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Issue: January 2011
Blue Moon to Lunar Eclipse

By Susannah

This last year started with a fierce, beautiful, blue moon and drew towards its close with the lunar eclipse this solstice. The solstice came during Returning Home, our annual end of the year ceremonial workshop to honour and release one year and dream in the new. We realised this was our 20th such workshop, the first being ‘Patterns in the Sand’ at the Beacon Centre.

At this workshop, our son, who was a few months old, watched hours of ritual theatre as engrossed as any of us, and Basil, one of the owners of the place, came dressed as a knight templar to bring us a cake as the bells struck midnight. Several of the people who were on that workshop are now teaching movement in different guises and bringing the dance to many others.

This year has seen our first Apprenticeship journey maturing, and us preparing for the first teacher training. Its seen Movement Medicine’s mesa growing and becoming clearer and more tangible, 6 Billion Reasons transforming into Mosaic: Earth, the first open Long Dance manifested with our apprentices, its seen Cancun turn into a positive step forward for our global earth stewardship. Its seen the little gathering of houses where we live turn into a micro-generation hub, with solar PVs on many of the houses, its seen the Darling Khan’s slowly turning into gardeners, I finally took my drum on the road (and I’m so glad I did!) and it saw Ya’Acov come to dance in one of my workshops. This autumn has seen several of friends’ fathers or mothers die, and the feeling of the generation wheel turning, and realising at another level the poignant, beautiful impermanence of it all. My brother and I found each other again, and both of our families have been strong in our hearts and experience this year.

Over the summer we had danced to my new guided CD (still in the cauldron of mixing) Elemental and were touched by the depth of the work as we received our own guidance. Ya’Acov said he’d like to come and dance at one of my workshops. I said “yes, of course, that’d be great!” not really thinking it would happen (knowing our schedules) and that anyway it would be way in the future (when I would doubtless be “ready”).  I should have known my dear husband better! When Ya’Acov decides something, it tends to happen! So, as serendipity would have it, the workshop which fitted the bill was The Way of the Dancing Warrior workshop in London in November. Of course, of all of the courses I teach, this was 1) a new one for me and 2) one that Ya’Acov had been developing for a while, even though in this new form it was a co-creation. One of my ‘Achilles heels’ is self doubt combined with projecting my power on the nearest available apparent authourity so, whoopee, one of those little challenges suddenly on the horizon! Ya’Acov totally surrendered to his role as dancer, and I felt my way into the workshop, and on Sunday we came into the harvest and danced for our lives, with our lives. It was a lovely surprise to see Ya’Acov, when I glimpsed him in the crowd, purely as a dancer, and what a dancer he has become! Graceful, light, strong, free, expressive, fascinating, energy in motion, the ten thousand things forming and re-forming in potent beauty and ever changing fluidity. Wow, that’s my man! That is the man who, 22 years ago, when we arrived on that dance floor in Hampstead with Gabrielle, could hardly unbunch himself enough to come out of ‘garden gnome’ without a drink. That is a result! We were both very grateful to the group, who let him simply be, and be a dancer amongst other dancers. So it may well be that you may spot either of us on a dance floor sometimes in the coming year.

Wishing us all very well, as individuals and as a species, and the courage and willingness to follow our true dreams,


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