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Terspsicore Muse
By Roland

Every few weeks I take a phone-call from a mother insisting that we start teaching her 8 year old daughter ballet. I am usually half-way through an explanation about what we actually do when the mother will interrupt with something like “I’ll bring Sophie over Thursday afternoon after school. Can I have the directions please.”

Who is this Dancing Warrior anyway?
By Ya'Acov

I am often asked why we use the word warrior in the context of The Way of the Dancing Warrior workshop. Having just spent the last week teaching that workshop in Israel, I wanted to share a little of how I see the role of the warrior in the dance and in life. Early in our shamanic studies, we were taught about a concept called the “warrior’s freedom.”

JoE 2011
By Susannah and the Group

The Journey of Empowerment 2011 was quite a Journey! I think, feel, and see that we who participated have all been changed by this process. For me, the most stunning thing was to see what sharing a real, lived experience of love and unconditional acceptance does in people. Through seeing themselves and being seen in truth and love, we discover that there is less and less need to hide. What arose from this is quite extraordinary and magical to me. Each one blossomed in his or her own unique, creative way, and we saw it and we heard it and it was unmistakable.

Tul- Karem/Shufa. Meetings and dancing – hopes for a better future
By Ben Yeger

In May 2011 I had the privilege to assist Susannah Darling Khan on a weekend MM workshop in Israel together with my fellow MM apprentice teacher Silvana. Alongside this workshop I organsied for Susannah to lead a couple of MM opportunities in Tul Karem and Shufa in the Palestinian occupied territories. The first was a dance with a group of Palestinian Women in Tul-Karem and the second with a group of Israeli and Palestinian representatives from the Combatants for Peace Movement of which I am the UK represenative (
Beginners Mind, Awakened Heart and Body
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Miriam Platt

A small blue flyer came into my hand and its message resonated in my being; I saw it said “The Poetry of Presence “ …and somewhere on it Movement ….. and it kept on calling me. …My head had all kinds of reasons why not….but the call of it found me heeding it, following it, and it took me, with some excitement to an open evening one mild Friday evening , ….with no knowing of what I was coming to.
Fulfillment of a Dream
By David Mooney

I first landed on a dance floor with Susannah and Ya'Acov in February 2004 for the ongoing group Zero Zone. During the first dance the words 'this is home' came to me, this body, this heart, the dancefloor. My heart opened, my body relaxed and my spirit danced a homecoming after a very long journey. It has been with me ever since and I often send gratitude back to that moment of opening and landing.
Congratulations!!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!
By Ya'Acov

We are delighted to tell you that we have completed our first teacher training and more importantly, that now, where once there were stood three pathfinders, there now stand three fully qualified and fully-fledged Movement Medicine Teachers. A huge and hearty congratulations to Caroline Carey, Mark Boylan and Christian de Sousa, who all passed through their assessment panel and initiation this past week. We want to thank them for all their hard work as pathfinders for this path and to welcome them as colleagues. For information about their work, please check out this link:
Make Your Love Visible
By Susannah & Ya'Acov

We want to invite you to communicate your love for the earth, straight from the heart. What would you say if you could be face to face with the climate change politicians meeting at the Earth Summit in Rio next June?
To Dance Is a Radical Act

Marold Emmelkamp sent us a link to this article published in a recent edition of Psychology today that we would like to share with you.

"The practice of dancing is vital to our survival as humans on earth.

To dance is a radical act. To think about dance, to study dance, or to practice dance in this 21st century is a radical act.


We have lots more music available as MP3s, and this will be increasing week by week, including the new "Musical Mosaic" MP3s which is going to grow into a wonderful collection of unusual music, with lots of wonderful new tracks from great musicians some of which are not available elsewhere, so keep checking in! more>
11.11.11 and all that

11.11.11- Movement Medicine dancers singing and dancing on the street!

Get up to speed on Durban climate change talks:

Monty Python and the Future of Life on Earth

As first published in the Huffington Post:

By Anuradha Vittachi

A happy coincidence! As the ethical challenges to the church created by the Occupation's presence at St. Paul's grew increasingly Pythonesque, the BBC screened a dramatised reconstruction of the Pythons' own encounter with organized religion.

The Angel in the Forest

By Julian Marshall

In November 2007 I stumbled across the poetry and letters of Gertrud Kolmar.

Her work, the most important of which was mostly written during the 1930s (she perished in Auschwitz in 1943) is strikingly full of life – colour, vibrancy, deep sensation – and her cycle Welten especially stood out to me as presenting a remarkable group of poems to set to music. more>
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