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Issue: March 2011
My experience of Vision Quest 2010

By Rob Porteous
Finding the place where I wanted to make my circle was hard. As Roland took us up the valley, I was thinking I wanted to be near a stream, and a tree, and in a place where there were rocks to make my circle. A number of the places I found had already been taken.

After we came back to base camp I set out in the opposite direction, but found no spot I liked. I went back, up the valley, further than before, as the shadows lengthened towards sunset. Under the light of a red moon I made a circle next to a stream and pitched my little tent.

I woke at sunrise. Following the stream towards its source, I found the perfect spot for my circle, and spent the morning setting it up. A tree gave me shade as the sun climbed the sky. Water tinkled over the rocks.
Coming back from the quest took all my strength. I had a strong feeling of disappointment: all this effort to come back to a world where people abuse each other and the earth, and use its resources without counting the cost.
The following morning I woke with a huge feeling of gratitude for all I have, and for the earth, just as it is.
My difficulty in the beginning spoke to me of how hard I found it as a child to find my place in a world that didn’t care. My disappointment at the end speaks of my reluctance to make a real commitment to my life. But the space I found in between was beautiful, almost magical. The incantation I came away with was: ‘Spirit and meaning animate my life because I love this earth.’
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