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Bringing the Dance Back Home
By Roland

Sometimes I must admit that I feel very envious of Susannah &Ya’Acov; not of their possessions, good looks, dancing or teaching skills but of their ability come up with catchy and appropriate titles for workshop with a seemingly effortless ease that I wish I had. Titles like ‘Way of the Dancing Warrior’, ‘Rock My Soul’ or ‘Dancing with the Heart of the World’ which both encapsulate the content of the workshop and very memorable, are all titles that I wish I had come up with.

Letter from Susannah
By Susannah

Dear everyone,

I hope you are well and have had a good time surfing the waves of what has been, for me at least, a strong and catalytic summer. My parents, having been robustly healthy all their lives, have both been in different hospitals with different ailments, and so we saw a lot of them this summer, supporting as we could. The gift for me was through this, and through being with them at a time of crisis, I was able to see more of who they are as people and meet with them more deeply.

Back on the laptop and back on the road
By Ya'Acov

After a summer of subtle changes and simple adventures at home, we are back on the road again and beginning another term of teaching. As we began this past weekend in Jersey, the leaves on the trees outside had already started to turn from the fresh full greens of the summer to the wild oranges, yellows and reds of the autumn. The weather too has been a perfect blend of summer and autumn. Beautiful sunsets on the beach followed by strong winds and rain.
After Vision Quest

By Kate Lawrence

Everything speaks of the forest to me:
The trees my bones, stones stack the dense meat of my body,

Leaves twine my hair and moss whispers against my cheek.

Take a Step with Me
By Simric Yarrow

take a step with me

and let it be an awkward never-before step if it must

but take a first step giant leap onto a new planet

Resovlng Trauma
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

by Fiona Hodge

I have dipped into the workshops of the School of Movement Medicine for over five years and it has provided me with powerful tools to deal with the most profound and intractable problems. Real change hasn’t come quickly and it has required an open mind and heart, my own commitment, but above all the belief in the teachers and in the very possibility of change. In other words – FAITH.
Why do you feel it is your calling to teach yoga / dance?
By Keef Miles

I Know it is my calling to teach Yoga and Ecstatic Dance (Movement Medicine)
To Quote the classic song ‘Amazing Grace’:
‘Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a soul like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was Blind, but now I see’
Invitation to Israel

Dear Dancers,

Inviting you to a very special workshop with Yaacov: The Way of the Dancing Warrior 16-19/11 in the Eco-Art village Nativ Haley-Israel

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