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Issue: January 2011
Down Under

by Caroline Carey

I received an email from Honor in Australia, she asked me if Ben and I would be happy to bring some of our work to her own community in Australia. I felt very privileged to have been asked as well as it feeling rather daunting. I don't mind traveling but it felt a rather long way! So I thought about it for awhile. A long trip away from my children, sitting on a plane for 23 hours, I am not good at being still for that long! And then I began to realize what an amazing opportunity I was also being given.

I have a grandaughter who I have never met. My sons daughter, Beth. He was separated from her mother before the birth and they went their separate ways. He has been to visit when he can but I never made it. The sweet little girl now 7 years old was born with brittle bone's and not able to travel. It has made me very sad not to see her grow up and be part of her life or be able to support her amidst operations and challenges because of her health. But now the dance is giving me that opportunity next year. Of course I said yes to carrying my work over the oceans to the other side of the world. Ben and I will offer 'One Giant Leap 4 Dance' as well as our 'In-Sight' workshop. 

You can view 'One Giant Leap 4 Dance' on this LINK>>>   it is a workshop where we show chapters of the award winning film One Giant Leap, dance to the music and learn from the many teachings from around the world. This film was shot by Ben (Cole) who also made the recent Long Dance film. The workshop includes my teachings and meditations with the Movement Medicine practice and is a wonderful way to combine what we are learning here with many cultures from around the world.

and here is a little about the 'In-Sight' workshop ....

In this day and age we are bombarded with speakers, presenters and teachers from so many walks of life. Politicians, gurus, spiritual and world leaders to name but a few. But in the work we are creating, we begin to learn that we are all great teachers and speakers, all with some deep wisdom about who we are and what are we doing with our lives, this we can then share with others. If we were to put aside our own fears and inhibitions, a simple look, a meaningful statement, could change the power of the negative critic in every one's mind into a more compassionate friend. A moment of being valued and seen could change the way a person really felt about them selves. How often do you look in the mirror and really like what you see in your own reflection? When you stand there for a long time and just look deeply into your own eyes.

Are you awake?

The world today is highly competitive and the way we present ourselves is becoming more important to our success in business and personal relationships. Often we become a victim of our own inner critic, which can send us reeling into self-conscious paralyses!   We will give you the opportunity to see yourself relaxed and centered. Creating a clear self awareness, so that you deliver your message effectively, expressing yourself in a powerful and authentic way. Combined with Movement Medicine we are able to relax and be present,  in order to be more authentic in front of the camera. Taking away the fear of really being seen in our light.   In-Sight LINK>>>

I am hoping this new visit will be successful in more ways than one and hoping it will create the bridge necessary for me to begin a closer relationship with my grandaughter.

As well as this it will take us to a whole new culture and also create that bridge between the Movement Medicine world and Australia. For more information about this work please see

I look forward to meeting those of you who will be there and will right an update after the visit next April hopefully with a lovely photo of myself and my Grandaughter :)

For those of you a little closer to home my work is continuing in London with many Movement Medicine classes and workshops.  MM Classes are now on Tuesdays, called 'Medicine Dance'

 at Interchange, Belsize Park from January 25th and the first workshop of the year is 'from The Cave of Intelligence' see LINK>>>

We also have a London On-Going group called 'Alchemy In The City' beginning in January. My lovely organizer Karen will be happy to give you more info.

Much Love to you all and happy dancing

Caroline x

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