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Issue: November 2010
Le Petit Gourmand. (the little greedy)

Chris Sherville regularly cooks for School of Movement Medicine events at the Rill Centre in Devon. Many of you have asked for his recipes. He now has a new website where some of his delicious recipes are available as well as his blog about, well about whatever crosses his mind! As those of you who have met him know, he has quite a sense of humour. Read on…..

By Chris Sherville

It is not a question I had ever had to ask myself, until I met The School of Movement Medicine. What do you give people for breakfast, who’ve spent all night in a grave?

Being a vegetarian course, blood products were, for obvious reasons, off the menu and anyway, you can’t get ‘huggy’ dragging those drip stands around.

I suppose ‘looking like death’ is considered a good thing at that stage of the process and it was not surprising when you consider that Y’Acov and his assistants were wondering the hillside beating drums, keeping you all awake, like hooligan, woodland faeries. I would have thought getting tucked up into an early grave for a nice bit of sleep could have been ok, if a bit unusual.

Thankfully, although you appeared to have come straight from the set of a George. A. Romero film, you settled down to a nice breakfast of Meusli and Barley cup (that’s another first for me) and we, in the kitchen could get on with preparing another yummy dinner of veg and 2 veg.

(Actually, if I can be frank, I think you got the wrong sort of Indians. I mean, Elk, Moose and Bison are not exactly roaming the Devon countryside and my suppliers have never even heard of Pemmican. On the other hand, vegetable tikka masala can be found on almost every high street and let’s face it, Yoga is a bit of a doddle, just a lot of lying around in weird positions. But no, Y’Acov wants you to follow the great parrot and the big bear across the big plain without considering the problems for the kitchen. Me, Me, Me, I say!)

But, even though folk who dance around in their pyjamas all day, wailing, might be considered certifiable in some quarters, we come from a broad church and have learnt to keep ourselves squirreled away in the kitchen, listening to The Archers and wondering what to do with quinoa…again, only occasionally venturing out for a random hug and see you climb the walls because there was refined sugar in the desert.

In all seriousness, we have had a journey of our own and met some lovely, lovely people. We have had the challenge of cooking food that had never even crossed my mind and had some fun  and learnt something while we did it. I hope you might find reading the blog useful and you can use the recipes for some of the food you have enjoyed, which will be uploaded on a regular basis.



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