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Issue: October 2010
Why I write

By Caroline Carey

Part of my work is to write. I've been doing it since I was very small. One of the first Christmas presents I ever asked for was a very large poetry book. I learned as many of the poems as I could, off by heart and then began to write my own, I was five years old. My mother had insisted I learned to read and write from the age of three! So I have kept many journals of poetry and experiences and now this year my first book 'Ms'Guided Angel' was published.

I always wrote for myself and my own journey and now I am able to offer that also for others. I am writing my second book, slowly but surely. During every workshop I attend I fill my journal with insights and teachings from my heart and my interactions with others, I write my dreams, my shamanic journeys and I write about the challenges that arise within my relationship with my wonderful man. We leave no stone unturned but communicate and dance with every challenge that is presented to us, finding the deep love that emerges when we find our truth of the situation.

I was at a workshop recently, on the land in Sussex. Men where in one area and women in another. We heard the men starting to make sounds, deep masculine sounding, lying down my belly was close to the ground, I felt the sound rise through my body like a drum from beneath the earth. It was the most amazing sound I had ever heard, an absolute blessing. And then some of the women began to giggle and laugh at them. I felt fury with them, I cried deeply, how as women can we laugh at the incredible beautiful masculine energy that is around us. Where did we lose our respect for them and how can we regain that?

As men and women I feel we need to honor and respect each other so much more than we already do. This is part of my journey in relationship, to allow my man to support me, to respect him and trust him. 

In sharing my own journey, I hope to help others within or outside relationships, from abused backgrounds or challenging life situations that then affect their love lives. To empower themselves, healing the past and finding their voices. In this way I believe we can help the separation between men and women, to help us to understand each other a little more deeply and heal the betrayals between us both. I see this as a way to help mankind connect more compassionatly with the feminine thus with the earth, with the mother. Included in that I feel the need to address the disfunction between women, how we are with each other, the shadows that lurk within our friendships and how we feel towards other women. The betrayals that occur within sisterhood, the mothers that do not protect and what we have become incapable of teaching to our daughters and our sons.

The masculine and feminine are being brought back into balance both in our own hearts and in the wider picture.  I have three sons and three daughters, a grandson and a grandaughter, I want them to have a great future, to live on a planet that is cared for, I want this for all our children, to have a better understanding that we cannot keep using the earth, the feminine, as a resource, that we must give something back and protect and honor her. So that then the feminine can find more respect for the masculine and trust his support and his intentions for her.

I write about abuse, from my own experience and how I have supported and healed my own journey. I continue to write from my experience in relationship and what I see in others, to hopefully inspire others to take the courage to transorm their relationships and see each other in a new light. I hope to create a film based on my findings.

I live in hope that my own children carry on sharing from their hearts and offering their gifts into the world from their own creativity. I pray we can change attitudes to how we live on the earth and how we respect her beauty and what she offers to us.  The masculine, honoring the feminine and she in return finding more respect for him. Beginning with peoples hearts and minds, in the home, amongst the families. Change between parents towards each other and to the children. In an effort to prevent the abuse that occurs, that then leads to young drug addicts and alcoholics, that leads to those children abusing their own. Teachers in schools having a better understanding about the human heart, about how to encourage self esteem in young people and a level of awareness about what is right in the world. My aim is to reach into homes, into schools, and any rehabilitation programs to help people to see where these difficulties first arose, that it may end and not be passed on to future generations.

My book is available off Amazon or from my website it is my own story and was hard to speak about and yet very freeing to do so. It is selling well and I have received lovely feedback and reviews on it. A lovely one from Ya'Acov which I am including below.

Sending my love to you all and I hope to dance with you soon.

Caroline x


Caroline's story is a bold speaking out on subjects that were until recently considered to be unspeakable. In this time when so much child abuse is coming to light, stories which give hope, which reveal that healing is not only possible but inevitable with support, kindness, determination and courage, are a gift to us all. When the silenced find their voice and the disempowered find their strength, the light of hope burns a little brighter for everyone. Caroline's story is the story of a wild and free spirit finding her way to be on earth and make their offering through the dance. It's a story about the healing power of the dance which we all have within us. She is a fine teacher and to be a witness to her story over the years has touched me deeply. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Ya'Acov Darling Khan
Co-Founder of Movement Medicine

Caroline Carey

Ms'Guided Angel   available now +44 (0)770 251 3679

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