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Issue: January 2011
Requiem for Journey of Empowerment 2010

This year’s Journey of Empowerment came to its close with beautiful blossomings of its participants. I realise that this journey is a very particular tripartite journey: 1) Self acceptance and feeling accepted and welcome as one is 2) Seeing oneself with truth and love 3) Freeing the power of soulful self expression.

The experience I had was of each one of us being able to reveal a level of individual unique creativity, beauty and strength which was actually quite breath-taking. One after the other, over and over people came to the stage and quite unexpected beauty, prowess and uniqueness flowed out. At first I thought it was a fluke, but it went on, sustained through out the whole group. It was as if we had found a key to the inner treasure box, and treasures over flowed with ease, readiness and became soul food for us all.

It made me so happy on the one hand to be part of this, and sad, on the other hand that normally in life we rarely get to see this level of the treasure we all carry must inside. I say ‘must’ because this group, though full of wonderful committed sincere people was not full of people with lots of experience of performing, or music, dance or theatre. And if each one of them could uncover such original flair and oomph when the conditions were right, I’d imagine that this is pretty generic to the human condition. Singing and dancing are natural to us. In a way, it is not so much that we need to learn, more that we need to unlearn that we “can’t”, and then be in a context which supports and stimulates us as we remember and develop the potential we already have deep inside. My profound respect and gratitude to this group, and bon voyage!

Susannah DK

Here are some writings by a few of the participants:


To undertake this on-going group was for me a daunting prospect but one to which I was deeply drawn at this point in my life. It has been fantastic to discover a journey that sustained me throughout the year. Inspiring, growth, delightful changes and greater confidence for my next steps forward.Through meeting wonderful people, encountering challenges, fun, laughter and the dance- I couldn’t have hoped for better and am left with re-awakened happiness and enthusiasm to seek community.

Kirsty White

What the Journey of Empowermnent has meant to me? So much! I am so grateful, at many levels.I could feel so welcome in my whole being. By this wonderful group. And so welcome by my self, a way far more than I had ever felt, at all levels. Body, Heart, Mind, Soul. Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Masculine, Feminine. Human, Divine.In my experience from the group was amongst other things the fact that everything was possible, that everyone was showing his/her truth - however it may be, sometimes joyful, sometimes deeply sad, light & shadow. That this truth was here, with care, love and respect. And that this enabled every transformation. For anyone who dared to be here and danced. And so I did. Lived my truth. And so I experienced. And so I healed. And so I danced. And so I cried. And so I enjoyed. And so I sang. And so I lived. And so I loved. And so I laughed. And so I spoke. And so I listened. And so I learnt about my self. And so I could grow.On this journey of empowerment I am so grateful to have witnessed my group companions  on their path of light. On the path of their light. On this journey of empowerment I could find my voice without pain, I could realize that it was possible to sing, enjoy, and relax at the same time, and this was a new experience to me. This journey of empowerment has also meant to me a big step in my professional life: I could realize that now was the time for this project that I’d been having for a couple of years now (and which sounded like: «One day I’ll create my own job»). I could find the courage to follow this, stand up and say: «ok Didier let’s do this! Now I let go of this underpaid job, always running after time, and where I was working in the shadow of others»... to step in my own light and dare to begin to shine.... In fact at that very moment (it was just at the end of the 1st module) I just could not do anything else but follow and take this decision, to let go, and to let space for the New to come... A funny story about it is that a couple of days after I announced the CEO of my company that I would quit my job to create my own business, he told to me: «Well, I agree with the principle, but in order that everything gets right for both of us and we have a smooth transition I propose you the following: you stay here 2 months longer, so that you help us for the transition and your replacement, working half-time (so that you can also work on your own project) AND paid full-time; and if everything gets right at the end, the year-end bonus I give you full». Quite a good encouragement, isn’t it?And this journey of empowerment has meant so many other things to me... And it’s a beginning. With tools to keep on going on my own journey. With all its challenges. And all its joys...

Thank you All! From my heart. Didier 


Dear Movement Medicine Friends,

Is it possible to have Christmas happen every day? Yes, is my answer and especially then, when you share an experience with people, whom, from far and from close decide to commit to follow the call of their Souls.I experienced in this Empowerment seminar that Energy really follows Intention. A holding field created amongst us all based on Trust, Dignity, Truth and Love were the ingredients to let this magic happen. I am very grateful for all the richness I have experienced, the profoundity of our Awareness, The Stillness in us and the ONE which danced with and between us, to make Healing take place in multiple and unexpected ways. Love reveals itself as being sweet as well as bitter at times.Yet always for the sake of our Growth and to let us become more and more Whole in order to allow us to experience as being the Jewel we truely are in the midst of any condition!


May we all be peaceful, May we all be happy and may we all know our inherent freedom and luminosity! 

Thanks to Susannah and you all! 

Maria Tassone 


On this journey I have grown from a person who enjoys singing, to a person who owns the power of her song. To be present as each person came forth with their own expression of words and melody was to witness the reclaiming of a birthright of their soul. Deeply impressive, profoundly empowering, thank you.

Thanks, love, Kat


At the last module of JoE 2010, Susannah had the great idea to makeone support group with all the six men of this Journey. We organised ourselves as necessary and appropriate. This was a powerful formation!  Although I was brought up differently, I have learned in my life that a man comes to his own masculine powers only through contact with his fathers and brothers, known and unknown, living and dead. To dancewith my fellow men travelers, to share our journey among other ourselves, is a necessary part of this dance journey to and withourselves. Susannah, that was genius: thanks for your insight, finding a way to bring it to empowerment, and the men together!



Being part of the group and travelling together throughout a big part of this year 2010, I feel grateful. The growth is present in all my cells and I see it in the bodies, faces and hearts of my companions! Essential key for this journey was the practice of MESA, explore inner and outer space. Understanding that dance starts and unfolds from deep within. My body can express its unique language in a save and sacred environment. Slowly filling my own space and nourishing my body and emotional field, then spreading out my wings and filling the sphere around me, my aura with energy and light. Protected and rooted deep within I can then widen my space and meet my companions. I can be witness of their dance deep within and coming out in the outer sphere and together our dances become meaningful, alive and transparent. Dancing together is not longer an extrovert activity; it is a meditation in movement which is deeply healing. Allowing myself to be with my self and be with each other at the same time. Praying together for a life with vision and depth, respect and in alignment with body, heart and mind. Through this practice of MESA and many other very intense exercises I was able to experience true companionship with all members of the group. Each of us was a perfect mirror for each other! Susannah and the group created a space of respect and acceptance that was loving, soft and at the same time challenging and true. Susannah is rooted in a deep spiritual awareness and her ability to call the spirits and pray for the processes in the group and our development was very present. She is able to hold a space that includes everything. I felt very protected and cared for. Thank you again for this incredible journey. I feel how I can meet life and all the everyday challenges with a different attitude, be more aware of my essence, dare to stay with myself and dare to stretch out to people around me. I am able to dance the natural rhythm of opening and closing, of spreading out and withdrawing.

The four elements become my guides and protectors, teaching me to make this life a dance.

Kristin Glenewinkel


The essence of the Journey of Empowerment

The central worth of this Journey is for me, that now I really can feel the gentleness and vulnerability of my heart. Never before I’ve experienced that strong, how important it is for me, that I finally love myself!

This wonderful space which was created during the Journey of Empowerment made possible such deep healing and opening that we finally could see some of the most beautiful essence of the soul of every person of our group. Now I know that we can create paradise on earth!



"For me the essence of our Journey : Our enlighted souls shining in "themirror of thee" as the three candles Body, Heart, Mind burning in their powerful beauty !"   Tina Haveland



 Water runs through the earth,

Cleans you from sadness.

Fear arises like clouds at the sky.

It disappears and does not leave any traces.

You are a star and you touch

The hearts of many people.

The healing is appearing out of grace.

Your body is made from earth

So you can ground yourself,

Become one with earth.

Do not be afraid, give your body

To the earth, to this world.

Light is available even if you cannot

See it and light will save you

From getting swallowed.

You are light yourself.

Never forget this essence of light.

Light is moving you, is making you dance,

Light is purifying you, is giving you strength.

You are a mother, mother of earth,

You give life to endless beings.

You allow chaos and freedom in your life

All creations are your children.

Creativity is joy and pure being.

Out of chaos arises a deep understanding.

The bird of wisdom and compassion is crossing the Great skies and you have arrived home.

Kristin Glenwinkle


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