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Issue: June 2011
She has been the answer

By Jayne Bullen


In the dance’s body
Knows many
Of the people she is
Or was

The lost beggar that calls out asking for help
The avatar goddess
Some or other
Alone stranger washed up on a godforsaken beach
They all sit hand in hand in the map of her spine

She stands slumped majestic in a crowd of mayhem in a foreign world
There is champagne everywhere but
Still and alone
Dancing frenetically through lifetimes on a feather

Chaos with a centre that is still
Stillness that only knows the turbulent a air

She has been the answer.
And the question.
Killed saved tortured
Many times
Many many dances

She is the artist and the needle-punching actuary
That knew just were

It was everything to everyone once,
but was nothing to itself

Unalarming love tackles wound long forgotten
His ability to just love opens gaping needle point fractures
Too deep to mend This time
Of her suited body
Memories of lifetimes ago
Old sandy beaches with blistered log fires
Burn open sun soothed wounds

After we dance the infinite
The question of who we are
More than the answer

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