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Issue: December 2011
JoE 2011

By Susannah and the Group

The Journey of Empowerment 2011 was quite a Journey! I think, feel, and see that we who participated have all been changed by this process. For me, the most stunning thing was to see what sharing a real, lived experience of love and unconditional acceptance does in people. Through seeing themselves and being seen in truth and love, we discover that there is less and less need to hide. What arose from this is quite extraordinary and magical to me. Each one blossomed in his or her own unique, creative way, and we saw it and we heard it and it was unmistakable.

What absolutely moves me about this, and it makes me simultaneously happy and sad, is this: if we, a quite ordinary collection of people, discover that once we melt through the habitual masks of fear and self protection, we discover such unique, beautiful, creative treasure in everyone, then this must be NORMAL. This must be what we are as human beings. Wonderful that this can be uncovered and released relatively easily. And tragic that we this is so unusual. It is one thing to know this intellectually. (“We are all amazing unique creative beings”). It is another thing to witness it being embodied, made manifest, over and over again. Thank you, you beautiful dancing companions.

"We had our amazing ending celebration of personal empowerment and we had our beautiful collective moment of “coming out”  together with many other people:

I asked the group to help me describe the experience, so here are their words. The next Journey of Empowerment  begins in May in Switzerland. Bravo and blessings to you all on your flight to freedom, my love and respect and thanks always, Susannah"

"Learning to see, feel, hear and accept yourself, a wonderful experience. Thank you!"

"JOE feels like powerful magic has been weaved to precipitate unimagined transformation…. And yet the work we have done is grounded in a series of clear simple tasks that are underpinned in solid theory. The ‘magic’ is created by the willingness of each person to be vulnerable and open and to commit to taking daily small steps that build significant change. It feels like being wrapped in a family where unconditional love and acceptance are the norm, and you can’t help but give in and start to love and accept yourself.

Being led, step by step, to places you did not know or expect, may not have chosen if asked, but afterwards are very glad to have gone."

"Being seen and allowing ourselves to be seen in our vulnerability which really is the source of our strength and our radiant selves. With each module we moved more into the heart of who we are: creative, loving, beautiful, connected beings"

JOE is a powerful expedition and rediscovery of yourself and your resources. I have integrated the following important points for me: Who am I without my mask? Where I am standing now in my life? What is my next baby- step to my life mission? Manuela.

"About coming home to myself, to the voice in me that wants to pulse through my body and sing out; to being with and fully part of the community and to love."

Is where your dreams of freedom become manifest. It is a journey of intimacy, challenge, courage, vulnerability and love. Everyone should do it!"

“To become free with your heart, to feel love in your body, to find the spirit in you in movement, full of joy and tenderness.” Siem Van den Berg

"The earth has made us, we are fired by the sun, the air helps us fly, and the waters make us one.

We built a field of love, safety, welcoming, acceptance, courageand responsibility, that enabled us all to let our spirits through and shine in our unique beautiful ways, and to see and welcome the beauty of each other. These gifts of learning to shine and to see the light within others we can take with us out into our lives beyond the group,enabling others we meet to be touched by that light, love and welcoming, so they too may find more freedom to be their unique selves and let their own light through,and together we play our parts in expanding the flow of beautiful, responsive human spiritwithin this world." Ailsa.

"An invitation to take a magical mystery journey to find your way home to your most embodied, creative, open hearted self. Thank you!

A sacred journey to the heart, grounded in the body and a revolution for the mind.

A chance to be born anew, embodying life affirming beliefs and really saying “yes!” to yourself.

A journey of uncovering the creative, strong, beautiful, pure spring in your being to let it flow out into your own life, into the community and really start to enjoy the flow with the feetsafely on the ground.

Much love with and gratefulness"  Katerina

"A mix of dance floor, play ground and stage, where you get an individual map for your growth and individual fertiliser.

Being together with a beautiful flock of rainbow birds.

A possibility to take care of myself in a deeper way saying “yes” with love to myself, and from this kind of connection with myself, to connect with others.

A beautiful mirror that shows the truth of the heart.

Finding the joy of your voice.

To came home into the body, to share the warmth of the heart, the fluidity of mind… and the soul blossoms.

Through dance, singing and incantations…laughter and tears, connections and silence… with the wise elder and the four elements, the warm support of the group, assistants and Susannah in a joyful atmosphere with own small everyday steps – it is possible to do a lot of things….even change old patterns."  Irena

The next Journey of Empowerment will begin in May 2012.  For an application form please contact Roland at

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