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Issue: December 2011

We have lots more music available as MP3s, and this will be increasing week by week, including the new "Musical Mosaic" MP3s which is going to grow into a wonderful collection of unusual music, with lots of wonderful new tracks from great musicians some of which are not available elsewhere, so keep checking in!

Thanks to all the musicians who contributed their tracks to the musical mosaic collection.  All the proceeds from the sale of these tracks go the Mosaic Earth fund.

Also, of course, we have lots of great CDs and lots of clips so you can hear the music before you decide what you want to buy, and our book! If you have not read it yet, it is a great resource for your Movement Medicine practice. As we get more and more feedback, we can confidently say, it was not only good to write, it is good to read! The book is also available in French and next year, it will come out in German. There are also easy ways to make a donation to Mosaic Earth, (go to Donations). Happy shopping, and if you need any help or have any queries or feedback please do feel free to call Frazer on 0044 1803 731003 or write to him at

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