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Issue: December 2011
Congratulations!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!

By Ya'Acov

We are delighted to tell you that we have completed our first teacher training and more importantly, that now, where once there were stood three pathfinders, there now stand three fully qualified and fully-fledged Movement Medicine Teachers. A huge and hearty congratulations to Caroline Carey, Mark Boylan and Christian de Sousa, who all passed through their assessment panel and initiation this past week. We want to thank them for all their hard work as pathfinders for this path and to welcome them as colleagues. For information about their work, please check out this link:

The ceremony was a beautiful and strong event, supported by the Staff and Elders of the School, David Rose, Sue Kuhn and Jo Hardy, and the whole community of Apprentice Teachers and Facilitators. As well as there now being three fully qualified teachers new on the block, there are also a further 39 Apprentice Teachers and Facilitators out there with full permission and support to share their own particular ways and fascinations with the Movement Medicine teachings. We fully recommend them to you and we are so happy that the network of people offering this work is growing into a healthy, strong and diverse field.

We want to thank David, Jo and Sue for their fantastic support over many years and over this teacher training as Staff and Elders. We also want to thank Roland who has held this dream steadily for many years and worked so hard to bring it about.

Once again, congratulations to one and all!!!

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