantics just the day before. Even though it is a recording we feel this strong energy. At the end drenched in sweat Ya'Acov said something like “a huge thank to Jens in Hamburg who worked his socks of...“Oh that is funny, your name is Jens too”. “No my dear I am Jens”. In this moment a 36 hour struggle came to an end. Time to look back.

A Dream of a 48 hours Long Dance
The Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance in Somerset with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan.

by Louis Brem

“I had a dream, I saw myself, in the midst of people dressed in white, in a marquee, in a field, somewhere in Somerset, dancing. - Then I woke up and found myself in a field somewhere in Somerset in a marquee dancing in the midst of people dressed in white.”
Der Traum eines 48 Stunden Langen Tanzes

Der Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance in Somerset von Ya’Acov und Susannah Darling Kahn

Louis Brem

„I had a dream, ich sah mich inmitten von weissgekleideten Menschen in einem Zelt auf einem Feld irgendwo in Somerset tanzen - dann bin ich aufgewacht und habe mich hier, in einem Zelt auf einem Feld irgendwo in Somerset inmitten weissgekleideter Menschen, tanzend, wiedergefunden“

Movement Medicine Buch
Susannah und Ya'Acovs Movement Medicine Buch ist jetzt in deutscher Übersetzung im Buchhandel oder von erhältlich. Wir finden, die deutsche Übersetzung ist sehr gut gelungen. more>
"I refuse to be a victim"

By Megumi Miyata

March 2012

I was again in beautiful Devon at the end of winter with other beautiful soul seekers for the Phoenix Retreat.

I had an intention for "closing a cycle" of 12 years. 12 years ago I had fallen down from the cliff just before a sweat lodge had started. It happened in the middle of total darkness in the valley of Himalaya in India. There was a rainbow gathering, which is a gathering from all the ages from all the nationalities forcamping in nature sharing knowledge and friendship.

What has spirituality got to do with politics?
By Susannah

I would say that most spirituality comes to the same point in essence; “we are one”; we come from the same source, the same spirit moves through us and in us. What we do to each other we do to ourselves. So if we are all linked with everything, part of the same family, then how we organise ourselves, the big movements of law, economy and moral priorities which politics are part of, and which come to effect each one of us, becomes a concern of us all. Democracy can end when you put your paper in the ballot box, or it can be an attitude of global citizenship which effects how you think about the world, how you feel and what you do. If you know that what you do is part of the great inter-connected system of life on earth, what you do, or don’t do, what you buy, or don’t buy, where you bank your money, all have meaning and significance, along with the subtler levels of prayer, meditation and direct personal contact with others.
“Nature doesn’t know rubbish”
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Karin

I read that on a truck, after one week S.E.E.R. process in March ‘12. And I thought, this claim fits wonderful together with the process. Past “stories” aren’t rubbish that has to be depolluted, they also can be dung. Every strategy I found to “survive” about what happened in my life, I can take now acting with it.
What have the Achuar got to do with Movement Medicine?
By Susannah

This article goes on an elliptical journey which includes a little review of DK history, but does answer the question not too far down the page! Please be patient and read on!

The guiding aim of Ya’Acov’s and my life since we met in 1986, has been to find or create a creative, holistic modality through which people can heal their relationship with themselves, each other, the earth and the spirit.

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Letter from Sarah Wearden

Dear Friends,

I had the great honour of hearing Polly Higgins speak last night. Some of you I imagine will be aware of her. I wasn't and it was just by chance that I ended up at her talk, in a very small gathering in Oxford. I came away incredibly moved, inspired and relieved and feeling she is one of the most important people living on the planet in playing her part in helping making a change. She is bringing through something very important.

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