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Issue: December 2011
Make Your Love Visible

By Susannah & Ya'Acov

We want to invite you to communicate your love for the earth, straight from the heart. What would you say if you could be face to face with the climate change politicians meeting at the Earth Summit in Rio next June?

There is now a digital channel for you to speak out directly from your heart and, if enough support is gathered, a good chance that together we can create something with real impact, a way for us as individuals to inspire and empower world leaders and climate change politicians to find the courage to make the decisions needed to protect life on earth. Here it is:

I want to introduce you to Anuradha Vittachi. She is the visionary founder of OneClimate and a wonderful writer (see her article in this newsletter, originally published in the Huffington Post) which links to our Totnes 11.11.11 flash mob event. She and her husband, Peter Armstrong, have done an extraordinary job in realising a vision in creating the Mosaic Earth - and now you can use it to upload your messages. (go to ‘Tell the World’)… Some of you already have, and if you browse the Mosaic, you will see some of your Movement Medicine colleagues with their messages.

The Mosaic Earth is a lot more than a petition. It’s a visual, creative, beautiful potent way to communicate, personally and as part of a global chorus. It can be a picture and a message, or a video. You are free to be the passionate, creative being you are, and make your love for Earth visible! If you look at the messages there you will see lots of great, clear communication. What I think we, as a Movement Medicine community, have to offer is a level of being unafraid of the heart. So please do take this opportunity to let your voice be heard! The way I see it is that it is, ultimately, a matter of heart, a matter of waking up to the voice of the heart, to the empathy to care for people and beings we have never met, now and in the future, and to let our care for our planet and for the amazing, beautiful web of life rock out there and touch and be touched. We do not have all the answers, we don’t have to, we simply have the possibility to discover the way, to make, as Martin Luther King said; “a way out of no way” with courage and love, together, one step at a time.

Here are two of mine:

from the simple:

Message: “One step at a time, we can do this together!” together with a photo of a foot walking on pebbles, to the longer:

We want to warmly invite you to be part of supporting Mosaic Earth reach its full potency and make a real difference at Rio and in the future. There are several ways you can add in your drop to make a true ocean:

1) Use it to upload your message!

2) Tell your friends and connections, spread the word!

3) Every time you buy a CD from us, we will contribute £1 to the fund to support Mosaic Earth

4) You can donate directly to the fund to support Mosaic Earth go to “Donate”, every bit makes a difference!

5) Buy a “Musical Mosaic MP3” from the shop, all the money from which will go to the Mosaic Earth fund. Some of our musician friends are donating a track of their amazing music for us to sell as an MP3. This group of “Musical Mosaic” MP3s is going to grow and grow, keep watch!


Love to all, and huge thanks and respect to Peter and Anuradha and their team at Check their work out!

And last but not least, the pioneering work of the Pachamama Alliance, which has so inspired us, is now available as a DVD. This is exceptionally intelligent stuff about the challenging times of such opportunity that we find ourselves in. We highly recommend it.

Thank you for your participation in the global chorus, on whatever level, many drops make an ocean! Wishing you all joy dancing, singing and loving life, marrying action, intention and appreciating the great gift of being alive.

Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan

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