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Issue: June 2011
Where you are!

By Roland

“Where are Susannah and Ya’Acov teaching on the 6th Sept?” read a recent email.

If you look on our website calendar then you will see that the venue for this date is cryptically entitled ‘Where you Are!’

Of course this doesn’t in anyway answer the question of where they will be teaching and the answer to that question is they will probably be teaching from their living room but they could be teaching from anywhere.

If all of this is leaving you a little baffled let me put you out of your misery and explain.On the evening of 6th September Susannah and Ya’Acov will be presenting the first Movement Medicine webinar. ‘“Oh but what is a webinar?” I hear some of you ask? “Please explain!”’

Basically a webinar is on online seminar. Susannah and Ya’Acov will present the webinar from their living room, or wherever they are, and you will be able to watch and participate from wherever you are – possibly your living-room or maybe you might want to get together with friends and meet in a place where you will be able to dance together. This first webinar will be free so you will get a chance to see how it goes and whether or not it is for you. We will be running about 10 webinars a year and the normal subscription for the year will be £35.There will also be a chance to buy a year’s subscription for £25 if you do so right after the first webinar. Thereafter the subscription will £35 for a year’s worth of seminars from the moment that you subscribe Details of where to register etc will be posted on the website some time in August and will go out in a newsletter a few days before the 6th September.

We have deliberately kept the price on the low side as we would like to make it possible for anyone who wants to sign up for these webinars to do so without breaking the bank as we see this as a way of bringing together the whole Movement Medicine community which is spread over different towns, cities, countries and continents under one cyber-roof on a regular basis.

Here in the office things are very busy as we prepare for forthcoming module of the Teaching Training which will be followed by the Summer Long Dance. There are a small number of places left for the Summer Long Dance 8 – 12 July. If you want to attend please contact me at for an application form.

Susannah and Ya’Acov take a well-earned break after the Long Dance and will not be teaching again until September when they will be going to Jersey to teach a new workshop together which includes a Sweat Lodge called Medicine Lodge. 2 – 4th September. For more details and to book please contact Maria 00 44 1534

From 14 – 22nd September Ya’Acov will be teaching the Burial/Long Dance Ceremony in Orval, Belgium. This forms part of the Movement Medicine Ritual work. There are places still available for this and please contact me at for an application form. Ya’Acov has written about this workshop in The Old Death and Resurrection Show article in this newsletter.

At the end of September Susannah and Ya’Acov will again be teaching together. This time it is the longest workshop of the year – Initiation. We are delighted to be holding this workshop in the fantastic dance studio at Dartington Hall from Friday 23rd September through till October 2nd. This workshop is a deep, healing journey through the phases of life and is one of the key pre-requisites for the Apprenticeship Programme and for the Teacher Training. There are a few places still available for this and please contact me at for an application form. By the way don’t forget that the deadline for applications for the next Apprenticeship progamme starting in April 2011 is August 31st.

Susannah has recently been in Berlin, and the alchemy clicked so strongly between her, the people and the beautiful new studio space, that she is going to be back there October 14th-16th this autumn. And, for women, the details of her updated Sanctuary workshop are now ready, to be held next March on the beautiful island of Sylt in North Germany, easily accessible from Germany and Denmark.

Have a great summer,

All the best!


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