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Issue: January 2011
What Women Want

By Roland

There is a very useful piece of advice for aspiring writers which is ‘write what you know about’.  So I thought I would start the New Year by writing on a subject of which I am an acknowledged expert.

Now at this point I imagine that the expression on your face might be something like that on my partner’s when I told her the title of this piece.  It was a blend of incredulity & amusement, mixed with a touch of shock and a sprinkling of horror.

In fact I stole this title from an article (written by a man) in an email newsletter I received recently. It was while reading  his piece in which he explained that women need men to be strong and steer the ship so that they can feel secure and happy,  that I realised why I have a lot of respect for Susannah and Ya’Acovs’ work.  

Elsewhere in this newsletter we have an article "Movement Medicine: becoming an 'All day Artist'" made up from quotations relating to the question “What is Movement Medicine?” These quotations are all taken from application forms recently received for the Teacher Training course,  written by dancers on the current Apprenticeship Programme. I particularly resonated with quotes like “landing deep inside yourself and understanding your connection with others, the wider web of life and the mystery and wonder of it all” and “finding our own Medicine with which to walk powerfully in our lives”.   Movement Medicine is not a path where one is given formulaic  answers, but instead  provides a practice which enables one to find ones’ own true identity and so to unlock one’s potential.  It is at heart pragmatic.  If you want to know what a woman wants - ask her.

As we move into the New Year the old Apprenticeship is nearing its completion with the final module starting in a few days time. And at the same time we are in the process of dealing with the many applications we have received for the next Apprenticeship due to start in March 2012.  (If you want to apply there is still a chance to do so and we will be looking at the second batch of applications in the summer)

Our latest postal mailing has left here and is due to arrive on people’s doorsteps in time for the School of Movement Medicine’s 4th birthday at 5.26 in the morning UK time on the 10th of January.  There is an invitation to join us in sending out prayers in all directions at this time.

The first week of the year has been one of the busiest I have ever known with applications coming in for most of our major workshops.  The Phoenix Retreat which is taking place 7 -14th April is now fully booked with a waiting list but there are still some places on all our other major courses – Susannah’s ongoing group Journey of Empowerment, the workshops which make up Ya’Acov’s Rituals work and the Initiation workshop. And there is space for 2 more couples on The Space Between Us workshop Feb 2- 6th.  We are now accepting applications for this year’s Summer Long Dance – 8th -12thJuly.   There is an application form for all the above workshops.  Please either contact me for a form or download one from the website by going to the relevant workshop page and click on ‘download the application form’ at the bottom of the page.

Susannah and Ya’Acov have recently restarted teaching The Way of the Dancing Warrior both as a weekend workshop and as an Intensive residential workshop.  The first of these will be at Orval in Belgium 30th  This work is strongly recommended both to those who are new to the work and to more experienced dancers.  There is no application form for this.
March to 3th April.

Coming up soon

7 – 8 Feb.  Pacha Mama day led by Susannah and Ya’Acov at    Waldhaus, Switzerland   Pacha Mama (German version)  Pacha Mama (Enlgish version) Contact Waldhaus at +41 34-461 07

11 - 13 Feb  Prague   For All Our Relations  led by Ya’acov.  Contact: Raduca +42 224 827 417

12 – 13th   E-Motion: Wild Life    Olten, Switzerland led by Susannah. Contact: Katriona +41 33 676 2708  This is preceded by a Move! on Friday 11th

 14th    Paris  Susannah are giving a talk followed by Move! session in Paris. Contact:  Pierre-Henri +33 615 325 816

 15th    Susannah will run a Move! evening in London.  Contact  Alex +44 7868842219

 25th  - 27th  Ya’Acov is off to South Africa to teach For All Our Relations in  Cape Town.  Contact: Jane ++27 766963527

 26th – 27th Susannah is teaching DanSing  in  Munich, Germany.  Contact: Claudia +49 89 292644

This is proceed by a Move! evening on the 25th.

Oh - “What do women want?” I don't know. Why not ask them?

Wishing you a wonderful New Year



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