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Issue: December 2011
Terspsicore Muse

By Roland

Every few weeks I take a phone-call from a mother insisting that we start teaching her 8 year old daughter ballet. I am usually half-way through an explanation about what we actually do when the mother will interrupt with something like “I’ll bring Sophie over Thursday afternoon after school. Can I have the directions please.”

Then there are the phone-calls from medical equipment salesmen. “Surely you need a few stethoscopes?”

So, as you can see, I am used to receiving slightly odd phone-calls. However, I was unprepared for the phone-call that I received a few weeks ago.

“I need to speak to the Dancer,”  demanded the woman in a tone of voice that she might have used as if she wished to speak to the Manager. She spoke with a foreign accent that I couldn’t place.

“To who?” I asked.

“The Dancer. The man or woman who dances. Is that you? Are you the Dancer?”

I explained that although I liked to dance I did not really consider myself a dancer. I was more of an administrator or organiser.

“The real dancers are not in the office.” I said.

“So I waste my time,” she said. “When can I speak to these real dancers?”

“You can’t speak to them on this phone-line. I can take a message or maybe if you go to one of their workshops you can speak to them in person."

“OK I leave message. Tell them: ‘God respects you when you work, but he loves you when you dance.’”

“And who shall I say called?”

“My name is Terpsicore Muse.”

After that she started phoning every few days to leave a message about dance for the ‘real Dancer’. As far as I could tell most of these messages were quotes from famous people. For example one time the message she left was ‘Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost!’ It didn’t take me long to find out that this was the title of the film about the work of the dancer Pina Baush. Incidentally on the strength of this we rented the film and found it highly inspirational.  Other quotes were Sufi sayings, some from famous poets, several were from Martha Graham, and there were also the occasional quotes from the world of rock and roll.

Increasingly she became irritated with me. “Have you done your dancing practice today Roland? No? Then do it now. Do you have a body? Yes? Then use it. Find some good music. Go on – dance!”

Each time she phoned I was left with the impression that somehow I that I was failing her, so in the end I asked her what she really wanted.

“I need to speak to people who will listen to me and who care about what I have to tell them. How is that possible? Tell me.”

I tried hard to persuade Terpsicore that really she was best advised to go to one of our workshops, but she insisted that was very difficult for her. However, she did sign up for the webinar series when I told that there was going to be a section at the end of the webinar when people would be put in small groups and given a topic to talk about. She has also recently joined the Movement Medicine Facebook Group and since she has stopped phoning me completely. Of course, like you, I was a bit suspicious about Terpsicore’s name and looked it up on the internet. Terpsicore is the name of the Muse of Dance.

The next webinar will take place on Tuesday 13th of December at 7.30 UK time. This time the webinar will be led by both Susannah and Ya’Acov. After receiving feedback such as “I danced for the first time the Medicine dance and it was just fantastic. Feeling was great, energy came through, I felt it very strong and sacred. I moved around my room, I found my dance and felt great to be connected with people around the world in such an unusual way.” from Leja Benedicic, Slovenia. We have decided to make the Webinars an ongoing series. So you can now sign up at any time for a series of 10 webinars for £35. If you miss one it is also possible to watch it later. We have also added a telephone support group element led by Susannah and Ya'Acov, so it will be possible for participants to talk with each other at the end of the webinar. Please go to: if you would like to sign up. Also if you want to see some comments from other participants please go to:

It did occur to me that a subscription to the webinar series might make a splendid Christmas present.

We are very indebted to Jens for his technical help with the webinars.  In fact I think without his services we would probably have given up on them.  His is brilliant at coming up with solutions to the kind of problems which are thrown up by such a project.

So if you are need similar help we highly recommend him.  He can be contacted at info@Liedtke.IT and his webpage is at http://www.Liedtke.IT

On Friday 16th of Dec.  Susannah and Ya'Acov will be teaching a Move! evening in London 7 -10 pm  at St Peters Church,310 Kennington Lane,  Vauxhall.  St Peter's Church is 5mins walk from Vauxhall station (Victoria line tube / buses / overland rail) and 10-12mins walk from Oval station (Northern line tube) Cost per person:  £15 or £10 discount if you bring a friend who has not danced with us before. Wear warm layered clothes and bring water to drink!

The Returning Home workshop 17th – 21nd December is now full and we have started a waiting list. If you would like to join the waiting list please contact me on

In January Susannah and Ya’Acov will take a well-earned break and will be off travelling. 

10 Johannesburg, SA Ya'Acov Move!

11 -12 Johannesburg, SA Ya'Acov  The Circle and the Sword

19 Knysna, SA Susanna and Ya'Acov    Move!

21 Cape Town, SA Susannah Move!

20 - 26 Cape Town, SA Susannah and Ya'Acov Re-Creation

For further details and to book any of the South African workshops please contact Jayne +27 766963527

Susannah and Ya'Acov will also be doing work in townships with theatre groups.  They will not be charging for this work  and the associated costs of this work will be support by the Movement Medicine Sponsorship Fund.

If you would like to support the Fund by making a donation or offering fundraising support, please contact the trustees at, or go to Roland Wilkinson’s fundraiser page at

Jan 21st.  Premiere of The Angel in the Forest: at St James's Church, Piccadilly - a dramatic song cycle: music by Julian Marshall, text by Gertrud Kolmar.  See Julian's article elsewhere in this newsletter for more details.  All profits from this concert will go to the Barenboim-Said Foundation - the remarkable organisation that creates high level opportunities for young musicians from all the Arab countries and Israel, most notably in the form of the West-East Divan Orchestra.

By the way, if any of you should come across Terpsicore on the dance floor, please do let me know.

Sending you seaons greatings