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Issue: December 2011
Beginners Mind, Awakened Heart and Body

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By Miriam Platt

A small blue flyer came into my hand and its message resonated in my being; I saw it said “The Poetry of Presence “ …and somewhere on it Movement ….. and it kept on calling me. …My head had all kinds of reasons why not….but the call of it found me heeding it, following it, and it took me, with some excitement to an open evening one mild Friday evening , ….with no knowing of what I was coming to.

Surrounded by the dance, the gentle invitation of the music….whatever few words offered in invitation, direction, found the space inside of yielding into the movement , found inside the feeling, knowing, being, interplay of yin turning to yang again and again . Each energy distinct and particular, recognising the profound truth each its own distinct note yet moving with grace; a divine dance.

I wrote this to Ya’Acov

“That night I experienced the presence, in my being, of both yin and yang energies ina beautiful conversation in a way that was new , but once feltin my body, I can go there again. That's a huge gif especiallyto one who knows an excess of one, yin,and a dearth of the other! I trust I will continue to live from andinto it.”

There are few times in my years of journeying that I have touched the dancer inside and felt the connectedness of being .feeling the wholeness, the connectedness of that A most precious life gift.

I would share the essence of the last day of the weekend with the spontaneous flow of writing that was invited. Dance. Write, Observe or Meditate…. This is what flowed off my pen.

Poetry of Presence ‘Tree dance writing. November 2011 Cape Town.

I had this written at the top of my page. “How is the garden of my life right now “

Writing after dancing roots;

The earth shakes. I dig deep from my heart song ~ the drum song swaying, the journey into exploring, feeling the earth shift to receive my life searching journey. Soil black receptive, opening, roots dark thrusting marriage of moist darkness, power in penetrating, direction seeking~ the soul connection of my ground of being.

I live grounding the feeling force. I~ has meaning, purpose, direction, life, life giving, life making, power, part of all of the greater mystery of creative creation.

This song, elemental , this dance of life to live live live live in goodness and strength giving protection to growing things, ideas, meaning, living being … beating the drum, the consistent support of the Mother, the constant strength of the Father.

This is the time of the new story. I plant my will in small steady consistent patterns of doing, doing stillness, doing power, doing the spring cleaning of heart and mind and body to create the life giving story, now this, now this, ‘God hover over me ‘‘show me what I need to know’, know now and let all the doing spring from the sacred contract of this I AM, in wholeness, in union, in singularity, in connection, in even textured being of hope for future growing.


Writing after dancing branches;

Energy pouring into the heart and sky and strength and fluidity, and power and always knowing the pouring radiance~ attracting the Sun energy that is always life giving, taking it all and giving it all back, constantly aware of the life seeking in me, the life inside seeking expression. Power and Grace and Joy and Wisdom of the fitness of things, if you will it Lord, I am, the story is always moving, now soft, now strong, a river of delight sings in the heart, always knowing, always knowing connection and giving direction, creating the dance out of fullness, out of strength, out of clarity, out of inner intelligence, inner intelligence, the knowing heart and the mind delighted to obey.

The sheer delight of all the parts engaged; entrained with the drum, delight ~of the light~ over and over ~ in and in up and above~ inside all at one with the drumbeat of creativity, of life living itself. Over, inside above, feeling the body pulse and pull. the arrow of life show the way, single story, many rhythms and movements within the one direction.

Writing after the heart of the tree dance.

Such sweetness in alone, in together, such a ease to feel lightness of being, being present, a present of place and people, and the ever rhymness rhythm nice nice nice drum drum incessant insistent beat, the dance of living, the dance of change and being and sweetness and ease and pleasure, and spontaneity drumming and dancing in concert, alone, the heart of the tree is delighted, easy, large, flowing being, dancing a new story.

The paths in my garden, maybe a cross to bear, maybe a medicine wheel open to the four directions, leaving a space for creativity to flow and find the quadrant that needs nourishment~ now community, once family, now back to family and familiar, grow all the garden, growing the whole, ever letting the light of my sun shine, inhabit it all~ done, service here and service is all service, who is served, who is the servant, no one truly served unless God is served, not the pots, not not not not ~ who is held in the arms of love, who is holding and time to write an old story into newness ~ the screams of the trapped ones are released.

I am, watching from a place of all is seen by the great God ~who is part of me and I am not apart, language holds us, story holds us …………………………….

Poetry of Presence; November 2011 Cape Town

This is the distillation of what I wrote in the three dance movements; Roots. Branches and Heart-of tree;

This is the time of new story

I plant my will in small steady consistent patterns of power

Springing from the sacred contract of who I am

Life seeking expression, now soft, now strong

A river of delight sings in the heart

Creating the dance of life out of fullness

Out of strength,

Many rhythms, one direction.

Lightness of being

Incandescent beat of the drum

I live the dance of living

I live the dance of loving

I dance a new dance

This is what I wrote to Ya’Acov afterwards;

“ the last piece became 'poem' by the way I placed it on the page when I typed it !...

When I came to almost the end I was challenged by what I had written about one of the unresolved pieces in my life , and am sitting with that breathing deeplyand wondering if that being surfaced was an integral, part of the process. In any case I wrote it , so it came to be madeconscious

I was surprised that the voice of the heart of the tree speaks my current internal dilemma, and the challenge is of living into the revelation of the writing even with its ‘maybe …living as I have for long years in ‘spiritual’ based community in S Africa, my beloved daughter and grandchildren in Devon. Which part of the garden of my life to love and tend at this stage of my life is a question that shakes me.


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