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Issue: September 2010
The Borrowers

By Susannah

Looking up at the stars last night and the awesome Milky Way, we were pondering the mind-boggling mystery of it all. Here we are spinning merrily around our sun which is a small star in the outskirts of the vast Milky Way which is itself just one of many galaxies in the observable universe. This has been a theme of this summer. Here we are, tending our gardens; both our own literal garden and the garden of Movement Medicine, doing our best to make our contribution to this human condition at this time of challenge and possibility, AND recognising we are so small in it all.

One of my top moments this summer was completely cracking up when, on one of our walks, I saw, due to a peculiar perspective, Ya’Acov and a friend standing side by side and appearing as miniature men, like Borrowers (The Borrowers are tiny people from a children’s story by Mary Norton, who live hidden in the attics and walls of our houses and borrow stuff). Then I went down the slope and they watching from above reported the same phenomenon - I went miniature too. Its all about perspective.   I nearly burst my sides laughing, and so did they.  A great reminder for all the times I take myself and my difficulties or my grandiosities a little too seriously.

During one meditation in the spring of the year I asked for guidance. What I was told, to my surprise, over and over, by grandmother after indigenous grandmother, was “tend your garden and tell the people to tend their gardens. Its time to return to the gardens.”  Well, we started with the poly-tunnel, and more raised beds in the rest of the garden, and slowly, side by side with Sunny who looks after our garden when we are away, we are learning how to tend our garden. And (thanks to raised beds, copper tape and last winter’s coldness dealing with the slug problem) we have eaten lettuces, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers (we’ve been giving away these by the dozen), spinach,  greens, and potatoes all summer and it’s been profound. Receiving this amazing bounty from the earth, saying thank you every time I go and pick food for our supper (we’ve had a lot of ratatouille!), eating food that was growing 15 minutes before, no packaging, no plastic, direct simple communion.  Seeing our seeds coming up and flourishing, and new joy, getting into the subtleties of making (lots of!) compost.

Another beautiful thing this summer has been doing Movement Medicine together at home, dancing to our own CD, and  “test driving” my new one “Elemental” (a new CD of guided Movement Medicine Meditations- out in the MM Shop soon!) and simply loving doing our own practice. Almost obviously, as one teaches what one needs to learn, this practice is tailor made for us, but it really does rock my boat. YEAH!

So, here I am, just about to embark on the voyage of discovery of Initiation, with a fine company of souls, reminded of my smallness, of the joy of the garden the generosity of the earth, and of the difference it makes when I dare to turn my vision into action.  Asking for the courage and humility, humour and commitment to keep doing that, and above all, thankful to life, to the circle of friendship as we accompany each other, to family, and above all to Ya’Acov, and the joy of our co-creation together, whether it is a book, a CD or a compost heap!

Wishing you joy in the next steps of your path, and deep enjoyment of autumn’s mists, and sun and leaves, and looking forward to dancing with you soon!

Susannah DK


We have just completed a wonderful voyage on the good ship Initiation (what a wonderful group) and one of the participants brought me a hanging with this on it, how very perfect:

“We cannot do great things in this world. We can only to do small things with great love” Mother Theresa.

THANK YOU Manuela, Mother Theresa, and all those acting from love: small and great, YEAH!!!




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