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News from English Department
This is a monthly digest of Durham University and public events which may be of particular interest to those involved in English Studies in the Durham region. Departmental Events are also updated regularly on the website. Please circulate this newsletter to others who may be interested, or email alistair.brown@durham.ac.uk to be added to the mailing list. Please click through from the title for list of events.

Please note that with the exception of plays or writers directly relevant to English students (e.g. works on the Introduction to Drama module), this newsletter does not usually include drama events - there is simply too much going on! For full regional theatre listings, see:

Regular Reading Groups
If you run a regular monthly or weekly reading group, and would like to be added to this list, please contact alistair.brown@durham.ac.uk.
First Thursday of every month at 18.30 - Ustinov Café d’Art Shakespeare Reading Group - Shakespeare Pub, Durham City - Contact m.r.glass@dur.ac.uk.

Second Monday of every month at 18.00 - Durham Book Group - Leonard's Coffee House, Durham City - www.northeastbookgroups.com/durham/.

Events in September
7th September at 17.30 - Department of English Studies Late Summer Lectures - R18: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY OF TRADITIONAL FOLK AND FAIRY TALES, by Kaja Marczewska - Arlington House, Durham - Free -http://latesummerlectures.wordpress.com/programme/.

9th September at 17.30 - Department of English Studies - PERFORMING IDENTITIES IN AMERICAN LITERATURE. Early registration, a dance response to Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, and readings by Durham University poets. - Alington House, Durham - Free -http://performingamerica.blogspot.com/.

10th September at 9.00 - Department of English Studies - PERFORMING IDENTITIES IN AMERICAN LITERATURE. Performing Identities in American Literature seeks to explore the ways in which American identity is defined, enacted and contested in texts from the sixteenth century up to the present day. The keynote speaker is Dr John Beck, senior lecturer in the department of English Literature, Language and Linguistics at Newcastle University. - Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University - Free - http://performingamerica.blogspot.com/

14th September at 17.30 - Department of English Studies Late Summer Lectures - POETRY AND PREJUDICE: JUSTIFYING ONE’S VALUATION OF POUND, by Jack Baker - Arlington House, Durham - Free - http://latesummerlectures.wordpress.com/programme/.

17th September at 9.00 - Friction Magazine - WRITE FOR EAST AFRICA. Friction Magazine is running a day-long series of writing workshops to raise money for the East Africa famine. There will be eight workshops throughout the day focusing on creative, imaginative and journalistic writing. Work produced from the day will form a special issue of Friction Magazine - Settle Down Cafe, Newcastle - From £2.00 - www.frictionmagazine.co.uk/write-for-east-africa/.

21st September at 17.30 - Department of English Studies Late Summer Lectures - "THE GENTLE ART OF ADVERTISING": ULYSSES AND THE MATERIAL OF MODERNITY, by Matthew Hayward - Arlington House, Durham - Free - http://latesummerlectures.wordpress.com/programme/.  
23rd September at 9.00 - Department of English Studies - INTERTEXTS: A ONE DAY CONFERENCE ON INTERDISCIPLINARITY. This conference aims to give postgraduate and early career researchers working on interdisciplinary projects an opportunity to present their work and contribute to the discussion on the developments of interdisciplinary research within literary studies. Alongside traditional panels, we will be offering workshops that deal with practical issues, resources and challenges of conducting interdisciplinary research within one of the five interdisciplinary fields at the core of the conference (Literature and Law, Literature and Science, Medical Humanities, Literature and Visual Arts and Literature and Music). - St. John's College, Durham University - Free - http://intertexts.wordpress.com/.
24th September at 14.00 - Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts / Northern Stage - BEING HUMAN. Bloodaxe editor Neil Astley presents Being Human - the new companion anthology to Staying Alive and Being Alive - with featured poet Vicki Feaver. The two writers discuss Bloodaxe's latest world poetry anthology and read a personal selection of thoughtful and passionate poems about living in the modern world; poems that touch the heart, stir the mind and fire the spirit; poems about being human, about love and loss, fear and longing, hurt and wonder. - Northern Stage, Newcastle - From £2.00 - www.northernstage.co.uk/whats-on/being-human-reading
28th September at 17.30 - Department of English Studies Late Summer Lectures - IN MEMORIAM: THE DEATH OF THE ELEGY?, by Naomi Banks Marklew - Arlington House, Durham - Free - http://latesummerlectures.wordpress.com/programme/.

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