School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: January 2011

What Women Want

By Roland

There is a very useful piece of advice for aspiring writers which is ‘write what you know about’.  So I thought I would start the New Year by writing on a subject of which I am an acknowledged expert.

Now at this point I imagine that the expression on your face might be something like that on my partner’s when I told her the title of this piece.  It was a blend of incredulity & amusement, mixed with a touch of shock and a sprinkling of horror.

In fact I stole this title from an article (written by a man) in an email newsletter I received recently. It was while reading  his piece in which he explained that women need men to be strong and steer the ship so that they can feel secure and happy,  that I realised why I have a lot of respect for Susannah and Ya’Acovs’ work.  

Elsewhere in this newsletter we have an article "Movement Medicine: becoming an 'All day Artist'" made up from quotations relating to the question “What is Movement Medicine?” These quotations are all taken from application forms recently received for the Teacher Training course,  written by dancers on the current Apprenticeship Programme. I particularly resonated with quotes like “landing deep inside yourself and understanding your connection with others, the wider web of life and the mystery and wonder of it all” and “finding our own Medicine with which to walk powerfully in our lives”.   Movement Medicine is not a path where one is given formulaic  answers, but instead  provides a practice which enables one to find ones’ own true identity and so to unlock one’s potential.  It is at heart pragmatic.  If you want to know what a woman wants - ask her.

As we move into the New Year the old Apprenticeship is nearing its completion with the final module starting in a few days time. And at the same time we are in the process of dealing with the many applications we have received for the next Apprenticeship due to start in March 2012.  (If you want to apply there is still a chance to do so and we will be looking at the second batch of applications in the summer)

Our latest postal mailing has left here and is due to arrive on people’s doorsteps in time for the School of Movement Medicine’s 4th birthday at 5.26 in the morning UK time on the 10th of January.  There is an invitation to join us in sending out prayers in all directions at this time.

The first week of the year has been one of the busiest I have ever known with applications coming in for most of our major workshops.  The Phoenix Retreat which is taking place 7 -14th April is now fully booked with a waiting list but there are still some places on all our other major courses – Susannah’s ongoing group Journey of Empowerment, the workshops which make up Ya’Acov’s Rituals work and the Initiation workshop. And there is space for 2 more couples on The Space Between Us workshop Feb 2- 6th.  We are now accepting applications for this year’s Summer Long Dance – 8th -12thJuly.   There is an application form for all the above workshops.  Please either contact me for a form or download one from the website by going to the relevant workshop page and click on ‘download the application form’ at the bottom of the page.

Susannah and Ya’Acov have recently restarted teaching The Way of the Dancing Warrior both as a weekend workshop and as an Intensive residential workshop.  The first of these will be at Orval in Belgium 30th  This work is strongly recommended both to those who are new to the work and to more experienced dancers.  There is no application form for this.
March to 3th April.

Coming up soon

7 – 8 Feb.  Pacha Mama day led by Susannah and Ya’Acov at    Waldhaus, Switzerland   Pacha Mama (German version)  Pacha Mama (Enlgish version) Contact Waldhaus at +41 34-461 07

11 - 13 Feb  Prague   For All Our Relations  led by Ya’acov.  Contact: Raduca +42 224 827 417

12 – 13th   E-Motion: Wild Life    Olten, Switzerland led by Susannah. Contact: Katriona +41 33 676 2708  This is preceded by a Move! on Friday 11th

 14th    Paris  Susannah are giving a talk followed by Move! session in Paris. Contact:  Pierre-Henri +33 615 325 816

 15th    Susannah will run a Move! evening in London.  Contact  Alex +44 7868842219

 25th  - 27th  Ya’Acov is off to South Africa to teach For All Our Relations in  Cape Town.  Contact: Jane ++27 766963527

 26th – 27th Susannah is teaching DanSing  in  Munich, Germany.  Contact: Claudia +49 89 292644

This is proceed by a Move! evening on the 25th.

Oh - “What do women want?” I don't know. Why not ask them?

Wishing you a wonderful New Year



The Way of the Dancing Warrior
By Ya'Acov

2011 already. They say time is speeding up and it certainly seems that way to me. Even though 2010 was a very full year with hardly a moment missed, it still raced by with the speed of a dream. I met an old friend for a drink in town the other day. I was late because a meeting I was having with some musicians about next year’s Summer Long Dance had overran. I dashed in to the bar to find him sitting relaxed and getting on with living, perfectly fine without me. I don’t like being late but this week, time has really been out of my hands. An extraordinary storm in Israel meant that I got home 24 hours later than planned and the Eurostar I’m on now is running more than an hour late due to snow.

I’m going to miss my connection to Switzerland but I dare say, there’ll be another. As I ran into the bar, my friend pointed at his watch and laughed. ‘Slaves to time,’ he said. I slumped down in my chair and felt the tension I’d allowed to stiffen my muscles through the story I was telling about how awful it was to be 10 minutes late drain from me. I stopped, took a breath and had to laugh. ‘Yep, slaves to time,’ I replied. Friendships that last are places where the watch dissolves, the shackles fall away and the timeless nature of reality opens like a door into eternity; and all over a cup of tea. This time thing is why I’m always asking you to take your watches off when you’re dancing with us! A little organic ‘no time’ thrown into the mix of 21st century rush is good medicine!

How my life has changed since we began working with Movement Medicine in January 2007. The sense of contentment and the feeling of rightness have quite simply opened me up to a much richer source of energy and creativity than I ever had before. And this past year, as the fruits of our first apprenticeship journey started to ripen before our eyes and our first Teacher Training has started to take shape, has seen a deepening of my understanding of the principles and practices that make up Movement Medicine.

For many years, we have travelled to find our teachings and the places where we can do our own work. The journey has taken me to Peru and the Amazon Rainforest, to Colombia, and many times to the Arctic Circle. In 2010, I found myself in a beautiful ritual in South Africa, led by new Sangoma friends, welcoming me back to the original land, the mother land that is Africa. I wept tears of relief and happiness. Isn’t it funny how when something is given that we didn’t even know we needed, the heart just seems to grow. For me, when this happens, and in 2010 it has happened a lot, I discover that what I thought was love, was only the gateway to something I hadn’t yet imagined. The heart seems to be made of some kind of super stretchy fabric! I was also initiated into a relationship with my new drum, made by my old friend Bikko Matthe up in the far north of the Arctic Circle. As we drummed together, he spoke of Polar angels and shamans in North and South America who were with us in our ceremony. Again, the sense of not working alone, of being connected to so many others working in similar ways, blew my little heart through into another super-stretchy dimension. The deer that I hunted as a result of that initiation has been my greatest teacher this year and very recently, I have been give the drum made from his skin. To play that drum is something that is hard to find words for – it’s pure heart. On that note, a big thank you to Dorrie Joy who is the amazing artist who makes and looks after our medicine items.

Each of the journeys to other traditions and teachings that I’ve taken has revealed a new facet of understanding about who I am and my place in the circle of life. Each has strengthened my resolve to travel further and deeper into the mysteries and to give everything I can back to this life in gratitude for the beautifully blessed existence I have. This summer, during the long weeks spent at home, the work happened in our living room. I danced regularly to Susannah’s new Elemental journey. I loved it. The simplicity of being guided by Susannah’s voice and music into the dance of the four elements was so rich, varied and awakening. As well as being visited by a beautiful Wirarika shaman called Don Tono with whom we did some beautiful work, we danced. We danced with the doors open and the sweet Devon air filling our lungs. I danced deeper than I had ever danced before. All that we had studied in our travels was here, right here, in the centre of our own circle, in the ritual space, the mesa that sustains, guides and keeps us on the road. Home it seems is a feeling as much as it is a place. And home is most definitely where the heart is. What a delight to rediscover that our very own practice is the place where we are perfectly held as we are and encouraged to keep on evolving and becoming everything we can become. Knowing this, behind my mind, beyond poetry and way beyond imagination, I knew that I had to go and do a Movement Medicine workshop with Susannah.

We’ve been together for more than 23 years and we both felt our relationship could not only hold me becoming Susannah’s student for a weekend, but that most likely, it would bring more harvest in from the fields. I looked for a free weekend when Susannah was teaching and lo and behold, there it was, the perfect workshop: The Way of the Dancing Warrior in London. I signed up.

It’s been more than 10 years since I first dreamt The Way of the Dancing Warrior and a journey to go with it. But we hadn’t yet taught it in its Movement Medicine format. As chance had it, I was due to teach the very same workshop in Padova just two weeks before Susannah’s in London. I was very curious how the mandala that we work with now would hold the teachings of the Dancing Warrior and I wasn’t to be disappointed. Whilst teaching in Padova, I had two deep nights dreaming.

For me, the Way of the Dancing Warrior is right at the very heart of what Movement Medicine is about. It takes the dancer on a very deep journey from unconsciousness (or unexplored potential) to the super-conscious archetype of the Dancing Warrior. To clarify, by warrior, we don’t mean someone who is fighting all the time. To fight against means to give energy to. Check out this great little You Tube video to get the picture! We mean a human being who has, through dedication, discipline and without doubt, a good sense of humour, released themselves entirely from the story that they are a victim of life’s comings and goings. The Dancing Warrior has done their work and continues to do so, with a great deal of gratitude for what already is, and the delicate balance of confidence and humility to dance with whatever the Great Choreographer brings along. Along the road, they will have discovered the source of untapped life force that is hidden in their roots. Just as the Tree of Life looks like it is sleeping throughout the winter and yet all that it will become in the spring is being dreamed in the beautiful velvet embrace of the dark winter earth, so for us humans, what is unconscious for us is a storehouse of potential. The Dancing Warrior will have explored some of the stories of the victim and persecutor that make up such a large part of our collective human stories. They will have seen this dance in relationship to their own personal story and to the stories we play out between nations/cultures and different belief systems and they will have danced themselves free from the belief that this story is the only possible story a human being can tell. They will have arrived with both feet on the ground, connected to the great mother beneath them and the great papa above, here and now, at the centre of their own circle, a survivor of all that has been. They will have opened their eyes and begun to sing the gratitude song that wraps itself to strongly around the roots of our freedom, nourishing and encouraging us to wake up and see the truth of who, what and where we are. And they will have taken that cosmic leap into recognising themselves as the artist of their own perception, and therefore their own experience of reality. From there, it’s only a short hop into embodying the everyday reality and ultimate paradox of a dancer who is, on the one hand surrendered to the great river of life, and on the other, not separate from it. The creator and the created dancing in harmony, yin and yang, form and formlessness spiralling around each other in the greatest dance of them all, the great mystery.

Mmm, I seem to be quite passionate about this journey. No surprise then that I have given my life over to it. And then, yumminess of yumminesses, I had the chance to go and be a student and in the company of a whole gang of dancing lunatics, disappear in the dance. What a joy that was! I loved every single moment of the workshop and I exaggerate not at all. And all the dancers who were there were so very kind with me and just let me get on with my own dance and follow the unfolding journey. I love Movement Medicine. And ain’t that a good job! And, oh yes, I loved the teacher too. And the music, and no-one telling me how to move my body but simply providing a super strong container and some powerful tools for me to let go, connect, disappear and re-appear in the ten thousand forms. And, I had the nerve to ask the teacher out to dinner, not that I’m recommending that as a course of action in general you understand! The workshop (and the dinner) was the icing on the cake of my year and it certainly won’t be the last time I show up as a student of Movement Medicine. And with our pathfinders, Caroline Carey, Christian de Sousa and Mark Boylan already out there teaching and a whole lot more Movement Medicine teachers to be birthed into the world in 2011 and beyond, I and you won’t be short on opportunities!

By the way, though there was a fine cohort of men dancing at the workshop, as usual, we were somewhat outnumbered by the women. So here’s a little aside to the men out there who’ve yet to discover the Dancing Warrior. WHERE ARE YOU? Dancing all day, great music, gorgeous beings in all directions and the dynamic learning ground that is the dance….Maybe it’s because you don’t yet know what you’re missing? I wonder? Answers by e-mail please. Maybe we’ll give a free workshop to the best answer to the question: ‘What’s stopping you?’

Finally, this past week in Israel and Palestine, I had the opportunity to move a step closer to the Phoenix Festival that it is my ultimate dream to bring into being. The festival will happen at places in the world where there has been great suffering and will take the form of a week of healing and creativity followed by a performance party and ritual for peace. It’s a celebration of any and every human being’s ability to rise from the ashes of suffering and create transformation, deeper understanding and peace. Ben Yaeger, an apprentice and an active member of Combatants for Peace, set up an evening in Shuffra for us to work with a group of Palestinian and Israeli ex-combatants who have all with great courage, chosen to give up violence; Dancing Warriors, one and all! Accompanied by Ben, Sabine and Silvana, we danced for just an hour, in an old castle on a hard floor with no sound system. In one hour, we went very deep and for me, it was one of the most moving experiences of 2010. Check out this little video and let me know if you agree.

All that remains is for me to say to you dear dancing friend, is that I am praying my little socks off for peace and the evolution of many thousands of dancing warriors in the year to come. May 2011 bring you contentment in who you are, free entrance to the imaginative paradise of your own heart, and the blessing of good health, harmony and L.O.V.E. in all areas of your life. Thank you for all the dances of 2010. Here’s to an indeterminate amount more in the New Year.

Until we meet again, I bow to the freedom within you.

Ya’Acov Darling Khan

December 2011


p.s. School of Movement Medicine’s 4th birthday

If you would like to join us in our prayer ceremony to celebrate the fourth birthday of the School of Movement Medicine, we’ll be out there at 5.26 in the morning UK time on the 10th January, sending out prayers in all directions. Feel free to join us.

Both Ya’Acov and Susannah will be teaching Way of the Dancing Warrior
intensives and weekend workshops in 2011.

Susannah’s intensive will happen in the beautiful Orval in Belgium March 30th to April 3rd.

Ya’Acov is bringing the workshop to Norway May 4th to 8th.

Please check our website for full details.

Blue Moon to Lunar Eclipse
By Susannah

This last year started with a fierce, beautiful, blue moon and drew towards its close with the lunar eclipse this solstice. The solstice came during Returning Home, our annual end of the year ceremonial workshop to honour and release one year and dream in the new. We realised this was our 20th such workshop, the first being ‘Patterns in the Sand’ at the Beacon Centre.

At this workshop, our son, who was a few months old, watched hours of ritual theatre as engrossed as any of us, and Basil, one of the owners of the place, came dressed as a knight templar to bring us a cake as the bells struck midnight. Several of the people who were on that workshop are now teaching movement in different guises and bringing the dance to many others.

This year has seen our first Apprenticeship journey maturing, and us preparing for the first teacher training. Its seen Movement Medicine’s mesa growing and becoming clearer and more tangible, 6 Billion Reasons transforming into Mosaic: Earth, the first open Long Dance manifested with our apprentices, its seen Cancun turn into a positive step forward for our global earth stewardship. Its seen the little gathering of houses where we live turn into a micro-generation hub, with solar PVs on many of the houses, its seen the Darling Khan’s slowly turning into gardeners, I finally took my drum on the road (and I’m so glad I did!) and it saw Ya’Acov come to dance in one of my workshops. This autumn has seen several of friends’ fathers or mothers die, and the feeling of the generation wheel turning, and realising at another level the poignant, beautiful impermanence of it all. My brother and I found each other again, and both of our families have been strong in our hearts and experience this year.

Over the summer we had danced to my new guided CD (still in the cauldron of mixing) Elemental and were touched by the depth of the work as we received our own guidance. Ya’Acov said he’d like to come and dance at one of my workshops. I said “yes, of course, that’d be great!” not really thinking it would happen (knowing our schedules) and that anyway it would be way in the future (when I would doubtless be “ready”).  I should have known my dear husband better! When Ya’Acov decides something, it tends to happen! So, as serendipity would have it, the workshop which fitted the bill was The Way of the Dancing Warrior workshop in London in November. Of course, of all of the courses I teach, this was 1) a new one for me and 2) one that Ya’Acov had been developing for a while, even though in this new form it was a co-creation. One of my ‘Achilles heels’ is self doubt combined with projecting my power on the nearest available apparent authourity so, whoopee, one of those little challenges suddenly on the horizon! Ya’Acov totally surrendered to his role as dancer, and I felt my way into the workshop, and on Sunday we came into the harvest and danced for our lives, with our lives. It was a lovely surprise to see Ya’Acov, when I glimpsed him in the crowd, purely as a dancer, and what a dancer he has become! Graceful, light, strong, free, expressive, fascinating, energy in motion, the ten thousand things forming and re-forming in potent beauty and ever changing fluidity. Wow, that’s my man! That is the man who, 22 years ago, when we arrived on that dance floor in Hampstead with Gabrielle, could hardly unbunch himself enough to come out of ‘garden gnome’ without a drink. That is a result! We were both very grateful to the group, who let him simply be, and be a dancer amongst other dancers. So it may well be that you may spot either of us on a dance floor sometimes in the coming year.

Wishing us all very well, as individuals and as a species, and the courage and willingness to follow our true dreams,


Movement Medicine: becoming an 'All day artist'

Dear Travellers!

The Teacher Training application form included the question: ‘What is   Movement Medicine?’ The answers naturally included familiar  descriptions of Movement Medicine (as embodied ecstatic dance practice  and movement meditation) and reflections on the bones of the practice,  such as the elements, yin and yang, acceptance and intention, aligning   body, heart, mind and soul, and the 5 dimensions of awareness.

Beyond  that the words have wings of originality that touch the heart and move  to laughter and tears…  Some of the answers read like a description of  foreign lands, including many symbols and archetypes of a fairy tale.  Encountering magic, finding hidden treasures and golden gifts,  following a map through unknown territory, and filling a tool bag with  helpful and necessary things for the journey, nurturing a connection  to the Great Mysteries… Many were filled with poetry and it’s possible to glimpse the mystery behind the words. 

Ya'Acov and Susannah chose quotes from these applications (quoted   anonymously, with permission) which were then edited by Roland and   Eline. What follows now are mostly literal quotations of applicants,   with only some editorial changes and connections.

Movement Medicine is “a path towards wholeness connecting body, heart,   mind, soul and the divine dimension”, which “has a cylindrical and   evolutionary view of life and encourages you to go with the seasons as   nature does. That way you can live a natural life guided by the   natural unfolding of who you are becoming out the acceptance of who   you are here and now.” It “views the whole of life, including your   thoughts, feelings and actions as a  dance.” “By caring for the land   of our bodies we rediscover the beauty and power of nature, inside us   and in our relationships with others and with the planet and we begin   to take more responsibility for all of our relationships and for the   future of life on earth.” “All this combined with the pleasure and   energy that comes from the age old tradition of having a good bop.”

In (near) one-liners:

Movement Medicine is …

-       giving voice to the forgotten language of speaking from the  heart, through the body, and the mind, and expressing all of that in   the world in smaller and bigger circles inside and around us

-       passion, truth, joy, awareness, connection, stillness and   meditation

-       magical, sacred, pure joy and love

-       a simple prayer of gratitude for the gift of life

-       a shamanic practice (…) based in ancient wisdom that is non-  linear and non-rational and faith based: faith in our own bodies;   faith in the earth and the elements; and faith in the spirit of the  dance

-       a practical spiritual / self-development practice and a   philosophical system that helps one interpret, better understand and   integrate with ourselves, the people we love, the world around us,   with the spirit world and with (…) ‘the Divine’

-       a hand held out to give you some support

-       ‘magic’ as dance ritual

-       allowing lost treasures to be reclaimed and provides a safe   space for the more challenging material that we carry to be digested   and transformed through embodied awareness

-       a guide to the individual’s journey of exploration with   questions – and may even lead to a glimpse of an answer

-       an ongoing unwinding of the mystery called human being


And yet all this, doesn’t define Movement Medicine: “Movement Medicine   weaves the practices into a robust whole by clear generous intent to   create a space where each dancer has the space to transform their own   suffering into a deeper understanding and compassion for themselves   and the world around them.”

Movement Medicine enables you to

-       create personal medicine

-       catch and ride the current to always be in relationship on some level

-       restore the past, be fully present to the moment, and dream   the greatest possibility for the future

-       dance for the dignity of each being

-       move emptiness, to accept and surrender to what is, giving   this shape through movement

-       allowing and encouraging movement as it arises to foster   emotional and spiritual fluidity

-       build the resource of ground beneath the feet, while also   opening to receiving stability and nourishment

-       listen to what the heart whispers and how the mind works to   bridge this learning to everyday life

-       recognize the truth of our interconnectedness with all beings

-       being held sweetly in the hands of the spirit of the dance,   visiting places of traumas, deep grief, anger and frustration as well  as joy, love

-       work at different levels of the inner and outer

-       realising that we are human beings who are embodying the  Divine Source within

-       reveal parts of ourselves that have been hidden away

-       move beyond habitual emotional patterns

-       release things that no longer serve us

-       open up to the wisdom that is available to us

 The Effects: This practice….

-       gave me the opportunity to awake from a form of  unconsciousness and numbness, from an attitude that life is happening  to me

-       reminds me to be grateful for little and big wonders of life

-       teaches me how to hold myself in an encouraging and nurturing   way and to unravel the divine blueprint of my soul so that I can   embody my true being more and more

-       is helping me getting to know in what way I am meant to serve  life

-       opens the door to a deep form of trust and self-love

Community and a safe space

-   a space of meeting, ‘showing up’, seeing and being seen, for   self and others

-       a chance to challenge and stretch oneself

-       a committed community of wonderful people, soul mates and   friends, which celebrates life

-       a sacred space for initiations, collective healing, a   sanctuary, a place of hope, and a portal to other dimensions

Medicine & Healing

-       healing takes place by welcoming back and unifying all aspects   of oneself

-       by unraveling all the layers that we carry with us, we learn   to grow into our true essential selves

-       since any healing of the self is also a healing for our   communities, movement medicine assists us in becoming more fully   present in our relationships with all our communities, including with   our non-human companions

-       the concept of healing may be strange when we see health only   as the absence of illness. Yet if we see it as growing more aligned,   inside ourselves and with all the creatures and beings around us, then   it is an ever-ongoing journey for each of us.

-       it is our individual and communal commitment to creative   action that becomes healing and the meaning of ‘Medicine’


Change, Action & Responsibility

-       Movement Medicine is a commitment to action as well as   reflection (realising that action is enabled by inner work)

-       A movement impulse in a body part that has been forgotten is a   golden gift, because it’s a spark of “YES! I can move forward, I can   change something.”

-       contribute to sustaining life on earth

-       act in the world in a dynamic, resourceful and loving way

-       bring forth, fully live and manifest dreams

-       embrace new positive change in our lives


-       know and be and become who you are and give what you have to   give and are capable of

-       take responsibility for all actions and realise that  everything matters

-       the embodied potential within the dancer [which] awakens the   desire to channel this unique treasure [of the human essence] to give   back to the world




You Danced Where?
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Rhian Davies

I danced in moccasins on sandy terracotta earth. I stamped on tiled floors while silver filled veils swirled around my shiny hair. I twirled beneath cloaks abundant with energy so golden it seemed to caress me. I danced into the ventricles of my heart and out through my finger tips. I swayed into a tee-pee and I leapt into the rain-forest. I hopped into a dream. I danced way out of my body and I danced way back in. Deeply.

I had never danced Movement Medicine before. During one of the sitting interludes at Yacov’s spell-binding ‘Source’ workshop in the spring of this year a clear skinned man explained that these were inner journeys. I was already confused enough about my spiritual path and although I was amazed I had no idea how this would relate. I shared this with another inspiring woman I met. Her response was that the Buddha had once said to his disciples that if they met him on the (spiritual) path that they should kill him. I have no idea of the exact reference and thee sense of this was lost to me to begin with.

Dressed in a soft grey animal print vest, the soft haired woman opened her palms and explained that you can choose to follow a spiritual teacher or group but in the end it’s always a unique and deeply personal path. So following teachings or a rule book isn’t going to work ultimately. It seems that if you want to go on you have to kill your “Buddha” or your teacher, metaphorically in order to find your own way, your own truth

No one told me that spiritual life or soul searching would involve murder! I had been trying to escape pain by embarking on a spiritual path, not look for it. I suppose my spiritual journeying formally began when I took initiation with an orange robed Yoginii (female yoga practitioner), on a mountain top in the Lake District, about 10 years ago. Getting drunk to have fun and ‘pub culture’ as a way to be happy hadn’t made sense any more and a spiritual group from India, that didn’t advocate drinking, seemed to fit.

I have no idea exactly what was said on that beautiful windswept mountain-top. My memory is that I was so awestruck that I agreed to give my life to the Indian man whose eyes shone with love in the photos, that had terrified me into thinking I was joining a cult. This strangely beautiful Indian man[1], who had died a few years earlier and who I had never met, represented the essence of the beauty of the universe for me and I was happy to give myself to finding that. Whatever it’s called; he, she, that, God or simply life, the universe as represented by this intimate stranger will always and forever be close to my heart.

As we came down the side of the slope after my initiation, we clutched at tough bundles of grass to steady ourselves. I felt relieved. My path lay before me. In my mind’s eye I saw a dusty track ahead of me. It extended quite far into the distance but the horizon was illuminated by a bright sunrise. To my side, a strong wooden sign-post was planted solidly in the earth. The sign said ‘God or Bliss’ and the direction was clear.

Two years later and after many falls and bruises on my path I was convinced that this idea of spiritual path was actually more like a flower opening. As I struggled with my pain at the lies with which I had been living my life, I would fall to my knees and sob. Often, as I cried, I would give up, let go of this crazy spiritual thing that had promised so much, as if I was banishing it far into the clouds. As I cried, I suppose I surrendered. Almost as if I was enticing these same clouds to rain nourishing water onto my spiritual flower.  A new petal would then open in my life and more beauty was revealed and so I moved on. I danced, I changed, I grew.

In the beginning, I think that on some level, I thought I was going to heaven. Meditating and yoga seemed to be about moving away from the body and crude earthly things. My initiation onto the dancing path came a little later. My first yoga teacher, a tie-dye clothed hippy with marijuana soft eyes who had recently returned from Africa, led me to the dance floor. If alcohol and the pub had sometimes been an escape and a loss of awareness, then I had found a new way. As with yoga and meditation, I could close my eyes when I danced and dance into a celestial fog. Reality would blur as would problems and pain.

Over months and years, my tender spiritual flower continued to open and reveal brighter, more vivid coloured petals. I was shocked to discover that real personal and spiritual growth was not about moving away from myself, towards an effulgence in the skies. I danced on through life and I slowly came to see that spiritual growth was maybe simply about becoming more myself. As the music of my life continued to play I danced into Movement Medicine. It was profoundly beautiful to discover on Yacov’s workshop that the body and earthly energies could give rise to the most vivid visions of my life. I passionately want to share them all here, to convey the vitality and the brilliant sparks. A wise friend said to me

“Rhian, visions are like dreams. Deeply personal and potentially sacred...”

“and beautiful things can bring joy when they are shared,” I answered firmly.

“Yes, but truth needs to be honoured and truth can be very personal,” he replied gently. 

I argued,

“Does sacred have to mean secret then? Don’t you think there has been enough torment and destruction caused by the secrets and lies of so called religions??”

He looked at me for a long time,

“Honey, that’s a different issue completely. Just think about it,” he replied,

“but they were so beautiful,” I answered tenderly,

“Just think about it,” he said softly.


I could do my best to share with you here the shining beauty of my ‘inner journeys’ and I’d like to think you’d understand. I would hope that my inner journeys would also touch your heart, that you too would feel a surge of vitality in your soul, but people are different. Maybe what’s beautiful for me wouldn’t be quite the same for you.

The question remains open so I will cast a look around a warm forest bright with luscious greens. My eyes will linger fondly on the glimmering surges of the swelling river. I will step now into my hollowed out canoe. As my tall Indian guide pushes us firmly away from the shore, I will worry. Unable to settle, my muscles will squirm, my knees and elbows will make corners. My form will writhe to create uneasy physical zig-zags. Twisting, my body will wriggle, and jerk on the ancient wooden floor of the boat. Finally, I will allow my lungs to fill with rich, crisp air and the stability of my bones will call forth my muscles to surrender to the all-soothing wooden vessel and the all-knowing direction of my proud Indian rower and his utter respect, his honour for the flow of the river.

with love and warm wishes


[1] Shrii Shrii Anandamurti-ji

Requiem for Journey of Empowerment 2010
This year’s Journey of Empowerment came to its close with beautiful blossomings of its participants. I realise that this journey is a very particular tripartite journey: 1) Self acceptance and feeling accepted and welcome as one is 2) Seeing oneself with truth and love 3) Freeing the power of soulful self expression.

The experience I had was of each one of us being able to reveal a level of individual unique creativity, beauty and strength which was actually quite breath-taking. One after the other, over and over people came to the stage and quite unexpected beauty, prowess and uniqueness flowed out. At first I thought it was a fluke, but it went on, sustained through out the whole group. It was as if we had found a key to the inner treasure box, and treasures over flowed with ease, readiness and became soul food for us all.

It made me so happy on the one hand to be part of this, and sad, on the other hand that normally in life we rarely get to see this level of the treasure we all carry must inside. I say ‘must’ because this group, though full of wonderful committed sincere people was not full of people with lots of experience of performing, or music, dance or theatre. And if each one of them could uncover such original flair and oomph when the conditions were right, I’d imagine that this is pretty generic to the human condition. Singing and dancing are natural to us. In a way, it is not so much that we need to learn, more that we need to unlearn that we “can’t”, and then be in a context which supports and stimulates us as we remember and develop the potential we already have deep inside. My profound respect and gratitude to this group, and bon voyage!

Susannah DK

Here are some writings by a few of the participants:


To undertake this on-going group was for me a daunting prospect but one to which I was deeply drawn at this point in my life. It has been fantastic to discover a journey that sustained me throughout the year. Inspiring, growth, delightful changes and greater confidence for my next steps forward.Through meeting wonderful people, encountering challenges, fun, laughter and the dance- I couldn’t have hoped for better and am left with re-awakened happiness and enthusiasm to seek community.

Kirsty White

What the Journey of Empowermnent has meant to me? So much! I am so grateful, at many levels.I could feel so welcome in my whole being. By this wonderful group. And so welcome by my self, a way far more than I had ever felt, at all levels. Body, Heart, Mind, Soul. Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Masculine, Feminine. Human, Divine.In my experience from the group was amongst other things the fact that everything was possible, that everyone was showing his/her truth - however it may be, sometimes joyful, sometimes deeply sad, light & shadow. That this truth was here, with care, love and respect. And that this enabled every transformation. For anyone who dared to be here and danced. And so I did. Lived my truth. And so I experienced. And so I healed. And so I danced. And so I cried. And so I enjoyed. And so I sang. And so I lived. And so I loved. And so I laughed. And so I spoke. And so I listened. And so I learnt about my self. And so I could grow.On this journey of empowerment I am so grateful to have witnessed my group companions  on their path of light. On the path of their light. On this journey of empowerment I could find my voice without pain, I could realize that it was possible to sing, enjoy, and relax at the same time, and this was a new experience to me. This journey of empowerment has also meant to me a big step in my professional life: I could realize that now was the time for this project that I’d been having for a couple of years now (and which sounded like: «One day I’ll create my own job»). I could find the courage to follow this, stand up and say: «ok Didier let’s do this! Now I let go of this underpaid job, always running after time, and where I was working in the shadow of others»... to step in my own light and dare to begin to shine.... In fact at that very moment (it was just at the end of the 1st module) I just could not do anything else but follow and take this decision, to let go, and to let space for the New to come... A funny story about it is that a couple of days after I announced the CEO of my company that I would quit my job to create my own business, he told to me: «Well, I agree with the principle, but in order that everything gets right for both of us and we have a smooth transition I propose you the following: you stay here 2 months longer, so that you help us for the transition and your replacement, working half-time (so that you can also work on your own project) AND paid full-time; and if everything gets right at the end, the year-end bonus I give you full». Quite a good encouragement, isn’t it?And this journey of empowerment has meant so many other things to me... And it’s a beginning. With tools to keep on going on my own journey. With all its challenges. And all its joys...

Thank you All! From my heart. Didier 


Dear Movement Medicine Friends,

Is it possible to have Christmas happen every day? Yes, is my answer and especially then, when you share an experience with people, whom, from far and from close decide to commit to follow the call of their Souls.I experienced in this Empowerment seminar that Energy really follows Intention. A holding field created amongst us all based on Trust, Dignity, Truth and Love were the ingredients to let this magic happen. I am very grateful for all the richness I have experienced, the profoundity of our Awareness, The Stillness in us and the ONE which danced with and between us, to make Healing take place in multiple and unexpected ways. Love reveals itself as being sweet as well as bitter at times.Yet always for the sake of our Growth and to let us become more and more Whole in order to allow us to experience as being the Jewel we truely are in the midst of any condition!


May we all be peaceful, May we all be happy and may we all know our inherent freedom and luminosity! 

Thanks to Susannah and you all! 

Maria Tassone 


On this journey I have grown from a person who enjoys singing, to a person who owns the power of her song. To be present as each person came forth with their own expression of words and melody was to witness the reclaiming of a birthright of their soul. Deeply impressive, profoundly empowering, thank you.

Thanks, love, Kat


At the last module of JoE 2010, Susannah had the great idea to makeone support group with all the six men of this Journey. We organised ourselves as necessary and appropriate. This was a powerful formation!  Although I was brought up differently, I have learned in my life that a man comes to his own masculine powers only through contact with his fathers and brothers, known and unknown, living and dead. To dancewith my fellow men travelers, to share our journey among other ourselves, is a necessary part of this dance journey to and withourselves. Susannah, that was genius: thanks for your insight, finding a way to bring it to empowerment, and the men together!



Being part of the group and travelling together throughout a big part of this year 2010, I feel grateful. The growth is present in all my cells and I see it in the bodies, faces and hearts of my companions! Essential key for this journey was the practice of MESA, explore inner and outer space. Understanding that dance starts and unfolds from deep within. My body can express its unique language in a save and sacred environment. Slowly filling my own space and nourishing my body and emotional field, then spreading out my wings and filling the sphere around me, my aura with energy and light. Protected and rooted deep within I can then widen my space and meet my companions. I can be witness of their dance deep within and coming out in the outer sphere and together our dances become meaningful, alive and transparent. Dancing together is not longer an extrovert activity; it is a meditation in movement which is deeply healing. Allowing myself to be with my self and be with each other at the same time. Praying together for a life with vision and depth, respect and in alignment with body, heart and mind. Through this practice of MESA and many other very intense exercises I was able to experience true companionship with all members of the group. Each of us was a perfect mirror for each other! Susannah and the group created a space of respect and acceptance that was loving, soft and at the same time challenging and true. Susannah is rooted in a deep spiritual awareness and her ability to call the spirits and pray for the processes in the group and our development was very present. She is able to hold a space that includes everything. I felt very protected and cared for. Thank you again for this incredible journey. I feel how I can meet life and all the everyday challenges with a different attitude, be more aware of my essence, dare to stay with myself and dare to stretch out to people around me. I am able to dance the natural rhythm of opening and closing, of spreading out and withdrawing.

The four elements become my guides and protectors, teaching me to make this life a dance.

Kristin Glenewinkel


The essence of the Journey of Empowerment

The central worth of this Journey is for me, that now I really can feel the gentleness and vulnerability of my heart. Never before I’ve experienced that strong, how important it is for me, that I finally love myself!

This wonderful space which was created during the Journey of Empowerment made possible such deep healing and opening that we finally could see some of the most beautiful essence of the soul of every person of our group. Now I know that we can create paradise on earth!



"For me the essence of our Journey : Our enlighted souls shining in "themirror of thee" as the three candles Body, Heart, Mind burning in their powerful beauty !"   Tina Haveland



 Water runs through the earth,

Cleans you from sadness.

Fear arises like clouds at the sky.

It disappears and does not leave any traces.

You are a star and you touch

The hearts of many people.

The healing is appearing out of grace.

Your body is made from earth

So you can ground yourself,

Become one with earth.

Do not be afraid, give your body

To the earth, to this world.

Light is available even if you cannot

See it and light will save you

From getting swallowed.

You are light yourself.

Never forget this essence of light.

Light is moving you, is making you dance,

Light is purifying you, is giving you strength.

You are a mother, mother of earth,

You give life to endless beings.

You allow chaos and freedom in your life

All creations are your children.

Creativity is joy and pure being.

Out of chaos arises a deep understanding.

The bird of wisdom and compassion is crossing the Great skies and you have arrived home.

Kristin Glenwinkle


Mending the Circle - Israel
By Ben Yeger

This is an account of assisting Ya’Acov in December, on “Mending the Circle” in Israel.  I hold a lot of personal history and current investment in the place and its people and this was with me during the Workshop journey and I feel it now as I write.

I have been dancing primarily with Ya’Acov for ten years and am now coming to the end of the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship journey on route to embarking on the Teacher Training one.  Its been a magical mystery tour of which joining Ya’Acov in Israel, several times as a student and more recently as an assistant, has been a natural and very important part of my learning and development.

I am Jewish, born in England, grew up In Israel and as a young man I served in the Israeli army as a paratrooper during the first Lebanon war (83-86).  I am currently the UK Representative of Combatants for Peace (CfP). We are a bi National Organisation made up of Israeli’s and Palestinians who in the past were involved in violent action (As Israeli soldiers or as part of the Palestinian armed resistance against the occupation) and who now choose to participate in a non violent, joint struggle to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I believe that as well as being a profound infringement of the human rights of the Palestinians that the occupation is deeply unhealthy for the healing of the collective Jewish/Israeli Narrative. Both peoples are imprisoned by this reality and I am driven by a desire to bring about freedom for all.

I have and continue to seek the links between my work with CfP and MM practice.

I have to admit that since becoming more closely involved with Combatants for Peace during the last two years, I have openly questioned the validity of offering such transformational work to Israelis in the light of the occupation of the Palestinian People. Questions have been pre occupying me during this time. ; Do Israeli’s who aren’t fully engaged in trying to end the occupation really ‘deserve’ the work? Should I be offering my time and energy to these workshops? Should Ya’Acov be addressing the issue of the occupation more directly in the workshops? What about Palestinians who can’t access this work, how could MM be offered to them? What about bringing Palestinians and Israeli’s together in a space to do MM, How might that work? These questions have been running around my head and have sat sometimes in conflict with my deep respect, love, commitment and trust of Ya’Acov and MM. And, here I was faced with a call from deep inside to step into my own conflict and to assist, to follow this voice that won’t go away that tells me that this is part of the work I’m here to do, this is part of my own journey, be a bridge between people, between practices, between countries. So I stepped in…. and  ‘Mending the circle’ was one whopping magical step.

Here is my personal account of the visit …

7th of December- Ben- Gurion airport, Tel-Aviv, Israel- Ya’Acov, Sabine and Silvana emerge from the gates of customs beaming.  I am there to meet them and be their driver and host.  My heart is warmed and I relax.  On route to my Fathers house, I decide to take them all to my childhood beach, for a stunning sunset and a swim. This has been my ritual for near to 25 years now and it was  a real privilege to share it with my friends. We take in the sea in our own ways, I swim in the beautiful waters of a sea oblivious to the fact that Europe is engulfed in some of the coldest conditions in history. Grandfather sun skillfully and gracefully does his thing and sinks into the waters guiding us to gentle darkness. 

We then arrive at the Kibbutz where I grew up and where my father and youngest brother still live. Although I haven’t lived here for over 20 years it still has a feel of home. We go out for dinner at an Arabic restaurant and when we arrive the table is already abundant with many beautiful salads, humus and other wonderful Mediterranean dips. We decide that this could become a wonderful custom just simply accept what is put before you - the food is sumptuous too.

Next day after I have had a morning cycle with my 72 old father in the wonderfully warm and comforting sun, we set off of on the journey to the workshop that is taking place in an amazing eco space.

As the dancing tribe arrive I recognise many familiar faces- mostly women who have been coming to dance with Ya’Acov since I have been coming here- about 6 years now. As in the past – the welcome is warm, and the hugs abundant- it’s like meeting old family on the annual visit.  As ever the first dance is deep and warm. Ya’Acovs sensitive words introducing the need to dance to mend the circle in this land touch me deeply. The circle here, in this complex land, this land of contradictions, this land full of pain and historical conflict, really needs mending in so many ways and in so many places. Ya’Acov is gentle and very honest about his own complex relationship to this land, to its people and the current situation. It’s strong and I feel moved by his directness-We dance for two full days exploring the MM Mesa. Dancing the fascinating journeys between micro, media and macro. Getting to know our own circle in relation to one another, learning how to stay true, safe and real whilst becoming aware of the other and the whole community. This groundwork feels vital in this context. It seems to me that one of the fundamental issues in the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians is both peoples fear of stepping into the shoes of the other for fear they will loose their identity/safety So dancing this particular aspect of the practice felt  very profound.

We are preparing for ceremony on Friday.  In the ceremony the invitation will be to dance through the whole of the MM Mandala – what a treat!! On Friday afternoon I leave the group to join a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah ( -Israel) this is part of the ongoing struggle where Israelis, Palestinians and internationals stand side-by-side and non-violently demonstrate against the Israeli Governments policy and action on Palestinian house demolition and other human rights violations.  Despite my slight feeling of guilt about leaving my job as an assistant – this action feels connected and important to me. On my return I discover that most people in the workshop have no idea about this long- standing campaign. Many people show interest and want information about it all, so despite my initial shock at their lack of knowledge, - their response warms my heart- so this is one of the purposes of me going…

In preparation for the ceremony- Ya’Acov confirms that he would like me to DJ for the first four dimensions within the MM Mandala (self, others, community, ancestors/spirit world) this is a challenge and I feel very nervous. I have done a fair amount of warms ups and even a bit of music in ceremony (Ya’Acov took over mid way last time, I obviously wasn’t quite ready then…) but this feels like a whole other ball game. Moreover, Ya'Acov lets me know that he will be out on the floor doing healings so really wont be available to DJ if I am struggling- so the heat is really on!! I sit to prepare my music as best I can – I want to keep it real and fresh so that I’m responding to the group and what feels right in the moment. Im trying to find the balance between this and a certain level of preparedness. Ya’Acov sits beside me and smiles, one of those knowing smiles …

We dance through divine feminine/divine masculine, the four elements and the 9 gateways. At every stage of the dance I feel how this amazing Manadala keeps on revealing its riches to me and us- it has so much to offer and it has so much space to include all experiences and before I know it- Ya’Acov whispers in my ear- “Your on in 5 minutes…” Gulp!! My heart beats, my hands feel slightly sweaty, Ya’Acov smiles… I feel the support of both Sabine and Silvana throughout the 3.5 hours of my music playing as they keep time for the changeovers, offer smiles and Tea and loving hugs at the end- thank you dear fellow assistants. At some point during the first round- Ya'Acov leans in and asks me- “ What’s behind you?” I pause and am not sure what the answer is- I am lost in being alone in the task… he leans even closer and says- “All the support you need, just lean back and relax, its all there…” – In that moment I just sit back and trust the music I have chosen, the moment in time, the process and very importantly I trust Ya’Acovs words. It is so beautiful and such an honour to have this opportunity to offer music for ceremony- it is a truly magical thing. 

The whole ceremony is deep and moving.  I particularly notice my dear friend and fellow Combatant for Peace (This is his first time dancing MM) really dive deep into the ceremony and allow his body to absorb the richness of it all- beauty in motion… The Ceremony ends at 5am as the sun rises and the space is illuminated by all the amazing dancers and their dances – it has been a gentle and very moving experience which I imagine will echo for some time to come. We then peel off to our various beds to get a few hours of well-deserved sleep.

The following days dance (our last of the workshop) is full of light and lightness- smiles, hugs, Gratitude, some tears and much laughter. A storm is brewing after a serious drought here in Israel and after this workshop there is one more thing to do…

I have arranged for us to travel to Shufa in the West Bank where Ya'Acov will lead a short movement class with Israelis and Palestinians, all members of CfP. We drive through the checkpoint and then arrive in Shufa Castle, a small yet beautiful space. There are five Israelis (two men and three  women) and eight Palestinian men, We gather in a circle, we have no way of playing music so Ya'Acov will use the drum and Sabine will support him. I feel a sense of excitement- how will it go? How will the group respond? We gather in a circle and Ya'Acov speaks briefly about why we  Dance. Then we start to move- body parts, sensing our own circle, our own space and then Ya'Acov starts to talk of freedom in the movement, inviting us all to find freedom and I feel my heart beat, mentioning freedom in this context is so profound, so bold and so very right. I am so moved by Ya'Acovs courage to step so quickly and directly into the depth of the issue. I am also so moved as I see my fellow dancers and close friends slowly relax into the movement and the freedom it offers. The moment when Ya'Acov invites us all to simply let go shake out what needs to be released is so amazing and again so moving that tears come to my eyes. I feel so full of gratitude and hope- this feels like a real beginning of something. I have been dreaming of a moment like this for some time…

The feedback from the participants is rich and revealing- Many talk of the profound sense of freedom they felt in the body and how they were able for just a short while be free of the shackles of the occupation (on both sides). How the dance became a new medium for being together, to viewing the other and in some ways removing barriers and realising that we all have a body that can move and is essentially free to do so, no matter what anyone else says or does.  Of course this is paradoxical, because all of the Palestinians live under the occupation and have served time in Israeli prisons.  So they all have real experiences of external forces taking away their liberty- and for this one hour their inner freedom was visible and felt.

At the end of this hour I feel a visceral sense of excitement from everyone. It is time to bid Ya'Acov Sabine and Silvana goodbye now- my hosting of them is now done- I feel so very full of excitement, joy, tiredness and pride. Hugs and kisses, some gentle tears and as I am hugging Ya'Acov he tells me that when he was meditating on the rock by the sea on the first day, he realised that from now onwards his visits would include some teaching with Israelis and Palestinians.

Thank you Ya'Acov- thank you spirit, thank you to all brothers and sisters who invest in making peace with those who used to be called enemies, thank you for the opportunity to seek justice, peace and freedom as reflected in many different mirrors. Thanks for the spirit of the dance and the dancer in all of us which is already perfectly free to live and the hope that this notion gives us all. Thanks to Ruth and my children for traveling with me thus far.

My work is done (For now)

Thank you for reading…


Ben, Shine in the Dark (The Boss)

Here is a link to a video of the session at Shufa Castle



Down Under
by Caroline Carey

I received an email from Honor in Australia, she asked me if Ben and I would be happy to bring some of our work to her own community in Australia. I felt very privileged to have been asked as well as it feeling rather daunting. I don't mind traveling but it felt a rather long way! So I thought about it for awhile. A long trip away from my children, sitting on a plane for 23 hours, I am not good at being still for that long! And then I began to realize what an amazing opportunity I was also being given.

I have a grandaughter who I have never met. My sons daughter, Beth. He was separated from her mother before the birth and they went their separate ways. He has been to visit when he can but I never made it. The sweet little girl now 7 years old was born with brittle bone's and not able to travel. It has made me very sad not to see her grow up and be part of her life or be able to support her amidst operations and challenges because of her health. But now the dance is giving me that opportunity next year. Of course I said yes to carrying my work over the oceans to the other side of the world. Ben and I will offer 'One Giant Leap 4 Dance' as well as our 'In-Sight' workshop. 

You can view 'One Giant Leap 4 Dance' on this LINK>>>   it is a workshop where we show chapters of the award winning film One Giant Leap, dance to the music and learn from the many teachings from around the world. This film was shot by Ben (Cole) who also made the recent Long Dance film. The workshop includes my teachings and meditations with the Movement Medicine practice and is a wonderful way to combine what we are learning here with many cultures from around the world.

and here is a little about the 'In-Sight' workshop ....

In this day and age we are bombarded with speakers, presenters and teachers from so many walks of life. Politicians, gurus, spiritual and world leaders to name but a few. But in the work we are creating, we begin to learn that we are all great teachers and speakers, all with some deep wisdom about who we are and what are we doing with our lives, this we can then share with others. If we were to put aside our own fears and inhibitions, a simple look, a meaningful statement, could change the power of the negative critic in every one's mind into a more compassionate friend. A moment of being valued and seen could change the way a person really felt about them selves. How often do you look in the mirror and really like what you see in your own reflection? When you stand there for a long time and just look deeply into your own eyes.

Are you awake?

The world today is highly competitive and the way we present ourselves is becoming more important to our success in business and personal relationships. Often we become a victim of our own inner critic, which can send us reeling into self-conscious paralyses!   We will give you the opportunity to see yourself relaxed and centered. Creating a clear self awareness, so that you deliver your message effectively, expressing yourself in a powerful and authentic way. Combined with Movement Medicine we are able to relax and be present,  in order to be more authentic in front of the camera. Taking away the fear of really being seen in our light.   In-Sight LINK>>>

I am hoping this new visit will be successful in more ways than one and hoping it will create the bridge necessary for me to begin a closer relationship with my grandaughter.

As well as this it will take us to a whole new culture and also create that bridge between the Movement Medicine world and Australia. For more information about this work please see

I look forward to meeting those of you who will be there and will right an update after the visit next April hopefully with a lovely photo of myself and my Grandaughter :)

For those of you a little closer to home my work is continuing in London with many Movement Medicine classes and workshops.  MM Classes are now on Tuesdays, called 'Medicine Dance'

 at Interchange, Belsize Park from January 25th and the first workshop of the year is 'from The Cave of Intelligence' see LINK>>>

We also have a London On-Going group called 'Alchemy In The City' beginning in January. My lovely organizer Karen will be happy to give you more info.

Much Love to you all and happy dancing

Caroline x

stepping one step backwards

By Erica

i was in the dark

i heard  the screaming off the suffering people around me

i couldn't help them

i didn't scream

i couldn't produce one sound

i was in silence in hell

i can't help myself now

i need to connect

i need  faith

i need to believe in human spirit

to continue

to see beauty

to feel warmth

to feel free

to be water

to continue



this is my tree

grounded with the earth, still making new roots

my branches are still strong

During Source workshop

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