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Issue: March 2011
Nature Prêt-à-planter

By Silvana Rigobon

On Summer Solstice, last year, the second night of my vision quest, I found myself in the front row of the most amazing and inspiring fashion show I have ever seen: "Nature Prêt-à-planter, Collection Spring-Summer 2010".

            The Great Fashion Designer had put her best models on the catwalk, in Dartmoor: the trees, the stream, the moon were wearing their own clothes, displaying the most elegant textures, delicate nuances and vibrant fragrances.
I was surrounded by unpretentious elegance, the kind of glowing beauty that you recognize in some women of remote villages in India, no matter what they wear...
It was a moment of pure bliss. I felt a sense of communion with Nature: I was one with the trees, with the hill, with the sky. For the first time in my life I felt I truly belonged
Nature was flowing, and I was flowing in the dance of Nature. I was welcoming myself, and the feeling was overwhelming.
It was time to choose the seeds to take home with me, for my own interior gardening, to help me remember what really matters. There was so much to choose: unconditional love, unpretentiousness, compassion, wisdom that comes from the roots, integrity, respect, kindness, gentleness, determination, lack of judgement, dignity, instinct, sobriety, simplicity, generosity, forgiveness, courage, and above all trust, presence in the present and the infinite possibility of surrender.
Now, back home, aware that my life is an ongoing vision quest, I am watering and nurturing my seeds, dancing into them, observing, in silence, with patience and  gratitude. Some of them are growing…

My intention for this rite of passage was to ask for the humility to accept who I am: my name means “of the woods” and in the trees around me I recognized the spirit of my ancestors.

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