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Issue: September 2010
Mending the Circle Sheffield

By Kerry Cripps

‘In today’s world, many of us end up feeling ‘out of shape.’ We live in boxes, watch the box, and box each other in with narrow ideas and perceptions. We have forgotten that we are all an integral part of the circle of life, and that from the point of view of the circle, we are all equidistant from the centre’.

This is Ya’Acov’s introduction to the Mending the Circle workshop in Sheffield at the end of this month. It addresses one of my recurring questions: how is it possible to experience interconnection so clearly some days, on some dance floors, with some companions and yet lose it completely on days like this one? On one such day Ya’Acov asked me to write something about the Mending the Circle workshop for the newsletter and, as I am the workshop organiser that seemed like a reasonable request, yet faced with the blank page I too felt blank and inadequate to the task. My awareness that it is, in part, also a shamanic task - I am a Movement Medicine apprentice as well as an organiser and my current self chosen challenge is to increase my capacity to be of service – was of no help at all! I am out of shape as a writer and I felt well and truly boxed in! 

After a day or two and with some help from my friends (I am a slow learner sometimes!) I remembered one of the basic practises of Movement Medicine about acceptance and intention, and finally managed to let go of my narrow idea of what a ‘good article’ might be, accept where I am and set an intention to write from there. And so here I am reconnecting, remembering and writing.

And all that there is to do from here is to remind you that there is an opportunity for you to reconnect, remember and dance in the Movement Medicine circle in Sheffield on 24th – 26th September.

I look forward to welcoming some of you there,

With Love and gratitude

Kerri Cripps

PS Practical details about the workshop here: Sheffield Sept 10>

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