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Issue: November 2010
Good News!

By Susannah

6 Billion Reasons spreads its wings and becomes Mosaic:Earth. Read more about the story below. Check out for Mosaic: Earth and tell your friends!

Thanks to the work and commitment of One Climate, 6 Billion Reasons is transforming into its next incarnation. I am blown away, happy, relieved, amazed, and grateful. It’s been re-named “Mosaic:Earth” and is being supported by the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) and will be attached to The Prince of Wales film ‘Harmony’ which will be seen all over the world. You’ll be able to add your own messages and visuals soon. (We’ll let you know!) Thank you to all of you who supported it in different ways, and who have put up images, messages and videos. Here’s my part of the story!

In 2008 when we first saw the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium created by the Pachamama Alliance, I was startled, inspired and challenged by Van Jones saying: “A standing ovation starts with one fool standing up”. In the early summer of 2009 I had an insistent vision. It kept coming back and just would not go away. It was to create a “standing ovation for life on earth,” a project to empower all of us to become visible, creative, and to give the politicians at the Climate Change summits courage and a clear, strong mandate from the earth’s people. I saw people standing up holding a coloured disc, either solo or in groups large and small, making patterns which could be read from a satellite to say “I care about life on earth, I mandate you the politicians, to make the leap, to work together, to think out of the box, to put the future first.” I saw rainbow serpents emerging and dancing on the earth, each dot representing one human being,

I hesitated for ages, feeling that I couldn’t do it, didn’t know how to do it. Surely someone else would! Ya’Acov encouraged me, and after a while of sharing with friends who were supportive and could see the potential, I realized, one misty day walking in the forest, that if Standing Ovation Day was a cloudy day we’d be skuppered! **** I couldn’t believe that this vision had come and bothered me so much for nothing, there must be a next step! Eventually Nick Hart Williams helped us realise that this dream could be played in cyber space, where it could be creative, long lasting, far-reaching, potent, intimate AND global. He put us in touch with the amazing Anuradha Vittachi (journalist, author and catalyst) and Peter Armstrong (award winning pioneer in interactive media) who created One Climate many years ago. They both found their hearts saying a huge YES to this project which resonated with a life-defining and compelling dream of Anuradha’s and an alliance was born. Soon after this I went to meeting, told people about this project and was given a cheque for a large amount by a woman who got “it”. I returned home weeping with joy and surprise. The universe turns. Rosie Perks (the designer of our website and our visuals ) came on board sparked by the same sense of earth love, worked with Peter and Anuradha to design the 6 Billion Reasons website. The logo is her beautiful creation.

Then we began working towards Copenhagen and it all got sticky. We were all over stretched. The money we had been given ran out. Somehow, after that impressive start, I couldn’t seem to raise more. Peter and Anuradha’s team put everything into getting it usable in time and they de-stabilised their own non-profit by over stretching their budget, their noble team and themselves.

Since Copenhagen Peter and Anuradha have been working steadily to steady their own boat and to continue to hold the flame of this vision. Sensing that they had become the main “parents” of this child, and that it was in their care now, and that we couldn’t do anything to support them until their own ideas and initiatives clarified, this time for me became about waiting, supporting, praying, and learning (again and again!) to trust the process and the grace of timing. And, after months of resting (thank you to Ya’Acov and to Sarah Patterson who have supported me in this, and I’ve needed their support! in the not knowing), this news arrived from Anuradha:

The Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA), the world's biggest civil society global climate coalition, agreed to support the next phase of the development of 6BR, now renamed 'Mosaic:Earth' ... and we are working hard to ensure that they, or some of their contacts, will also support the next-next phase of its development too.

GCCA have linked up with Prince Charles and his 'Harmony' group. You will no doubt have head about 'Harmony'- Prince Charles’s new book and film in which he has set out his own personal view of how we can live sustainably to protect the long-term future of our planet. ‘Harmony’ challenges the reader/viewer to reconsider the assumptions that determine how we live, and how we might change in seeking a more durable future for humankind. ... For the first time it reveals the philosophical convictions that drives The Prince of Wales’s diverse initiatives, highlighting the truly interconnected character of the world and demonstrating how Nature herself can help us to mend the crisis of perception that lies at the heart of so many modern challenges. ‘Harmony’ presents an integrated view of how we might positively address the awesome challenges that confront humankind. Harmony is a call to global action.

The "call to global action" is where we come in. At the end of the film, the audience will be presented with Mosaic:Earth - so wherever the film is shown, the mosaic will be seen too!  We now have some 40,000 images on an amazing new-look screen.  

We have worked so hard since September 2009 over this baby of ours, and I was almost beginning to feel despair when it finally broke through, and I know you too were torn between belief and despair, but it is really out there now. 

It was also worrying to me at one point that the approach could have fallen into danger, getting hijacked into the old way of thinking - the goal-oriented, fix-it, power-based, hurry-hurry, push-push mentality, instead of something that included action and expansion but also allowed space for beauty and creativity, wonder and inspiration, and going to the heart of what really deeply matters to people, the place of really profound motivation to change one’s own life, not just control the lives of others. But luckily we arrived at a great middle path – which also meant that the approach was much more conducive to Prince Charles's team wanting to work with us than if it had gone the simply fix-it way. 

Now that it is a widget, everyone who uses it on their own site will begin to 'own' it, of course, so that very soon it will break away and take on its own life, rippling out everywhere.

Yes, do tell everyone now - though it is best not to add any new images till December. Grappling with 40,000 images is enough for Ken right now!

- We'll also be showing it in Cancun in December. 

- The feature length (90 minute) Harmony film will premiered at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival in February. 

- Later in spring, the film will be promoted widely around the world: there is an expectation that 4-5 million people will see the film, and thus the mosaic too. 

- It is being promoted to all of GCCA's hundreds of big and small NGO partners around the world - and to incentivise NGOs to take it and ripple it out to a wider and wider audience, Ken and Gopal have developed a special widget. This enables NGOs to pick up and take the whole thing and put it on their own sites. This will give each NGO more incentive to use and promote the mosaic than if they felt they had to direct their audience to the OneClimate site - though of course it will also live on the OC and the GCCA sites. 

We also have some other cutting-edge ideas about how to develop this technology, though we'll have to wait for a new tranche of funding before we go there.”

So there we are. I am happy and grateful to all who have supported this vision, especially, of course Ya’Acov who has been with me in this all the way through, stabilizing me as I’ve experienced the heights of delight and moments of despair, to Sarah Patterson, who has been alongside the vision all the way, to Rosie, and Ruth Ben Tovim, and to the surprise donation from Anne Meike and Reinhardt’s wedding guests (Reinhardt and Anne Meike asked their guests to make their wedding gift into a donation to a charity, one of which was 6 Billion Reasons). This unlooked for donation came at a moment when I felt that maybe it had run into ground and was not going to find the buoyancy to re-float itself, and revived my faith. THANK YOU!

And to Peter and Anuradha I take my hat off. The way they have adopted this dream made it their own and given it roots and wings is such a beautiful blessing. This is their moment and their success and I’m so happy to let the dream fly free and become what it can be, for the sake of all the beautiful beings on this planet, and for all our children,

We’ll keep you posted and let you know how you can participate, if you want to!

Love to you wherever you are, keep the faith in your dreams, and the co-creative power of possibility,










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