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Issue: December 2011
Fulfillment of a Dream

By David Mooney

I first landed on a dance floor with Susannah and Ya'Acov in February 2004 for the ongoing group Zero Zone. During the first dance the words 'this is home' came to me, this body, this heart, the dancefloor. My heart opened, my body relaxed and my spirit danced a homecoming after a very long journey. It has been with me ever since and I often send gratitude back to that moment of opening and landing.

It has been quite an adventure since then of dancing many dances, being challenged and inspired in all sorts of ways and meeting lots of extraordinary human beings with the courage to meet themselves, each other and really give it a go in the dance of life. So in many ways for me there has been a natural progression towards a deepening relationship with this work.

I'm very grateful that so far there have been real gem moments along the way and one of these came during our first meeting on the Apprenticeship training. We were working in a small group with Susannah and setting our intentions for the arc of the apprenticeship. Through the subtle and fine facilitations of Susannah, I came to a place in the dance of remembering my deep love for nature and trees. This love has been with me all my life and has always seemed to be with me, in my cells, in my bones, it seems it came in with me when I was born.It is a simple and deep love. As a child, I would spend many hours adventuring in the woods near where I grew up and felt more at home here than most other places I knew as a little one. It is still the woods that whisper home to me with more resonance than most other places. During that small group, with Susannah's guidance, I began to see and imagine the makings of a bridge between dance and the woods.That session was one of those gem moments in the weaving between dreaming and manifesting.

It has been a dream of mine for many years to be in circle with this kind of work in amongst and with these ancient woodland friends. During the arc of the Apprenticeship and on into the Teacher Training this little acorn of a dream has quietly sprouted and taken root.

For the past 6 years I have been incredibly blessed to offer classes in Dublin in movement meditation and ecstatic dance. Without getting ridiculously poetic I can't really find the words to explain to you how this has been for me to offer and share what I can of this rich work to groups over the past 6 years. Lets just say its one of the deepest joys of my life.

Over the last 10 weeks I have been holding the space and facilitating our first Movement Medicine ongoing group in Dublin. It has been a beautiful journey with many learnings and discoverings of the subtle richness of the Movement Medicine mandala. I felt and experienced its fine, strong, sensitive and deep support over the ten weeks.

The picture above is of the fire we danced around and into which we offered our prayers and gratitudes during our last session together on our Movement Medicine ongoing group in Dublin on Tuesday night. We had a beautiful night in the woods overlooking the ocean, with the stars winking above.Needless to say there were challenges as it was a first for many people to be working in this way in nature.With the Mandala holding us, in this fine group of people, we danced our prayers and introduced ourselves to the land and surrounding trees, who were looking on in delight, some even joined in....Later we sat around the fire, which has representations of each place on the mandala, and I shared the story of this movement medicine mandala on into the starry night. Dreams coming true...

I will be holding a new Movement Medicine ongoing group in Dublin from February 7th 2012, during which we will spend some time working in nature. I teach workshops in Ireland and will be offering Movement Medicine weekend workshops during 2012. I also teach weekly Embodiment classes in Dublin. If you would like to know more about my classes and workshops in Ireland or are interested in inviting me to your area to teach see:

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